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Executive Search in Connecticut


Executive Search And Recruitment Services in Bridgeport and New Haven

Keller Executive Search Connecticut is a leading headhunting and recruitment firm servicing Bridgeport and New Haven. Our headhunter search specialists assist organizations to locate leadership talent. Our executive recruiters follow a tried and tested recruitment process with the aim of giving clients a competitive advantage by connecting them with difference-makers.

We take great strides to ensure that we are presenting our clients with the right candidates to lead their workforce. To do this, we personalize each of our recruiting services to meet each client’s unique requirements and company culture.

Our Perspective on Headhunting in Connecticut


Connecticut offers premier educational opportunities and a robust job market spanning insurance, finance, media, consumer goods, healthcare, and aerospace. The state also offers a variety of career and professional development resources, including apprenticeships, job fairs, and networking opportunities.

In addition, there are also a number of programs and initiatives designed to support small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. As such, Connecticut is ripe for opportunities for top talents looking to take on more senior roles.

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