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Keller’s professional executive search consultants in Latvia offer a wide range of executive search services. The professional services are available through our consultants across various industries and managerial levels. We can source international top talent for any client in the world. As part of our unique brand of recruitment we also provide detailed screening services along with occasional management development and support if there are difficulties with integration into new positions.

Our distinction from other executive search firms in the industry lies in our unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier services, supplying clients with experienced candidates, and providing superior customer service – all within a prompt timeframe.

The advanced, developed, high-income economy of Latvia has a strong position on the Human Development Index. Additionally, Latvia is a member of the EU, the World Trade Organization, the UN, the Council of Europe, NATO, and Eurozone, to name but a few. The euro was adopted in 2014 and since then Latvia has one of the highest GDP growth rates in the EU.

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Latvia is almost entirely privatized as most small and medium companies are no longer state-owned. As of 2006, the private sector encompassed around 70% of the local GDP. That number has only risen since then. The main Latvian industries include machine building, metalwork, chemicals, food processing, wood products, and textiles.

Keller’s recruitment services are geared towards finding the best possible talent to suit the individual needs of our clients. We understand that both international and local companies require unique job search processes. Even in international settings, some local understanding is essential for success. Management and working styles can differ greatly, even within the same country. Furthermore, we also carefully assess and screen job seekers to be sure that they will be a good fit within your existing operations. It is important for new employees, especially at top management levels, to transition well into their new roles. A failure to integrate with the team will damage productivity and internal relations within the company.

Executive search places a great deal of strain on HR services. Outsourcing such drives can be beneficial to in-house services. When outsourcing to Keller, we ensure you have access to the same consultant throughout the process. Where needed, we can also provide other support like assessment and consultation to ensure you have the best chance of success.

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The professional services provided by Keller go beyond recruitment in its most fundamental form. When matching ideal candidates to jobs screening and assessment are vital elements of the process. Our headhunters understand the various elements involved in successful recruitment. The inner workings of a business and the work ethic of a new executive need to be in line to protect the company culture. Corporate landscapes and operation are continually evolving both at a local and international level. Keller has several local partners as part of our team. These local partners can help source leaders with their expert insight into what it takes to succeed in a particular business.

Local Expertise, Global Reach


Latvia is a great place to start a business. However, companies that are looking to build new infrastructure do not fare so well. Costs related to corporate function, education, and employment are low. Taxation is also low, and starting an organization is easy.

In understanding the importance of local nuances, we must also acknowledge the importance of careful assessment of candidates. When attracting new talent we also ensure that candidates are suitable to the positions our clients need to fill. By the time candidates are presented to client companies screening has already been completed.

In cases where a new hire does not integrate well with the existing team, the company as a whole can suffer. Business culture in a team is fundamental to productivity and success. In some cases, we know that HR departments require a bit more support than just executive search services. Where needed, we can also assist with consultation and development to ensure a candidate integrates successfully.

Keller’s Global Presence

Keller has become known over time for assisting businesses globally in successfully identifying, recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent in their specific industries. Through this, Keller significantly contributes to our clients’ success and their rise as global leaders in their fields.

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Overall, the quality of life standard of living in Latvia is higher than most other Baltic States. The economy is growing fast, and there are many job opportunities that attract international talent.

When it comes to executive search, Latvia is not the only country where HR departments are trained to meet the demands of the process. In fact, this is a global phenomenon. When actively seeking executive search assistance, Keller headhunters can extend our support further than basic search and communication for your HR departments. When we look for the best candidates we ensure that they are carefully screened and are a good fit for your company culture as well as in possession of the necessary skill set.

Our Executive Search Process

The economic climate is always evolving, and our clients naturally want to stay ahead of the curve. Our local partners make it possible for us to do that while also screening candidates to see whether both their skills and work ethic are suitable to your individual company needs. Our particular brand of headhunting involves higher-level management, and these positions tend to be at the center of company success. When managers cannot integrate into an organization, productivity and such will suffer. For this reason, Keller ensures continued support for your headhunting drive.

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