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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Athens

As an executive search firm, Keller is geared towards using our extensive experience and a global network to source the best talent for your business. Our consultants are experts in various industries and can also address hiring needs across different levels of management. Keller’s headhunters can source leadership from just about anywhere in the world. We go beyond standard hiring, however, and will provide support services like leadership development where necessary, and detailed assessment of candidates.

Greece ranks high on the Human Development Index, has a great standard of living, and is a developed country. The main contributors to the economy are agriculture, industry, and the service sector. Companies in these sectors tend to fare well. The most important Greek industries are agriculture, fishing, merchant shipping, and tourism.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Greece

The Greek economy is the largest in the Balkans which makes it an essential investor in the region. Furthermore, Greece is a member of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) and a founding member of the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

At Keller we are dedicated to providing the best services that are geared towards finding top talent and matching them with career opportunities within our clients’ organizations. It is essential for us that we understand the local market and how that impacts the unique needs of our companies. Even when we are recruiting internationally, the domestic markets that our clients are based in and the markets we are recruiting from will be subject to domestic differences.

Leadership styles and work ethic can vary significantly between regions. As recruiters we need to ensure that candidates we recommend will fit into the offices and companies we recommend them for. Executives have a major impact on the companies they serve, and when they are not a good fit with the company culture the detrimental affect can be major. While Keller is not a leadership advisory firm, we do provide some leadership advisory services where needed to ensure that candidates transition well into existing an existing team.

As recruiters we understand how resource intensive executive search is and how beneficial it can be to outsource such services so that your department is not strained. Keller likes to keep clients with the same consultants throughout the process. Our extensive network allows us widespread access to executives open to new career opportunities. Because we look for more than just expertise and are committed to your success we engage in detailed screening practices on all our candidates.


Our headhunters in Greece

The headhunting services that Keller undertakes go beyond regular recruitment. All of our headhunting services involve careful assessment of each candidate. We understand that there are many different things involved in successful recruitment. We have to research and understand the work ethic and culture of a particular business before we can source executives. Both the local and international landscapes need to be considered when hiring at this level, and Keller’s international network can provide widespread insights on both fronts.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

Unfortunately the weak economic state of the country had a negative impact on the ease of doing business scale. The taxation system is not friendly to the business environment and it is difficult to access regulatory information. That being said, Greece is a great place to find low labor costs and a highly skilled workforce. The entrepreneurial tradition in the country is strong and there is lots of readily available talent at hand.

Our candidates must be screened and assessed according to the nuances of the market the company operates in, the inner workings of the company, and the goal of the company going forward. We also make sure that they meet requirements for the role they need to fill in the organization. All of this takes place before candidates are handed over to companies for consideration. If it should happen that a candidate struggles to integrate with their team, Keller has the ability to provide some assistance with development. We are dedicated to the success and productivity of your team and reflect this dedication through our executive search services.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Greece

Greece is a popular destination for digital nomads, retirees, and expats. The standard of living is high, the climate is pleasant and the scenery is amazing. Greece has a hospitable society, provides for a slow and quiet lifestyle, accessible healthcare, and low cost of living. However, potential residents need to be aware of frequent public protests, overcrowded tourist regions and a lot of red tape.

Human resource departments often find themselves strained in trying to meet the demands of executive search. Keller can relieve this strain on a human resource department through our extensive executive search assistance. While we specialize in the basics, our extended services can be beneficial to your business. We take your success seriously and therefore focus a lot of our efforts on assessment and screening to select the candidates that will make the best fit.

When recruiting to corporate industries everyone wants to stay on top of the major changes that are constantly overtaking the economic atmosphere. Keller has several local partners that assist with this, while other partners allow for international insights. While we also continue to focus on work ethic and essential skills. While we are equipped to handle different levels of management, we focus mostly on C-level positions, which play a central role in the organization’s success. We focus on ensuring that these leaders integrate well with your business.

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