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Keller Executive Search is more than just a recruitment company.

We are dedicated to providing companies with the best possible executive candidates, and in order to accomplish this, we need to assess more than their skills and experience. We achieve this through our global network of professionals dedicated to quality service delivery. The processes we have in place are designed to address executive vacancies, such as filling a CEO position, but we are also able to assist with other management positions. Finding the right candidate for the right role is central to our services.

Keller stands out above other staffing firms for our global connections, commitment to quality, and fast results.

Romania is a high-income economy with a complex landscape but a highly skilled labour force. It ranks high on the nominal GDP scale and has many successful industries operating within the country. The current focus in Romania is to strengthen its infrastructure to meet European Union standards. Since 2010, the economic growth in Romania has been one of the highest in the European Union.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Romania

Romania is a very popular destination for foreign direct investment. The main industries in the country include hardware, information security, and mobile technology. The main export sectors in the country include pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment, electronic products, chemical goods, machinery, and vehicles.

Keller’s main object is to recruit industry and technical specialists to suit the needs of our customers. We want to attract top talent for our client businesses as these people will be the future leaders of the company. A professional recruited by Keller should have a deep understanding of operations within their industry, as well as work ethics in a specific region and the demands of their new role. Local knowledge and international understanding are both essential, as regional nuances may differ significantly and have a measurable impact on organisations. It is therefore important for us to find the right employees to join your team.

Any HR manager will attest to the strain that can be imposed on a local human resources department during executive search processes. Receiving assistance from executive search firms relieves a great deal of this pressure and allows the local department to focus its energies on daily functions rather than top-level recruiting. To ensure consistency in our service and advice, we like to keep the same consultant with your company throughout the entire process. We can source managers from anywhere in Europe and beyond. All of our candidates are carefully assessed and screened to ensure that they meet your business needs.


Our headhunters in Romania

Keller consultants and partners are dedicated to finding the ideal professionals for your organisation and the positions you want to fill. This also means that we screen our selection of potential employees to ensure that they are a good fit with companies before they are presented for recruiting. Other essential recruitment factors that we bear in mind are the need for local expertise and understanding as well as matching up the cultural attitude of the employers and employees. When these are in line, operations are easier and more profitable. We must also understand the technical elements of the roles we need to recruit for, the markets the professional will work in, and the requirements for the job as a whole. A set of global partners simplifies international recruitment and insight where needed, and engaging with people who have a passion for candidate search ensures that Keller is ideally equipped to deliver the best service out there.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

The business environment in the country tends to be hierarchical and formal, but low corporate taxes and office rentals make it an attractive destination for startups. The economy is prominent in Eastern Europe, the workforce is young and highly educated, and the domestic market is large and well-developed. The fact that the economy is further set to continue growing and developing also makes it attractive to companies looking for access to the Balkans.

We have mentioned screening several times, but the importance thereof cannot be understated. We need to ensure that candidates will integrate into the company successfully. Any recruiter must be sure that the people they are recommending for client offices will be beneficial to the organisation. The future of a business may depend on the candidate, so it is important that they meet the job requirements and integrate smoothly into the company. Professional recruitment goes beyond skill and education matching. At Keller, each recruiter understands how important this is and will work carefully to ensure candidates are a good fit on all fronts.

Keller’s Global Presence

With our global connections, Keller is able to serve organizations from around the globe, such as Romania. We employ our extensive experience and market knowledge to supply businesses with top-tier candidates for positions in a range of industries.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Romania

When it comes to living in Romania, it is comfortable and affordable. Locals are welcoming, but the culture can be very difficult to understand. Furthermore, the country has fast internet, is considered safe, and has a low living cost. However, the emigrant community is not very prevalent, the local cuisine is on the unhealthy side, and English is not a popular language.

Our Executive Search Process

When starting the executive search process, we must acknowledge that such a process can be very resource-intensive, leading many companies to outsource such services to agencies like Keller. Furthermore, our services go far beyond the bounds of Eastern Europe. As your recruitment partner, Keller wants to see candidates benefit your existing team. This can only be achieved through continuous communication with clients to ensure that their needs have been met and that the talent we suggested for them has added positively to their business functions.

As your search partner in Romania, Keller also strives to remain ahead of all economic and business environment changes. Our local partners ensure that we are kept on top of the information required to excel anywhere in the world. This is also helpful if a client needs to hire candidates from outside countries. All our clients receive bespoke personal assistance to ensure that they end up with the strongest possible team which gives them the best chance of success.

Reach out today and let Keller go above and beyond to fulfill your recruitment needs.

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