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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Warsaw and Krakow

Keller Executive Search is a leading headhunting, executive search, and recruitment firm. We provide the ideal executive search solutions to any organization in Warsaw and Krakow.

With Keller, clients receive top-tier, customized staffing solutions in a timely manner, as well as ongoing support. Keller also has access to a global database of talented executive professionals. These are the things that make Keller stand out as a leading executive search firm.

Professional placement can have a direct impact on the efficiency of a corporate services team. At Keller Executive Search, we are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients. We can find the best candidates in the field for a variety of industries (for example, marketing, engineering, accounting, etc.). When recruiting for a head of department or executive manager, there are traits that we pay specific attention to in addition to the expected elements like work experience. These might include personality traits and leadership skills.

Poland’s high-income mixed-market industrialized economy is the sixth-biggest in the EU. Poland’s economy is, therefore, largely developed with an extensive public service sector. Economic liberalization is another important part of the policy in Poland.


Executive Recruitment Solutions: Connecting You with Top Leaders in Poland

Poland has been leading three industries for years: mining, manufacturing, and agriculture. While these are still significant, they give way to other emerging industries like infrastructure, communications and information technology, defense and aerospace, corporate service, and automotive.

Our executive search services can be adapted to suit the needs of each business that hires us, even globally. Before we can start our executive search, however, we need to establish what our clients need and what they expect. We also undertake stringent evaluations before presenting any candidate. Furthermore, we maintain direct contact throughout an executive search to match the picture we get from this level of assessment to the expectations of our clients.


Our headhunters in Poland

Keeping regular communication within our network and between a consultant and the companies in charge is vital. Our international network allows access to a large pool of recruits and the best technology available. We can, therefore, recruit in a regional capacity in Warsaw or extend resources beyond there.

There is an important difference between recruiting and executive search. Recruiters cater to a wide range of positions and do not focus on the executive level. Recruiting is also usually done in a regional manner and will only focus on recruiting in Warsaw or a specific part of Poland. Executive search, on the other hand, does not assist job seekers. Instead, a consultant will provide search services to a company directly. It is important that our candidates integrate with the existing team.


Local Expertise, Global Reach: Tailored Solutions for Every Business Type

How business is conducted has changed as workforces are now more flexible. This saves overhead costs and enables businesses to search for employees globally. Increased employee wellness and higher productivity are common in a flexible work environment. That being said, it is still important to find leadership candidates who can meet the challenges associated with such an environment.

In Poland, being on time is important, and communication is to the point. Arrogance is highly unacceptable, and while the country lacks diversity, there is an expectation of respect for all in the workplace since  fairness is very important. Relationships are more important than individual deals, and strongly defined work and personal boundaries are uncommon.

We want to ensure that clients have access to the very best. Keller can provide services in industries that are in high demand.

Keller’s Global Presence

To give us the reach needed to assist international clients, Keller has access to an expansive network of prospective employees from around the world. Additionally, our dedicated recruiters all have extensive experience and industry knowledge in terms of market trends and difficulties.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Poland

Our Team’s Executive Search Process

We need to understand exactly what a client is looking for before we start our executive search. Assessments also need to be geared towards the specific needs of our clients to ensure that they receive the right candidates. These are services that general recruitment does not offer and is reserved only for a senior executive level.

The first step in an executive search is a meeting to establish the client’s requirements. This is done to ensure that whoever ultimately joins the team will fit in and perform to the expectations of their employer.

These valuable insights allow us to source and recruit the ideal candidates for our clients. We hand-select only the very best prospective employees, and compile them in a curated list our clients can choose from.

Start your recruitment journey today by scheduling a session with one of Keller’s expert recruiters.

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