Capabilities - Keller Executive Search



Recruitment Services

Executives are held to a consistent need for high-performance within an organisation. Therefore, screening practices performed by executive search agencies during the search process must be rigorous. Keller screens both for practical industry-related skills and experience as well as overall resilience and ability to cope with demanding work environments.

Once screening is complete a selection of candidates with their results are presented to the client. The client is free to select the candidate that will be the best fit for their unique needs.


CEO Succession Planning

While executive search services are available in isolation, it is sometimes accompanied by the wider scope of CEO Succession Planning. This process includes the compilation of handover packages and portfolios, training assistance, and leadership development. Bespoke services specific to company requirements can be arranged.


Board Practices

The responsibilities of an executive board are multitudinous and require a united effort from all members involved. The expectation of a board of directors is to deliver commercial success and strong governance. We offer targeted support and advisory services on culture and best practices in order to harness the best potential that board members require to be effective within their role.


Leadership Assessment

We conduct leadership assessments for a number of different purposes, including the appointment of a new executive, developing individuals within existing roles, and for the overall cultural benefit of the corporation. Keller assesses leaders based on their resilience, conduct, skills and competencies, as well as the resources they have at their disposal. Results are presented in the form of a report underlying the strengths and weaknesses of the leader and their necessary resources.


Leadership Consulting

Smooth internal processes, strong business practices, and effective leadership techniques are fundamental to corporate success. Keller’s leadership consulting services include assessment of internal processes and current leadership. Based on the results of these assessments, plans and recommendations are presented to the client and assistance with implementation is provided.