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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Vienna

Keller Executive Search provides expert headhunting and recruitment services to national and international clients. Our executive search agents in Vienna are experts at headhunting top candidates for your industry. We believe having the right leaders in top positions is essential for business success. We are committed to carefully screening all candidates to ensure they are the right person for the job.

As a boutique recruitment firm, Keller is distinguished from other agencies for delivering quick, outstanding results. We also offer continued support and consultancy services to ensure that the candidates we place integrate well with the existing team.

The economy in Austria consists of several components as a mixed economy. Government regulation, centralized planning, and private enterprises blend together to form the local Austrian economy. The social focus of the free market system ensures that even marginalized parts of the local society are supported. Their per capita GDP is consistently high, and this serves to support the well-developed social market. Local labor movements have a great influence on the economy and how it expands.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Austria

The sector currently making the largest contribution to the economy in Austria is the service sector. It accounts for around 66% of the GDP in Austria. There is a strong local presence of apprenticeships; these are popular in a number of industries. Other important industries in Austria include: the paper and wood industry, electronics and technology industry, chemical and automotive, mechanical and steel engineering, and the food and drink industry.

Keller’s headhunting service is global, but we still want to ensure that local understandings are considered when hiring for top jobs. In addition, we want to ensure that work ethic and company culture are considered during headhunting. Finding a candidate that fits in with the existing team is essential. An executive search can be highly resource intensive, and our goal at Keller is to take this responsibility off your Human Resources department so that more time and energy can be devoted to daily tasks. We use the latest technology to facilitate successful recruitment and personnel consulting.

We provide professional recruitment services at any management level and in numerous different sectors. The needs of our clients inform the nature of our headhunting process. Each headhunter in our team is assigned to a client in their specialized industry. They remain with that client throughout the entire process and can provide additional services like management consulting where needed. Their purpose is to relieve pressure on the human resources department. All of our products can be adapted to suit your individual needs.


Our headhunters in Austria

We can step in during any stage of the recruitment process. Your consultant will take a direct approach to meeting your recruitment needs and to mitigate between job seekers and our customers. We have a partner in almost all major cities globally. This allows us to directly assist client companies wherever they are based. Each headhunter also specializes in a specific industry, for example finance, information technology, accounting, banking, insurance, engineering, etc. Our consultants will confirm your unique requirements before beginning our services.

We consider our headhunting process complete only if the new employee has fit in well with the company team. A small part of what our consultants do includes management consulting following a new hire to ensure that the job seekers we suggest to our clients transition smoothly into their new positions. We can find the best talent for our customers in several specialized sectors including, but not limited to, consulting, research, human resources, life science, banking, and industrial sectors.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

The economy in Austria is diversified and resilient, finding roots in various industries like healthcare, marketing, tourism, renewable energy, and technology. Austria is known for its stability – expertise and knowledge are used to their advantage which results in overall economic success that is clearly evident through their stable GDP rates. Something interesting to note about Austria is that the vast majority of their economy is informed by small and medium-sized enterprises – around 99% of companies in Austria are SMEs. This is an essential element of executive search and management consulting in Austria.

Many internal processes within companies have had to adapt to changing trends. It is important for headhunters to stay ahead of these changes as well. It is natural that change brings challenges, as there is a need for professional adjustment and strategic knowledge building. Companies can only access the opportunities that come with change if they can work on overcoming the challenges. Our services allow for our customers to be matched with consultants specializing in their desired industry. Our direct approach is extensive and can be adjusted to fit the needs of individual companies as they arise.

Keller’s Global Presence

Through our international connections and network of professionals, Keller is able to assist companies from around the globe with their recruitment needs, including Austria. This global reach has also given our team of recruitment experts an in-depth knowledge on local and international market trends.

These qualities allow Keller to provide our clientele with the ideal match for their business.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Austria

Austria has a mixed market economy, meaning that some businesses are government-regulated, subject to centralized planning, or are private enterprises. Innovation is strong, and any businesses strive to meet their social responsibilities as well. This is encouraged by the free market side of the economy, which has a strong focus on the social and personal responsibilities of the local economy.

We ensure that our clients are supported throughout their search for the best talent to fill their top jobs. Our commitment is to provide the most comprehensive recruiting services possible for our clients. At Keller we have access to a global network that is able to provide services anywhere in the world. Our primary object is executive search, but we also provide supplemental services to our clients, including consulting so that we can ensure our candidates are a good fit for our client companies.

Our Executive Search and Headhunter Process

In order to ensure success in an executive search, there are many factors that need to be considered. The process can be complex and in order to identify the best talent for a position like business partner we need insights into the foundations of our customer companies. Hiring specialists in the field is not enough – we need to ensure that candidates also fit in with the teams they will work with. It is expected that a candidate will remain with our client for many years; for this reason, we sometimes extend our services to include consulting with a client company.

Our client companies, therefore, can enjoy a bespoke service that is carefully crafted to ensure they get the best talent with ideal specialization for their requirements. Our executive search service begins with a strategic meeting to establish our search parameters. We devote time to research the requirements for the positions that our client company needs to fill. Our search is centered around both professional and personal aspects of candidates that are desired by our client. Once we have identified candidates we present them to our client for consideration.

Partner with Keller today for top-notch recruitment services and candidates that will help you achieve success.

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