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Executive Search and Recruitment Services in Newark and Jersey City

Keller Executive Search New Jersey is a leading executive search firm that is well-positioned to help organizations identify and hire the best candidates for their executive-level positions. Our recruiters in Newark and Jersey City specialize in conducting extensive searches to find and create a pool of top talent who have the experience and unique skillset to lead an organization to success.

Our management recruiters offer a full range of professional services, including headhunting, market research, candidate assessment, background checks, and interviewing. Our New Jersey recruiting agency also offers diversity initiatives to ensure that the candidates they select for executive positions are a diverse pool of talented professionals.

Our Perspective on Recruiting in New Jersey


Keller New Jersey has access to an extensive network of contacts and resources, allowing us to identify and attract the best candidates for the job. We can also provide advice to companies on job descriptions, salary, and other important aspects of the hiring process.

New Jersey is one of the wealthiest states in the US. The school system ranks second in the country. Overall, New Jersey is an attractive destination for dedicated professionals who want to draw on the state’s wealth and education.

For personalized headhunting services in finding your next top talent, contact our New Jersey recruiters today.

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