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Executive Recruiters

Connecting organizations with exceptional leaders

Having the right talent in your leadership team is crucial for your company’s success. Placing a qualified leader at the helm ensures your business is equipped to take on bigger and better projects instead of struggling to catch up with your competitors.

As a leading global executive search firm, Keller helps clients bridge that gap. Our team of executive recruiters works with client companies to source, screen, and hire the most qualified candidates for open senior and C-suite roles.

Executive Recruiters

Talent and Leadership Executive Recruitment Services

Executive recruitment can be a costly and time-consuming process, but partnering with an executive search firm like Keller can potentially save you time and money.

As one of the best executive search firms around, we offer a wide range of executive search and recruitment services that cater to the leadership needs of diverse organizations. Here is a breakdown of the primary services we offer:

  1. Executive search
    As an executive recruiter, we help identify, attract, and hire candidates for senior and C-suite positions, including chief executive officer, executive director, vice president, and senior vice president.
  2. Board recruitment
    We can identify and recruit new board members to ensure the right combination of skills and expertise for effective governance.
  3. Interim management
    We can source temporary executive leaders to manage organizations that are in a transition or head up specific projects that need senior leadership.
  4. Succession planning
    We can help companies identify and train potential internal candidates for key leadership positions to ensure a smooth transition.
  5. Talent mapping
    We take a proactive approach to executive recruitment, helping companies identify key individuals in specific functions or sectors, even if there is no current need to recruit them.
  6. Leadership assessment
    We evaluate the abilities, skills, and potential of internal candidates for leadership positions.
  7. Candidate research: We conduct extensive background and reference checks to verify a candidate’s credentials.
  8. Cultural fit assessment
    We assess potential candidates not just on their skills and expertise, but on how well they would fit into your organization’s existing corporate culture.
  9. Market intelligence
    We can offer insights on industry trends, talent availability, competitor movements, and salary benchmarks.
  10. Onboarding support
    We provide guidance and tools that can help ensure newly-placed leaders integrate smoothly into your existing team.
  11. Employer branding
    We can help organizations develop their employer branding, improving their reputation and helping them attract top talent.
  12. Diversity and inclusion consulting
    We offer advice on how to create diverse leadership teams and promote inclusivity in the workplace.

Executive Recruiters

Our Executive Search Firm's Approach to Executive Search and Talent Acquisition

At Keller, we offer bespoke executive search services. Our search strategy is tailored to our client’s recruitment needs, business goals, and expectations for candidates.

Every potential leader we source undergoes a rigorous assessment process to ensure they are the best fit for the role. However, before we even engage with any candidates, we conduct detailed, open, and collaborative discussions with our clients to determine their precise leadership requirements. This helps streamline the search process and ensures we find the best talent with the necessary skills and experience.

When searching for potential business leaders, our executive search consultants consider more than just their qualifications and expertise. We evaluate each candidate on their potential to align with your existing company culture. We also go the extra mile to assist your organization in onboarding your new hire so they integrate smoothly into their role.

Besides identifying candidates who meet our clients’ executive recruitment needs, we also emphasize diversity and inclusion throughout the recruiting process.

Once we finalize our initial search and assessments, we present the shortlisted candidates to our client, who ultimately decides who to hire.

To summarize, our comprehensive executive search process includes a thorough understanding of our client’s organizational goals, operations, and industry nuances. Using these parameters, our executive search team utilizes our global network and in-depth market knowledge to identify candidates who resonate with our client’s leadership needs.

Executive Recruiters

The Advantages of Partnering with Keller Executive Search for Your Executive Recruitment Needs

Engaging the services of an executive search firm like Keller can offer numerous advantages for companies, especially when seeking the best talent for senior leadership and management positions. Here are some of the primary benefits you can expect:

  1. Cost efficiency
    Although we will charge you an upfront fee for our executive search services, the long-term value of hiring the right leader will far outweigh this investment as they drive your business to new levels.
  2. Time and resource savings
    Recruiting an executive can use up valuable time and resources that your company’s human resources department may not have to spare. Hiring an executive search firm like ours can expedite the process, ensuring that the position is filled faster and with the right candidate for the job.
  3. Thorough vetting
    Our team of executive recruiters uses rigorous assessment processes to gauge each candidate’s suitability. We screen each one thoroughly, performing background and reference checks, in-depth interviews, and skills assessments, before referring them to our clients.
  4. Executive search expertise
    Executive search firms like Keller specialize in identifying, assessing, and recruiting top-tier talent at the executive level. As such, we are familiar with the nuances of executive roles, which often differ from mid- or entry-level positions.
  5. Industry knowledge
    Many executive search firms specialize in specific industries or sectors. Keller is no exception. This affords us deep insights into an industry’s trends, challenges, opportunities, and talent pool.
  6. Market insights
    We can offer insights into what competitors are doing, current market compensation trends, and other industry-specific knowledge that can be invaluable during the recruitment process.
  7. Access to a wider network
    Part of our success in finding the right leaders can be attributed to our extensive network of passive candidates – professionals who are not actively seeking a new job but might be open to the right opportunity. This broadens the pool of potential candidates, giving us access to talent that may be beyond the reach of your internal HR department.
  8. Onboarding support
    Our services do not end with the right candidate placement. We go the extra mile to assist with the onboarding process, ensuring your new executive transitions smoothly into your existing company culture.
  9. Negotiation skills
    Our team of executive search recruiters are experts in negotiating compensation packages, ensuring that both your business and the executive are satisfied with the terms.
  10. Objective assessment
    As an external entity, we offer an unbiased perspective on candidates devoid of any internal company politics or preconceptions. This can lead to a more objective evaluation of potential candidates.
  11. Unconditional guarantee
    If an executive we place does not meet your expectations or leaves your company within the first 90-180 days, we pledge to find a replacement at no additional cost.
  12. Confidentiality
    Keller exercises the utmost discretion when there is a sensitive role to be filled, ensuring that news of the vacancy does not prematurely reach the market, competitors, or employees.

Keller offers tailor-made solutions and fast, reliable executive search services, making the process smoother and more efficient.

Overall, engaging an executive search firm is a strategic move that enables companies to recruit the right business leaders while saving time, money, and resources.

Reach out to us today and find out how our executive search services can contribute to your organization’s success.

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