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Luxury Goods Luxury Goods Recruitment

Sourcing Elite Executives For Luxury Brand Leadership

Luxury Goods Recruiters

Luxury brand managers are behind the success of great brands. Luxury goods executives are experts at researching the market for targeted products and organizing advertising campaigns to boost sales and help the company succeed.

As a leading executive search firm, Keller helps connect clients with the best talents in the market. We are committed to sourcing candidates who understand the brand and have the skills to create strategies that solve the business’s pain points.

What We Do

At Keller, we are committed to helping luxury brands find the most qualified candidates who can impact your business from the first day. We do this through:

Luxury Goods Luxury Goods Recruitment


Before placing candidates in open roles, our team of headhunters works to assess each talent thoroughly. Our rigorous search process involves extensive background, criminal, and reference checks to find the best fit.

Luxury Goods Luxury Goods Recruitment

Talent Acquisition

Part of what makes our luxury recruitment a success is our access to a wide network of industry professionals with the skills and mindset needed to meet our clients’ hiring expectations. We also send hundreds of cold calls and emails to hard-to-reach candidates who may be interested in new opportunities.

Luxury Goods Luxury Goods Recruitment

Organization Transformation

When we partner with clients, we offer more than our executive search services. Our team also helps businesses streamline and improve their HR processes and workflows to better attract and retain great talents.

Luxury Goods

Our Approach to Luxury Goods Executive Search

At the start of our executive search and recruitment process, we work with our partners to define what their business goals and needs are, their expectations for the candidate, and their organizational culture. This allows us to form a search strategy to use in finding top talent for our clients.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion in the search process. All candidates are treated and assessed fairly and based only on their merits. There will be no biases in relation to their age, beliefs, ethnicity, and gender.

Luxury Goods

Our Specialist Fields

Keller provides executive search services to companies in a wide range of fields and sectors in the luxury goods industry. Some of the sectors we specialize in finding placements for include:

  • High-end Fashion and Apparel
  • Fine Jewelry and Watches
  • Premium Cosmetics and Fragrances
  • Luxury Automobiles and Yachts
  • Bespoke Footwear and Leather Goods
  • Gourmet Food and Fine Wines
  • Luxury Travel and Hospitality
  • High-end Real Estate and Architecture
  • Premium Home Décor and Furniture
  • Art and Antiques
  • Exclusive Technology and Gadgets
  • Private Aviation and Jet Services
  • Designer Eyewear
  • Luxury Sports Equipment
  • Elite Spa and Wellness Services
  • Premium Cigars and Spirits
  • Curated Experiences and Events
  • Luxury Cruises and Expeditions
  • Limited Edition Collectibles
  • Exclusive Members’ Clubs and Services

Luxury Goods

Positions We Fill

Our executive search services are geared towards filling open executive-level and senior-level roles in the luxury goods industry, including:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Luxury Division
  • Chief Luxury Brand Officer
  • Vice President of Luxury Goods Sales
  • Director of Luxury Product Development
  • Senior Luxury Buyer
  • Head of Luxury Marketing and Branding
  • Director of Luxury Retail Operations
  • Senior Luxury Merchandise Planner
  • Chief Creative Officer (CCO) – Luxury Designs
  • Vice President of Luxury Client Relations
  • Senior Director of Luxury Digital Experience
  • Head of Luxury Supply Chain Management
  • Director of VIP Client Services
  • Senior Luxury Brand Strategist
  • Chief Sustainability Officer – Luxury Division
  • Vice President of Luxury Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Director of Luxury Events and Experiences
  • Senior Curator for Luxury Collections
  • Director of Luxury Licensing and Franchise
  • Head of Luxury Customer Insights and Analytics

Luxury Goods

Why Choose Keller as Your Luxury Goods Recruitment Partner?

When you partner with Keller, you are partnering with a team of headhunters who are also experts in premium and luxury goods, having previously worked in the industry themselves. Our insight allows us to quickly and efficiently fill open positions by sourcing for the most qualified candidates capable of impacting your business operations.

In addition to our experience, we also offer a bespoke executive search service that follows a consultative and relationship-centric approach. As such, our mission is to help you solve your immediate executive search needs and also help you grow your business for years to come.

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Our Promise - The Right Hire

Keller executive recruiters work to maintain confidentiality and professionalism at all stages of the search. We are dedicated to keeping our clients and their businesses safe during the partnership. As such, all information provided to us by our partners will be handled with utmost discretion.

We are dedicated to finding the perfect match for your business. To ensure a successful hire, we offer a 180-day guarantee. If the hired executive fails to meet client expectations within the first six months, we will redo the search at no additional cost to you.

Keller is committed to helping you fill your executive search needs.

Are you ready to hire your next leader? Connect with one of our consultants today!