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Improve your chances of success with anything from a career change to chasing that big promotion.

NAVIGATE the complexities of the job market with a career coach

Candidate evaluation standards are continuously changing and evolving which makes it important to stay on top of them. We understand the importance of career development and are here to guide and support you.

YOUR SUCCESS is our success

No matter the area of career development you wish to pursue.

Gauge Your Ideal Career Path

Career assessments are mostly utilized by graduates, however we know that they can be valuable tools for career changes and career progression paths as well.

Our career assessment solutions cover multiple career levels, starting from graduates and continuing to executive levels. Assessments are easy to complete, comprehensive, and are followed up with a consultation with your career coach who can guide you through the results and help with preparing an action plan.

Get Help with Resume Writing

Have you fallen behind with updating your resume?

In today’s job market, resumes are often digital, and need to be both optimized and ATS friendly in order to be noticed. It can be difficult for an individual to ensure their resume is completely optimized without access to expert optimization systems. Keller Pathways can provide both rewriting and review services to suit your needs.

You Can Never Be Too Prepared for an Interview

Interview preparation can be daunting regardless of where you are in your career path. Having someone to help you can be of great value. Keller Pathways can provide interview preparation assistance at any level of experience – from graduate to executive. We can also tailor make our interview preparation sessions towards a specific position you wish to apply for, or we can provide general interview preparation assistance for your upcoming job hunt.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Standout

LinkedIn is the professional platform with the most traffic and exposure in the world. Some companies might even exclusively use LinkedIn for recruiting and hiring purposes. The platform is also subject to SEO and ATS software as digital resumes are. This can make it difficult for an individual to ensure their profile remains front and center to recruiters.

The LinkedIn Overview services at Keller Pathways are undertaken with all of these things in mind. We are on top of the ever changing industry standards and can ensure that your profile is visible and appealing to recruiters.

Develop Your Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are a constantly evolving and changing field. It is a skill that never stops developing throughout your career.

Many organizations will expect their managers to engage in professional leadership development on their own in addition to programs offered by the company. It is also handy to pursue leadership development if you want to improve your performance or are looking for a promotion. Keller Pathways career coaches have poured their expertise and experience into online resources that can be utilized at your convenience to further your career development journey. As an added bonus, career coaching sessions can be booked in addition to the online sources for further engagement and learning where needed.

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Effective and efficient service delivery

Evidence based coaching practices

Measurable improvement in your career journey