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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Germany

Keller Executive Search is a leading headhunting and executive recruitment firm. Our headhunting team provides innovative recruitment solutions to clients in all industries and offers the highest quality of executive search services in the following cities:

Keller Germany can help growing businesses and organizations find the best talents for senior management positions and top-level roles. We understand the impact that a qualified executive can bring to a business. We, therefore, devote our resources and attention to finding ideal candidates on behalf of our clients.

Keller is known as one of the best executive recruitment firms in Germany for our high-quality services and candidates, our fast turnaround times, and our exceptional results. Another thing that sets Keller apart is our commitment to providing continued support during the recruitment, hiring, and retaining of employees.

Our executive search solutions are available for businesses in all the major industries in Germany. Having said that, our team is well-equipped with the necessary resources to assist companies looking to fill niche roles and organizations in sectors with a high demand but low availability of talents.

Our Executive Job Recruitment Solutions in Germany


As a recruitment company, we are dedicated to sourcing highly qualified specialists who are not only ideal for a position but also a good cultural fit within companies. We find that this strategy yields the best results as it ensures that the candidate selected by our client is capable of leading their workforce without clashing with other executives over differences in management styles and personalities.

All the candidates that Keller presents to clients for consideration go through an extensive evaluation to determine whether they meet the client’s hiring requirements and will integrate well into the team.

This type of screening can be time-consuming, which could put strain on human resources departments, especially those in small- to medium-sized companies. Partnering with Keller to facilitate the executive search process and conduct a thorough screening of candidates can prevent companies from taking resources away from their HR department and focus on other business projects instead.

Germany Executive Search and Headhunter


At Keller, we like to ensure that our consultants are easily accessible before, during, and after the executive search process. This allows clients to raise any issues that may arise during the search and our team to immediately address the problem before it causes unnecessary delays.

Keller also values transparency. As such, our consultants go the extra mile to ensure that clients are kept up-to-date with the progress of the search and any challenges we may face during the engagement.

We put great importance on executing a successful search. Any candidate presented to and hired by the client is expected to remain with the company for an extended period of time. Should the candidate leave the company before this period is up, we will consider our services unsuccessful and will offer to redo the search.

Local Expertise, Global Reach, and Recruiting Excellence


Germany is known for its strong and well-developed business environment. It has one of the largest and strongest economies in the world and has a very high ranking in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index. It is also considered to be one of the most competitive economies in the world and is home to a wealthy and prosperous population.

The German business environment is characterized by its strong regulatory framework, which is designed to support and protect businesses. The government is committed to providing a stable and predictable legal and regulatory environment for businesses, and the country has a robust legal system that is designed to protect businesses from unfair competition. The government also promotes free-market competition, which encourages innovation and keeps prices low.

In addition, Germany’s well-developed infrastructure and high-quality education system provide a strong foundation for business success. Germany has a highly-skilled and productive workforce, which is well-suited to the demands of the modern economy. Furthermore, the country’s strong labor market and low unemployment rate are key factors in its successful business environment.

Keller’s Global Presence

With many years of experience under our belts, Keller’s team of passionate recruitment experts and consultants specializes in assisting companies from around the globe, including Germany, to find their ideal new team members. We do this by leveraging our experience as well as our deep knowledge of global and local market trends.

Additionally, we have access to a large network of individuals with the knowledge and expertise needed to not only fill roles in various industries, but also contribute to the success of the organization.

Getting Started with Executive Search Germany


Our Executive Search Process

The initial stages of our executive search process begin with a scheduled meeting between our senior consultants, clients, and relevant stakeholders to discuss what the company expects from candidates, what is required for the role, and the salary and benefits package we may offer prospects.

During this stage, our consultants will also gather information about the company’s management style, the personalities of other business executives, the goals of the organization, and the cultural differences within the workplace. These factors will help us select candidates who are both skilled and culturally fit to join the management team in question.

Once the hiring parameters have been set, our team will begin headhunting for prospects. We will utilize both traditional and non-traditional recruitment channels to gain access to talents. We will also take advantage of our extensive networks of contacts for candidate referrals, allowing us to connect with potential executives who would have been otherwise unavailable through other recruitment channels.

Candidates who meet the hiring requirements during the initial search are then contacted to establish whether they are interested in the position. Prospects who are willing to potentially join the company and take over the role will then undergo an extensive assessment, which involves rigorous background and credit checks.

Talents who pass the assessment are then shortlisted and presented to the client. The organization can then conduct its own interviews and evaluations before hiring a candidate.

If the client fails to find a suitable candidate, or if the talent clashes with other executives due to differences in management styles, we will offer to redo the search at no cost to the client. However, the hiring parameters must remain the same as before.

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