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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague

Keller Executive Search is a headhunting and recruitment firm servicing Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. Our headhunting team provides innovative recruitment solutions for all industries. At Keller, we understand how important professional placement is to a successful business.

We are dedicated to helping companies fill their leadership positions with qualified candidates who exceed expectations. We conduct an executive search to fill leadership roles with the best possible talent for various industries (for example, financial services, human resources, interim management, supply chain management, finance management etc.). When conducting recruitment measures, we look for more than just expertise; we also focus on elements like personality and leadership skills. Our approach is high-tech and hands-on.

This commitment to quality and conducting an exhaustive executive search to ensure our clients are matched with their ideal candidates is what makes Keller stand out.

The Netherlands’ economy is the 15th largest globally, which makes the Netherlands one of the highest-earning countries in the world. The Netherlands are known for their natural gas resources. The Netherlands has an open market economy which prospers but is also dependent on foreign trade. Overall the unemployment and inflation rates in the Netherlands are low, industrial relations are stable, and it plays an important part in transportation in Europe.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in the Netherlands

The primary industries in the Netherlands are health care and life sciences, innovation and creative industries, ICT and information technology, engineering and digital transformation.

Keller’s global executive search code is entirely bespoke to suit the needs of our clients, whether in the Amsterdam office or anywhere else in the world. As one of the leading executive search services in the industry, we start our process with meetings through which our client requirements are established. Our analysis of top talent is thorough and covers several areas of interest. Our executive search firm also maintains contact throughout the entire search process and informs clients when we move on to the next phase.


Our headhunters and recruiters in the Netherlands

Continued communication between client companies and consultants for an executive recruitment agency is essential. A global network enables Keller, as a leading executive search and headhunters firm, to recruit large pools of talent and provides access to the best technology out there.

It is important that our partners understand the difference between executive search and general recruitment. A recruitment agency provides a wide range of services, mainly to job seekers. They can do anything from placing non-executive directors to temporary placements of interns. An executive search business like Keller does not assist job seekers and only provides assistance to a company looking to place an executive-level manager. Part of what we do as executive search partners is to ensure that any C-level manager we suggest to our clients will integrate well into the team that is already in place in their business.


Local Expertise, Global Reach, Extensive Network

The pandemic had a pronounced effects on how business is conducted worldwide. Many offices have adopted flexible office environments, which have largely positive effects on overhead costs. Regardless, there are some challenges too, and it is important to find candidates who can meet these challenges successfully.

The Netherlands do not place much value on formal hierarchies, so although authority is respected, it is not uncommon to call executive-level staff members or business partners by their first names. Meetings are extremely important to the Dutch, although they are usually informal. Times and agendas are taken seriously and adhered to, and small talk is kept to a minimum. Failing to be punctual can have a negative effect on your professional image. Dress codes depend largely on the company and can be varied.

At Keller, we want our clients to have the best service in the industry. Our process is specially designed to facilitate this in any industry our client is in (for example, e-commerce, marketing, private equity, or finance).

Keller’s Global Presence

Over the years, Keller has become known for helping companies around the world to identify, recruit, hire, and retain the very best talent in their respective fields. In this way, we play an important role in our clients achieving success and becoming global leaders in the industry.


Getting Started with Keller Executive Search Netherlands

Our Executive Search Recruiting Process

In order to provide excellent service, we first ensure that we understand exactly what our clients require from new hires, in terms of experience, expertise, and fitting in with company culture. Unlike other recruitment agencies, we base our assessments on what the client requires and provide uniquely tailored solutions.

Once we complete our initial step of establishing the needs of our clients, we can launch into an exhaustive executive search to identify candidates that will not only be well-suited to the job description but will also be the right fit for our client’s existing team.

Upon completion of our search, we can provide our clients with a curated list of top-tier candidates to choose from.

If you are on the hunt for high-quality candidates to supplement your team, contact Keller today.

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