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Executive Search and Recruitment Services in Wichita and Overland Park

Keller Executive Search Kansas is a headhunting and recruitment firm servicing Wichita and Overland Park. Our headhunting team provides innovative recruitment solutions for all industries. We put value in following a tried and tested process of identifying highly qualified professionals to fill executive and other leadership roles and lead a talented workforce.

Our executive recruiting process involves a thorough evaluation of candidates and their qualifications in order to identify the best available talent for the role.

Our executive recruiters begin with a comprehensive evaluation of the organization’s specific needs and requirements for the role. This includes an assessment of the desired skills, experience, and qualifications for the position. The search firm then collects resumes from potential candidates, screens them for qualifications and conducts interviews to shortlist prospects. The final selection of the right candidate is based on the organization’s criteria and the individual’s qualifications and experience.

Our Perspective on Headhunting in Kansas


The state of Kansas offers a unique combination of a low cost of living, welcoming local spirit, strong job market and an overall entrepreneurial spirit that encourages a dedicated workforce. This ensures that individuals can find the ideal balance between a slower and more rural atmosphere and the hustle and bustle of other states, creating a work culture that is tailored to their individual needs.

The business environment in Kansas is highly conducive to success. The state has a pro-business climate, with low taxes, a skilled workforce, and a strong transportation infrastructure.

Kansas is home to several Fortune 500 companies, such as Sprint, Garmin, and Koch Industries. The state also has a number of small businesses, which account for the majority of jobs in the state. Overall, Kansas is a great place to do business, with a highly supportive business environment, a strong infrastructure, and numerous incentives. With its diverse economy, it is an ideal place for businesses to thrive and executive candidates to take on leading roles where they can make a difference.

Experiencing challenges in hiring? Reach out to our headhunters and recruiters for expert recruiting and staffing solutions in Wichita, Overland Park, and the surrounding Kansas area.

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