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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Lisbon

The services our office in Lisbon, Portugal, provides can make a real difference to our clients. Our office is dedicated to providing excellent services to clients in Lisbon, the rest of Portugal, or any other country, depending on the needs of our clients – we have an office in almost every major region in the world, and our consultants can assist in native languages or English. Our executive search services are international or region specific. Keller can engage in executive search in any sector (including tourism). We also do not focus our search only on skills and experience but also on leadership skills and personality traits.

When clients partner with Keller, they experience the qualities that make us stand out from the rest – our commitment to quality and providing effective staffing solutions in a timely manner, our global connections, and our ongoing support throughout the recruitment and hiring process.

The economy in Portugal has been expanding steadily since 2014. This has also seen a continual decline in the unemployment rate in Portugal. Overall, living standards have increased, incomes have risen, unemployment has fallen steadily, and Portugal continues on this trajectory, as one of the countries in the world that is continually growing.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Portugal

The primary industries in Portugal today as the manufacturing and services industries, while agriculture is one of the least contributing sectors in the region. Our Portugal region office is aware of these industries and sensitive to the individual needs of each.

The executive search services that we offer are bespoke to each client’s needs. We can search in a specific region, like Lisbon, or expand the search as far as possible. During the planning phase of our service, specific parameters are laid down to base our search on. The assessment process our office follows needs to be detailed and in-depth, so much of the planning phase, regardless of sector, relies on communication via email and more direct communication.


Malta Recruitment Services and Headhunters

Sustained communication between our office consultants and clients is vital, as well as communication within our networks. Our consultants also understand that there can be differences depending on the region of Portugal our client is in. Lisbon might be different from another region. An international network gives Keller access to market (Mercado) knowledge, the latest technology, and an extensive pool of recruits. This helps us to recruit outside of a small region like Lisbon and even beyond Portugal should our clients require international services.

When exploring the Keller website, the essential difference between executive search and general recruiting services is that executive search focuses only on executive careers (Carreira) and does not cater to job seekers, only the company that is looking to hire an executive. General recruiting caters to job seekers and works on all levels and at a larger scale – they are also usually region specific. For the purpose of executive search, it is essential that executive candidates integrate well with the team that is already in place in the office.


Local Expertise, Global Reach: Fill Your Executive Job Vacancies with Keller

Business office practices, even in Portugal, have changed significantly following the pandemic. A remote or flexible office has become much more popular, which saves overhead costs. It has also made it possible for a Lisbon office in Portugal to employ internationally without having to carry relocation costs. A remote office also increases employee productivity and morale. Although a remote office has many positive attributes, there are also some challenges, and it is essential that management can meet these challenges.

Office culture in Portugal relies heavily on interpersonal relationships. Social order in Portugal is reliant on the concept of the family. This often means that business decisions take time, as there is a need to build and nurture relationships first. The attitude to deadlines in Portugal is relaxed. While punctuality is not all that important to the people of Portugal, they expect punctuality from foreigners. Politeness and courtesy are vital, and hierarchies are respected, including the elderly. The dress code is professional and fashionable elegance is highly respected. Attire reflects status, so brand names are noticed. Restaurant dinners and extended lunches are typical in a Portuguese workday. Be careful when distinguishing social from business situations. It is not proper to discuss business in a social context unless the host brings it up.

In our process of providing the best services to our clients, we acknowledge such location-specific concerns. We also focus on industries that are in demand in a specific region, Lisbon or greater Portugal.

Keller’s Global Presence

In order to assist clients from around the world, it is vital that Keller has a global reach and access to a broad network of executives and professionals. Our dedicated team of recruiters also boasts a deep understanding of local markets, their challenges, and current trends.

This allows us to provide our clients with the best candidates possible, with the knowledge and expertise to boost success in their companies.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Portugal

Prior to starting the executive search, we need to establish exact search parameters. Assessments must cover elements that align with what our clients need so that we can create the ideal candidate shortlist for them. General recruitment does not offer the same level of services as is common with executive search.

Our Executive Search Process

Our first step is an initial contact meeting during which we decide on search parameters according to client requirements. The assessment plans that we follow also need to ensure that candidates will fit into existing teams and perform according to the expectations of the client.

Once we have established the recruitment needs of our clients, these requirements provide us with valuable insights needed to perform an exhaustive search for the ideal candidate. Keller provides clients with a shortlist of suitable professionals, each with the experience and skill set needed to not only perform well in the available position, but also drive their company to reach new heights.

Contact Keller today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert consultants.

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