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Keller Executive Search is an agency that specializes in headhunting and executive search services. The executive search professionals at Keller are dedicated to identifying the best senior executives in the industry.

At Keller Executive Search we believe that competent leadership is the key to corporate success. Having qualified candidates in leadership positions is extremely important for growing businesses. Therefore our expert consultants are dedicated to ensuring that candidates for our clients are screened carefully to ensure that the right person is selected for executive positions.

What sets us apart from other executive search firms in the industry is our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality services, experienced candidates, and excellent customer service – all in a timely manner.

Norway is a constitutional monarchy that has both a social security system and a universal healthcare system. The country counts itself second on the ladder of highest per capita GDP in Europe. It’s GDP is also the sixth-highest globally. The economy in Norway is considered mixed – combining state ownership and a free market. The government is liberal and supportive of commercial activity and growth of significant industries.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Norway

The main industries in Norway are subject to large degrees of state ownership, along with stable market sharing among citizens and investors. These industries are fresh water, seafood, minerals, natural gas, and extensive petroleum reserves. About 25% of the current GDP in Norway can be ascribed to the local petroleum industry. When it comes to per-capita statistics, Norway is the largest global producer of natural gas and oil.

The executive search service offered by Keller is global, but that does not mean that Keller does not understand the importance of local nuances when recruiting for the private and public sectors. As part of our executive search recruitment, we also consider in-house management styles and company culture. Even the best candidates need to be diligently screened to ensure that they will be a good fit for the team. Executive search is a deeply involved process that claims resources and time. Engaging with professional services can ensure that our clients do not need to carry this resource burden themselves. Our extensive network and expert consultants use state-of-the-art technologies and tried and trusted search techniques to ensure successful solutions for our local and international clients.

Our professional services include executive search for contractors or permanent employees in the private and public sector. The manner of services we provide is decided by the needs of our client organization. Through our global network, we understand that different countries may have very different needs regarding executive candidates. Keller is a leading provider of headhunters for senior executives. Our proven track record in our recruitment process can be applied to the private and public sector and is suitable for multinational or local companies. Because our services are bespoke, we have a solution designed especially for you and your unique staffing requirements.


Our headhunters in Norway

Our staffing services can be accessed at any point during the recruitment process. We also ensure that your consultant stays with your business throughout the process. There is a Keller Executive Search partner in most major cities worldwide, meaning that we are ideally equipped to assist companies globally.

Our extensive experience has highlighted the value that headhunters can have in a company through identifying top executives for leadership roles. Our expertise span a number of industries, from accounting, health care, new technology, and finance, to any other industries that might require executive recruitment. Speak to our consultants about your industry requirements today.

Keller understands that leadership positions require a candidate who is a good fit within the existing team, not only an expert in the field. We only consider our executive search services successful if the new employees we suggested stay with the company and benefit the company overall. This further emphasizes the importance of a good cultural and work ethic fit within the team. Successful solutions require successful integration with the existing team.

Our consultants help to identify the best talent and can extend our services to include assistance with interviews and other parts of the recruitment process. Our headhunters can assist with searches across many industries and in the private and public sector at any management level.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

Norway is home to many natural resources, such as minerals, forests, fish, hydropower, and petroleum. This means that the footing of the economy in this Nordic Region is strong and stable. A significant breakthrough was made in the 1960s when a large reserve of natural gas and petroleum was discovered.

The management of companies has evolved in recent years. There have been an extensive number of changes to the global market and the focus of service delivery. Headhunters need to stay on top of these changes in order to provide successful services to organizations. With changes come difficulties and many new opportunities, but in order to overcome difficulties and access these opportunities companies need to adapt to changes.

Our executive search services are not geared towards a specific market, in fact, our services are bespoke and are thus adapted to suit the needs of individual companies, teams, markets, and services. Due to the nature of our services, our consultants can provide assistance to organizations across various industries and management levels. We can even assist with interim management in your organization.

Keller’s Global Presence

Keller is renowned for assisting companies in identifying, recruiting, and hiring the top talent in a wide array of industries and providing them with fool-proof strategies to retain such talent. In doing so, we play a significant role in the success of companies around the world, and help them to join the ranks of global leaders in their fields.


Getting started with Keller executive recruitment and identify the best candidates and leadership talent in Norway.

Norway proudly sports one of the highest global standards of living. Their strong focus on economic stability and growth forms the foundation of this high standard of living. From finance and marketing to recruiting and life sciences, all industries have a strong footing within the economy. The use and innovation of new technology in business environments also add to the strength of the local economy in Norway.

Keller provides continuous support for our clients throughout their search for top candidates. Recruiting at this level can be difficult regardless of whether you are looking for partners, a new board member, or another executive position. Unlike a traditional recruitment company, our recruiting services can be adapted to suit individual needs. Our global network ensures a wider reach across industries in the private and public sector when searching for candidates. Only some of the industries that our specialists can assist with include retail, marketing, recruitment, and finance.

While we primarily function as a search company, Keller can also provide assistance with screening of top candidates for our client companies. Our specialists are equipped to recruit in the private or public sector, at any level of management, and place focus on competency, professionalism, and work ethic. For our clients, a simple search on a job search website will just not suffice.

A successful job search for an executive partner requires an executive search company with a good track record. An executive search is a complex and involved process, and finding top talent for companies is not necessarily enough. There is a need for candidates to be more than industry specialists. The goal is that an executive will remain with a business for many years, and in order for this to work the candidate also needs to fit in with the company culture.

Our Executive Search Process

Our executive search service works by providing specialists to fill leadership positions for our client companies. First, we must establish recruitment requirements, which are often unique to your organization. We can only start the executive search process for top talent when we know exactly what we are looking for in terms of the talent your organization needs.

Keller’s headhunters will identify a list of candidates for high-level management positions or business partners after establishing recruiting needs for an individual organization. When our headhunters have identified candidates for your organization, we can begin initial contact to establish whether our chosen candidates are interested in recruitment. A significant part of our recruitment process involves careful screening and assessment to ensure that we keep the entire team and existing business culture in mind when looking for partners or a company leader.

Our headhunters have all of the required industry knowledge needed for recruiting business leaders for management positions. Keller brings international talent to companies worldwide in industries spanning from retail, to marketing, and finance.

Don’t waste time. Reach out to us today and schedule a session with one of Keller’s recruitment and consultancy experts.

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