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Over the past decade, more and more companies have been hiring outsourced executives and leaders on a part-time basis instead of full-time. As experts in the field, these part-time, or ‘fractional’, executives accomplish the same things as full-time leaders but in less time. As such, hiring one of these specialists is often more efficient than hiring a full-time employee, even if they cost more.

Keller is a leadership and business development outsourcing firm that helps companies fulfill their leadership requirements without having to commit to permanent hires. We also provide a variety of tools and resources to companies on a temporary or ongoing basis.


Our Leadership Outsourcing and Consulting Services

We offer a broad range of services to assist organizations in their hour of need, whether they are facing an unexpected leadership departure or seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities without the commitment of full-time employees. Below is a summary of some of our core services:

  1. Interim leadership
    We can arrange temporary leaders to step in during transition periods, such as during a merger, acquisition, or unforeseen incapacitation of a permanent executive.
  2. Fractional leadership
    We can supply experienced executives on a part-time or temporary basis. The roles we fill include CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, and CTO, among other C-suite positions.
  3. Talent development and recruitment
    We can help identify, attract, and engage top executive talent for your organization. We can also help develop strategies to reduce turnover.
  4. Executive coaching
    We can facilitate learning opportunities for your current leaders to raise their existing skills and capabilities.
  5. Board advisory
    Our consulting services extend to boards and include strategy development, governance best practices, and board assessments.
  6. Crisis management
    We can support your organization in a crisis by recruiting seasoned leaders to help navigate the challenges and stabilize operations.
  7. Strategic planning
    We can help you develop and implement a business strategy that will yield long-term results.
  8. Operational efficiency
    We can help streamline your organization’s operations, refining processes, and improving overall performance.
  9. Leadership development
    We can recommend training programs to enhance the leadership skills of your in-house teams.
  10. Succession planning
    We can assist in identifying and training potential successors from within your organization to ensure a smooth transition when the time comes.
  11. Performance management
    We can introduce various metrics and key performance indicators to track the progress of individuals and teams.
  12. Cultural transformation
    We can guide your organization through cultural transitions, ensuring your core values are aligned with your overall business goals.


Our Company’s Approach to Leadership Outsourcing

Keller is a leadership outsourcing consultancy that aims to provide organizations with flexible, cost-effective solutions for navigating challenges, capitalizing on opportunities, and fuelling growth – all without needing to hire full-time employees.

Our approach to outsourcing is simple; we begin by carrying out an analysis of your company’s needs to identify gaps in the current leadership framework and determine the best way forward. Next, we devise a strategy to fulfill those requirements. We also look for a suitable fractional executive to occupy the role you need to be filled.

Once we have identified a suitable candidate, we can assist with the onboarding process to ensure that the outsourced leader integrates smoothly into your existing company culture. We also facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise from the outsourced leader to your team. Furthermore, we introduce various monitoring systems and tools to measure the impact of the outsourced executive and ensure your business goals are being met.

Lastly, we provide regular feedback and make improvements based on the progress we see.

In essence, Keller is dedicated to providing a comprehensive outsourcing service to both small and mid-sized companies, as well as large international corporations.


The Advantages of Partnering with Keller for Your Leadership Outsourcing Needs

Hiring outsourced executives has become a popular move in the digital age, with many companies seeking top-quality talent without the commitment of permanent hires. There are also many other benefits that partnering with a leadership outsourcing consultancy can offer. These include:

  1. Cost savings
    Hiring full-time executives can be costly, meaning many small to mid-sized companies cannot afford to hire top leadership talent. An outsourcing company like Keller is, therefore, ideally positioned to help these businesses get access to top-quality talent without breaking the bank. By hiring someone part-time, companies can reduce the costs associated with employing full-time leaders, such as their salary, benefits, and so on.
  2. Customized solutions
    We can tailor our services to match the unique challenges and needs of our clients, so the solutions we offer are appropriate for their businesses.
  3. Focus on core competencies
    By outsourcing key leadership roles, we take pressure off internal teams, allowing them to focus on their daily tasks and other areas of expertise.
  4. Short-term commitment
    Outsourcing leadership is a great option for organizations that only require temporary or interim leaders, such as those experiencing acquisitions, mergers, or turnarounds.
  5. Expertise on demand
    Outsourcing companies can provide organizations with access to seasoned professionals without the need for a full-time commitment. Fractional executives also have experience handling challenging situations, making them more adept at managing problems.
  6. Outside perspective
    Outsourced executives can offer a fresh outlook that’s free from internal biases or company politics, which can be crucial for problem-solving and strategic decision-making.
  7. Networking opportunities
    Outsourced leaders often have vast networks of industry contacts, potential clients, partners, or resources they can share with the companies they work for.
  8. Knowledge transfer
    External leaders can impart valuable knowledge, skills, and best practices to in-house teams, enhancing the capabilities of the entire organization.
  9. Flexibility
    Outsourcing allows businesses to scale their leadership resources up or down according to their needs. This can be especially helpful during periods of transition, growth, or for overcoming specific obstacles. It also gives companies the ability to swiftly adapt to an evolving business landscape.
  10. Rapid deployment
    Outsourcing provides businesses with leaders who can immediately take control, minimizing disruptions by responding swiftly to the most pressing organizational needs.
  11. Risk reduction
    Outsourcing allows companies to ‘test’ new hires for leadership positions before committing to employing someone full-time.
  12. Continuous availability
    While fractional executives are typically only employed for a set amount of time, many of them make themselves available for consultations and advice after their contracted hours, so businesses can get leadership support when they most need it.

A leadership outsourcing company like Keller can offer many benefits, especially to small businesses. We provide flexible, customized leadership solutions to guide companies through complex business challenges, supplying them with the insights and expertise they need to succeed.

If you believe your business could benefit from a fractional executive or leadership development initiatives, speak to one of our consultants today.

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