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Succession Planning

Finding and preparing the next generation of corporate leaders

Keller is a succession planning consultant who can help organizations identify and train individuals to step into key roles when incumbent employees leave, retire, or are otherwise unable to keep working. Succession planning is vital for a business’s future since it ensures continuity, transfers institutional knowledge, and proactively addresses potential leadership or talent gaps.

Our succession planning consultants can help you develop and execute a successful business succession plan so that you have the right talent on hand when you need it. Partnering with us will also help you to assemble a diversified team capable of delivering your business strategy.


Our Succession Planning and Management Services

Succession planning is a process that needs to be tailored to match every company’s unique challenges and requirements – there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you are responding to a sudden leadership change or implementing a carefully formulated succession plan, our suite of services is designed to support your organization through a leadership transition. Here is an overview of what we can offer your business:

  1. Evaluation of current leadership
    We analyze the existing capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses of your current leadership team to gauge when they might move on or retire.
  2. Gap analysis
    We can identify gaps in your talent pipeline by examining your current business needs and estimating future requirements.
  3. Identification of high-potential employees
    We can help identify internal candidates who demonstrate leadership qualities and prepare them to fill a future role.
  4. Development of succession strategies
    We can help devise a detailed plan of action for every key role, explicitly stating the steps required to prepare successors.
  5. Crisis succession planning
    We can help your business prepare for unforeseen events, like the sudden departure or incapacitation of a key leader.
  6. Training and development
    Based on the results of our initial assessments, we can suggest programs to develop the skills of possible successors. These may include formal training programs, workshops, coaching, and mentoring.
  7. Cultural and organizational fit
    One of our primary aims is to ensure that potential leaders are not only competent but also fit your company culture and ethos, allowing for a smooth transition and maintaining harmony among team members.
  8. Integration with HR processes
    We work alongside your human resources department to ensure that succession planning becomes an integral part of other HR functions, such as performance management, training, and recruitment.
  9. Metrics and tracking
    We can introduce metrics to track the efficacy of our succession planning efforts and ensure that ongoing improvements are being made.
  10. Review and update
    Succession planning is not a one-time event. As such, we can provide regular reviews to ensure your succession plan remains relevant to the current business environment.


Our Approach to Succession Planning for Firms

Leveraging years of industry experience and comprehensive global talent insights, combined with cutting-edge technology, we can establish a holistic view of your organization that will allow us to assist you in planning for the future. We define the essence of exemplary leadership and guide you through the process of change by identifying the talent you possess and the talent you require.

Utilizing our extensive database of CEO evaluations, we craft a tailored success profile that aligns with your business objectives. We then identify those in the talent pool—both inside and outside your organization, presently and in the future—who resonate with this profile.

We design success profiles for all key leadership roles and juxtapose them against your leaders’ abilities, pinpointing established high performers and those who exhibit promise. We also plan several steps ahead, guiding you on how to harness education, intensive mentoring, and coaching to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

Through our evidence-backed talent evaluation methods, we offer a comprehensive perspective on your existing talent and suggest optimal development strategies. We ensure that the leadership mold you’re crafting aligns with your needs.


The Advantages of Partnering with Keller for Your Succession Planning Needs

Teaming up with a succession planning consultant like Keller comes with a host of benefits that can contribute to the smooth transition of critical roles, leading to business continuity and stability. Here is a breakdown of some of the advantages of partnering with us:

  1. Cost efficiency
    By planning ahead for leadership transitions, companies can avoid the potential disruptions and high costs resulting from ill-prepared internal promotions or rushed external hires.
  2. Customized solutions
    Our succession planning consultants can develop strategies to fulfill the specific goals, requirements, and culture of every organization.
  3. Knowledge and expertise
    Our succession planning consultants have specialized knowledge and expertise that many organizations lack. They also have experience in various sectors and scenarios that help them implement best practices.
  4. Enhanced talent development
    By recognizing high-potential candidates early on, companies can invest in developing their skills, resulting in better-equipped leaders and increased employee engagement.
  5. Competitive advantage
    Companies with clearly defined succession plans can respond quicker to changes, helping them stay ahead of their competitors.
  6. Risk mitigation
    Effective succession planning lowers the risk of gaps in your leadership team, which ensures organizations are equipped to deal with sudden changes in leadership with minimal disruption.
  7. Stakeholder confidence
    Having a coherent succession strategy in place demonstrates a proactive approach to leadership and talent management, which can instill confidence in stakeholders, from employees to board members.
  8. Retain institutional knowledge
    We can facilitate the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next, ensuring that crucial institutional knowledge gets passed on and isn’t lost with departing leaders.
  9. Integration with HR strategies
    We can help create a cohesive talent management strategy by merging your succession plan with other HR functions.
  10. Crisis readiness
    Partnering with a succession planning consultant can help prepare your organization for a sudden leadership departure, improving its response to crises.
  11. Ongoing support and review
    We offer continuous support in the form of regular updates and reviews to ensure that your succession strategy stays relevant and effective in evolving business landscapes.
  12. Business continuity
    An effective succession plan can contribute to a smooth transition during a leadership change, which helps to maintain business continuity and stability.

In partnering with Keller, organizations can plan for possible leadership transitions, keeping disruptions to a minimum and ensuring they have the right talent in the right positions at the right times.

Engage with one of our business succession planning consultants today and see how we can help identify and train your next generation of leaders.

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