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Our Executive Recruitment Services in Charlotte

Charlotte is renowned for its motorsports industry, with many NASCAR employees, race teams, and drivers based nearby. The city is also home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame and several museums and amusement parks, making it a cultural hub for visitors.

Charlotte hosts a diverse array of businesses, including a handful of Fortune 500 companies and large corporations such as Microsoft. Thanks to its proximity to several major interstates, the city is also an emerging center for trucking and freight transport along the East Coast. Energy is another primary economic driver, along with finance and banking.

Keller is a nationally and internationally recognized executive search firm in Charlotte with global reach that specializes in locating, assessing, and acquiring outstanding talent for businesses across multiple industries. As a NPA Worldwide member, we aim to help companies stay ahead of their competitors by equipping them with the right leaders to boost their performance.

Beyond executive search and recruitment, we offer a suite of professional services designed to support businesses in their endeavors, from business transformation to leadership consulting.

Our wealth of services and our commitment to leading companies to reaching new heights with their ideal candidates are what sets Keller apart from other Charlotte recruiters.

Our Executive Recruiting Process


Our Services

Keller provides bespoke staffing services to clients seeking to outsource their recruitment function, freeing up valuable time and resources to focus their efforts elsewhere. We achieve this through our deep knowledge spanning various sectors, a vast network of active and passive candidates, and state-of-the-art recruitment technology.

Our recruiters are also available to offer guidance throughout the hiring process and even after our engagement has ended.

Our Process

We kickstart the recruitment process with an initial discussion between our consultants, our client’s board of directors, and other important business leaders. We do this to establish our client’s needs and expectations for the executive search, such as whether they require a permanent or temporary staffing solution, the skills required for the role, and the possible challenges the new hire may encounter should they accept the position.

These criteria are vital since they determine the parameters of the executive search and ensure that we source the top talent for the job. Our executive recruiters can then tap into our extensive network of professionals to start identifying suitable talent.

Every person we identify as a potential match for the requirements is thoroughly vetted. This screening process includes verifying professional history and authenticating resume references, checking for criminal backgrounds, and personality testing to ensure the candidates we recommend also match the company’s culture.

This screening results in a shortlist of professionals which is presented to our client for the final interviews and hiring decision.

Our Firm's Expertise


Keller’s team possesses a profound understanding of potential challenges and trends in international and domestic markets. Our team prides itself on its extensive experience and expertise in the field of recruitment, as well as our vast technical knowledge.

This, combined with the specialized professional skills of our highly qualified recruiters, has helped establish Keller as a top executive recruitment firm.

In turn, this enables us to cater to a diverse clientele from cities across the globe, such as Charlotte.

Industries We Serve

Keller is a renowned executive search firm that is home to a passionate team of recruiters, each with extensive hands-on experience staffing offices across diverse industries. Here are some examples of the sectors we serve:

  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Finance and Banking
  • Healthcare and Biotechnology
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Transportation and Logistics

Roles We Fill

Over and above executive search for various sectors, companies also hire Keller to source candidates for vacancies spanning every employment tier, from C-suite executives to associates. Here is a list of some of the roles we recruit for:

  • Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Accountant
  • Data Analyst
  • Energy Engineer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Investment Banker
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Software Developer

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Why Choose Keller for Executive Search in Charlotte?


We have worked hard to establish our reputation as a reliable, high-quality staffing agency in Charlotte and the rest of the country, only engaging the finest candidates to help boost our clients’ business performance. We use a proven search strategy, and our global connections allow us to source professionals who might not have been otherwise accessible.

As one of the top executive search firms, we are also conscious of the benefits that a diverse, well-equipped workforce can bring to a company. Consequently, we follow a holistic recruitment approach that considers more than just a candidate’s skills and, in the spirit of inclusivity, looks beyond their age, gender, and ethnicity.

Keller believes in continued learning. As part of our mission to provide excellent service, each of our team members commits themselves to staying abreast of the latest industry developments and findings, the latest advancements in technology, and the latest shifts in global and local market dynamics. In doing so, we are able to provide better service and higher quality candidates.

Over the years, Keller’s contribution to the industry has not gone unnoticed. Through our excellent service and customized staffing solutions, we have helped to influence the world of recruitment and shape the way executive search is understood. As a result, Keller’s name has become synonymous with premier recruiting and executive search.

Furthermore, we value the safety and security of our clientele, and have user data protections in place to ensure this. We dedicate ourselves to responsible and ethical practices, and conduct all our projects with respect for client privacy and confidentiality.

We respond to client inquiries respectfully and constructively. Contact Keller today to schedule your consultation, or with any complaints, comments, or questions you may have.

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Client Testimonials

“Working with Keller was really seamless. The team genuinely seemed to understand exactly what we needed for our industry and our company. I appreciated their dedication and professionalism.”

- Michael P., VP of Sales

“Expectations exceeded. Keller filled the position very quickly and the candidate is perfect for us. Will work with this agency again!”

- Richard W., HR Director

“What made Keller stand out for us was the thorough screening process. It saved us massive amounts of time and we were able to find what we were looking for quickly and efficiently.”

- Linda E., Managing Director

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