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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Vilnius

Keller’s numerous qualified professionals provide expert recruitment services across various sectors. The executive search industry is a vast and involved business that benefits from our international network. Our professional services cross various management levels, allowing us to step in and assist at any point.

These are qualities that make Keller stand out from all other recruitment agencies.

While we mainly focus on recruitment, we are also able to assist with leadership development or consulting. One of the central elements of our brand of recruitment is to screen candidates to establish how they might fit in with other employees.

Lithuania ranks high on the Human Development Index and has an advanced, high-income economy. The country is counted as one of the most developed countries in Europe. The economy is mixed and remains strong, even in the face of the uncertainty following the pandemic.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Lithuania

The main sectors in Lithuania are agriculture, the industrial sector, and the services sector. The country has been a member of NATO for nearly twenty years and has joined the OECD in 2018. Additionally, they have adopted the euro. Other major sectors in Lithuania include the furniture and wood sectors, mineral products, appliances, machinery, plastics, and chemical products.

Our expert consultants can recruit at any level and in most industries. We offer services to international companies and local businesses. Through our widespread executive search assistance, we know how important local knowledge and understanding are when hiring new employees. While skills and expertise are essential to thriving companies, there are also other things that need to be considered. Most importantly, candidates need to fit in with the work ethic of other employees.

When it comes to executive search, the process can be very involved and heavy on resources. Businesses often struggle to accommodate such a search in-house. An executive search agency provides relief for a human resources department. Keller Executive Search is the ideal partner for your employment needs as our expert consultants can support any recruitment drive at any level. We ensure that your consultant will remain responsible for your company throughout the process. We understand how important it is for a new executive to experience a smooth transition into the organization. Hiring professionals at any level can be challenging, but with the right support and consulting, Keller can help facilitate a successful integration.


Our headhunters in Lithuania

Keller is able to step in at any point in the recruitment process. We can hire executives from many industries while also screening and assessing them so that the right executives can be hired for the right positions. Our headhunters know how important company culture is in executive search. As local experts, we can provide specialized services to ensure that the right employee is matched with the right employer in just about any industry. Our local partners also stay on top of the rapidly evolving landscape of the local economy and working climate. They can assist with the accommodation of new requirements and trends in the executive landscape.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

Lithuania does not have a progressive tax scheme, instead their tax rate is flat. The local government is dedicated to consistently improving the local business environment so as to attract international companies and investments. Therefore, the country is always moving up international ratings.

As briefly mentioned earlier, a significant part of our search process involves screening and assessing candidates. Our screening practices cover various elements so that candidates can be clearly understood. Matching leadership candidates with companies needs to be done carefully. Employers who do not fit in with the organization can be a source of strain. Where necessary, leadership development and consulting can also be provided.

Keller’s Global Presence

Keller’s team is known for its expertise in global and local market trends and challenges, as well as assisting companies from around the world. We leverage our decades of experience to match international businesses with the professionals they need to boost their success.

Keller serves clients from countries around the globe, including Lithuania.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Lithuania

The cost of living in the country is low and there are many job opportunities. Lithuania remains a top attraction for employment seekers in Europe. Furthermore, the country is famous for its strong education system and high-quality teaching services.

Keller can handle any logistics associated with the executive search process. We also cover a wide variety of sectors including anything from life sciences to finance. Our consultants have extensive experience in the process of sourcing the best candidates to suit your needs. At Keller, we believe that with the right support our clients can access the ideal candidates for their vacancies.

Our assessment of the best talent goes beyond skills and includes cultural fit. An organization often comes with a work ethic already in place. Managers play an essential part in this work ethic and if it is disturbed the organization’s productivity can suffer. With any business, a candidate might need support in order to facilitate the success of our clients.

Our Executive Search Process

We begin by understanding client preferences and hiring requirements. Once these have been established, our team of dedicated executive headhunters begins the search for talented candidates that fulfill the employer’s needs and will fit in well with the company culture.

Candidates are then assessed and screened for things such as criminal backgrounds. These candidates are compiled in a shortlist which is presented to our client.

Reach out to Keller today to take the first step toward becoming a leader in your field.

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