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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Budapest

Keller is a firm specializing in executive search. Our extensive global network shares market knowledge, senior consultants, and experience to help find the top candidates in every selection process. We specialize in C-level management, but also provide services across the board, including middle management and below. Keller’s global network provides a platform from which to find an ideal candidate from all over the world. As an added bonus of Keller’s extended services, where needed, we can provide some basic support services to a candidate who has trouble integrating into a new position. This further helps us to ensure that our search process leads to your success.

At Keller, we distinguish ourselves from other search agencies by offering quick results, customized staffing solutions, high-quality candidates, and attention to detail.

The economy in Hungary has a very low-income inequality rating compared to the rest of the world. The workforce is highly skilled and ranks high on the Human Development Index with a high-income mixed economy. It relies heavily on foreign trade and is, therefore, an export-oriented market economy. More than 80% of the local economy is privately owned.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Hungary

Hungary is one of the most popular Central and Eastern European countries for Foreign Direct Investment. The main industries in Hungary are tourism, electrical products, machinery, metallurgy, chemical production, information technology, motorized vehicles, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and the food processing industry. Strong drivers of economic growth and innovation are research and manufacturing of electronics. Technology adds to other sectors like finance and life sciences.

Fundamentally, what Keller does in our recruitment process is to find top talent and match them with opportunities in your business. Market research and local understanding are essential to our service. Even with international recruitment, some understanding of domestic nuances is necessary because of the major impact they can have on business culture.

There can be major variations between regions in terms of work ethic and leadership culture. It is important that candidates understand these nuances and can integrate accordingly. An executive who does not fit well with the organizational culture and work ethic can be detrimental to the organization’s success. For this reason, our consultants are concerned with making good fits, not only in terms of skills and experience, but also in terms of work ethic.

Furthermore, at Keller, we understand how much time and effort is devoted to an executive search. It is often difficult for internal HR departments to meet the demands of such a search. Therefore, it tends to be beneficial to outsource services so as to alleviate pressure on an in-house department. At Keller, we identify a consultant for your business and strive to keep that consultant with you throughout the process. Keller’s global network ensures widespread access so that we are equipped to handle a multitude of factors that our clients might experience. This includes careful assessment and screening of possible candidates.


Our headhunters in Hungary

Our consultants do more than basic recruitment for our clients. A significant part of our service is the screening and assessment of candidates. Successful recruitment involves various factors, and it is important to include these factors in any headhunting effort. We have to understand the positions that need to be filled, the internal work ethic in place within the business, the market the organization functions in, and any individual requirements associated with the job and the clients. Furthermore, international and domestic economic landscapes play a role in headhunting executives. This is another area where our global network provides valuable insights.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

Hungary is centrally located, and the EU market thrives here. The infrastructure is great, and the single-market community is great for business opportunities. Businesses in the manufacturing, logistics, and services sectors thrive here. With low dividend and income tax rates and fast processes for opening a business, talent tends to be drawn to Hungary quite readily.

As briefly mentioned earlier, we engage in detailed assessment and screening of candidates according to company needs and market requirements. We also want to keep the company’s future goals in mind when screening candidates for our clients. This is done in addition to ensuring that a candidate meets the requirements for the job they will need to do in the organization. We conduct all these checks and assessments before presenting candidates to our clients.

In cases where a candidate has trouble adjusting to their new positions, Keller can provide some support in the form of development or consultation services. Our dedication to your success is clear in our executive search services.

Keller’s Global Presence

Keller’s team is known for exceeding expectations by pairing clients with the ideal candidates for their needs. We utilize the extensive recruitment experience of our team, as well as our in-depth knowledge of market trends and challenges to achieve this.

Using our vast database of talented professionals, Keller can extend our services worldwide and cater to businesses from various countries, including Hungary.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Hungary

Despite its beauty and favorable living conditions, Hungary is not inundated with immigrants. The local population is small, the most dense population being Budapest. The culture is welcoming, the scenery is breathtaking, and the cost of living is low.

Due to the strain experienced by internal human resource departments, outsourcing executive search to an agency like Keller can be largely beneficial. Industry insights, global networks, and years of experience with such ventures are shared within an agency and extended to clients looking to fill an executive position. Our client success is fundamental to our service. We devote great efforts to ensuring that only the best candidates are recommended to our clients.

With industry experts guiding every step of the recruitment process, we are able to remain in step with all of the rapid changes and shifts in the economic and industrial markets. Our local partners assist with domestic changes, while other partners provide guidance on international changes. We focus on technology and industrial demands as well as essential skills and work ethic to identify the best candidate. Keller is dedicated to keeping our focus on your success.

Our Executive Search Process

Keller’s reliable recruitment procedure begins with recognizing the requirements and expectations of the client.

We utilize this information to conduct a comprehensive executive search to find and attract the most suitable candidates for the available role. We screen and evaluate these candidates thoroughly to confirm their qualifications and references, and to perform background checks for things such as criminal history. Additionally, Keller assesses their personality types to ensure they will be the right match for your team.

These candidates can then be presented to our client.

Get in touch with Keller today and let us guide you to new heights.

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