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Keller Executive Search is a specialized recruitment agency that is dedicated to finding suitable candidates for all your executive needs. Keller’s extensive professional global network provides extended access to worldwide talent pools and expert insights. Although our hiring process is geared towards executive management, like the CEO, we can provide assistance at any recruitment level. Keller strives to help our clients maintain their competitive advantage by finding the best talent to suit their needs.

We offer customized staffing solutions, access to top-tier candidates, continued support for maximum employee retention, and fast turnarounds. These qualities allow Keller to stand out above other recruitment agencies.

As a significant part of the Adriatic region, Croatia has a stable and strong economy. It can be classified as a social market economy that is service-based and an overall high-income state. The largest contributor to their GDP is the tertiary sector. The economy in Croatia is globalized and fully integrated. Croatia is currently negotiating membership with the OECD; they recently became members of Eurozone, and have been members of the European Union, NATO, and the World Trade Organization. The ICT sector, export numbers, and tourism are the most rapidly growing markets and are vital to the economic future of Croatia.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Croatia

The main industries in Croatia are the industrial sector, timber, biochemical, information technology, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and shipbuilding. The future prospects of the Croatian economy are positive, and it is expected to grow continually over the next few years if managed correctly. Major investment is being made into the ICT sector, the local infrastructure, and renewable energy, all of which add to the tourism sector.

The main element of what Keller executive search does is to execute a recruitment process led by expert consultants. The goal is to match top talent with company vacancies. In order to achieve this, consultants need to understand the markets they are operating in and the nuances of the region they are recruiting in. Even in regional hiring practices, major differences in work culture and ethics can be encountered. We need to ensure that any employees we recommend will fit into the existing team and the company. Any tension coming from cultural clashes in the workplace can be detrimental to business development.

When it comes to executive search, Keller understands how much strain can be exacted on human resources departments. It is not uncommon for HR departments to struggle to meet the demands of such a high-level search. Outsourcing executive search can relieve the pressure on a local department greatly. Keller tries to keep one consultant with your company throughout your search process. Our global network allows global access to consultants and services that are uniquely qualified to meet any needs that our clients might have. In order to ensure we meet your business needs, we also conduct careful screening and assessment.


Our headhunters in Croatia

While our consultants are mainly focused on finding top candidates for vacancies in our client companies, a large part of that service also involves screening potential employees carefully. There are also several other factors involved in recruitment. At Keller, we understand that it is essential to remember these factors and to keep them in mind. Before sourcing top talent, we must understand the job they will be doing. Furthermore, we also need to understand the inner workings of the company we are hiring for, the markets they function in, and any additional requirements that are applicable to individual cases. We also understand the impact that economic landscapes can have on talent sourcing. Having access to a global network of professionals makes it easier for us to establish where a country stands and where it might be going in the near future.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

At the moment, a major local focus in Croatia is on the energy sector. They are developing new infrastructure and production facilities for geothermal, solar, and wind energy in the green energy sector, as well as floating liquefied natural gas on a local island. Starting a business in Croatia means access to a dynamic and secure economic environment. Overall, Croatia has stable social security and balance, although you will usually be required to establish a permanent office in Croatia. The business environment can initially be difficult to navigate due to a lack of transparency and comparatively high operating costs, but it seems to be worth the risk due to the level of stability.

As we have said, screening is an important part of what we do as we need to ensure that candidates are a good fit for the market and company needs before presenting them for hiring. While consulting with an organization, we also want to keep their future goals in mind. While at its roots, the most basic goal of recruitment consulting is to find a candidate who meets the requirements of a job, Keller tends to go a step further by also ensuring that in addition to education and experience, people also have the culture and work ethic needed to thrive in your office. Our extensive assessments are completed before we recommend anyone to an employer. When candidates struggle to find their footing in a Croatian office we can provide basic consulting services to assist with their transition.

Keller’s Global Presence

Keller is home to a dedicated team of consultants and recruiters, each with an in-depth knowledge of local markets, market trends, and market challenges. This expertise, combined with our global reach and broad database of executives, allow us to assist clients from around the globe in filling their executive roles.

With collective experience of nearly two decades, our team recruits for clients from countries all over the world, including Croatia.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Croatia

The climate is mild and sunny; it offers extensive opportunities for coastal living and is great for outdoor activities. The healthcare system is great, the cost of living is low, and taxes are affordable. Both expats and entrepreneurs are readily drawn to Croatia. The diverse landscape and rich cultural history combined with beautiful natural habitats further add to the appeal.

We have briefly mentioned the strain that executive hiring can place on an HR department. Sometimes, the only way to alleviate this pressure is by outsourcing executive search services. An international agency like Keller can source someone from Eastern Europe or other countries as needed. We measure our success according to the value our candidates bring to your team. For this reason, we also assess people carefully before presenting them to a client to possibly hire. This helps us isolate the best talent for our clients to consider.

Our Executive Search Process

At every step of our recruitment process, elements like communication with our clients, and screening of our talent pool are considered carefully. In addition to this, we remain ahead of the curve when it comes to economic changes. Having local partners in most major cities in the world is beneficial as local market and cultural insights are easily accessible. We also maintain access to information in a number of countries. A significant part of what we do is to keep our clients and our own practices ahead of the curve in terms of industrial demands, technology development, etc. This helps us find the best possible candidates to hire for your management team.

Contact Keller and start your recruitment journey, today. Your success is our success.


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