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Our Executive Search and Recruitment Services in Columbus, Ohio

The capital city of the state of Ohio, Columbus has a robust economy with major sectors including finance, health care, fashion, defense, energy, aviation, retail, food, logistics, and technology. Columbus also has a large government presence due to being the state capital, which is one of the city’s largest employers.

We are a leading executive search firm and staffing agency in Columbus, OH, that specializes in locating, screening, and engaging top talent for vacancies in a range of sectors. In doing so, we hope to help organizations reach their full potential.

This commitment to going the extra mile for our clientele is part of what sets Keller apart from other recruitment agencies in Columbus, Ohio.

Beyond executive search and recruitment, our staffing services include compensation consulting, business transformation, leadership consulting, and other professional services.

Recruiting Process in Columbus, Ohio State


Our Services

As one of the premier executive search firms in Columbus, Keller understands that a customized approach is vital for securing the best candidates for our clients’ companies. Therefore, we strive to align our recruiting method with your organization’s needs. Our executive recruiters also utilize our global network of professionals, profound market knowledge, and innovative recruitment technology to pinpoint the ideal candidate for the role.

Our Process

We kick-start the recruitment process by determining the criteria for the job hunt. We accomplish this by having a detailed discussion with our client’s corporate leaders and other important stakeholders to understand the organization’s employment needs. This includes whether the position is temporary, permanent, or contract to hire, the demands of the role, and what is expected from candidates. This information is crucial since it helps us build a profile for the ideal talent.

Once we have established the job search criteria, our Columbus recruiters can begin their inquiries.

After pinpointing who we believe is the right person for the role, we will perform a detailed evaluation of their resume to confirm their suitability. This includes a thorough background, criminal, and reference check. If the candidate fulfills all the requirements, we will pass them along to our client for review.

Keller Recruiters Expertise


The team at Keller has accumulated significant expertise, with nearly two decades of collective experience in the recruitment field. Our understanding of global and local markets has earned us recognition as one of the best recruitment firms in the world.

As a result, Keller has been able to provide clients from across the globe with superior talent, including those in Columbus.

Industries We Serve

Keller is a recruitment agency with a difference. We help businesses across various sectors in Columbus, Ohio, procure elite talent, including but not limited to:

  • Education
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and Fashion

Roles We Fill

We also help employers secure the most qualified candidates for career opportunities, no matter the employment level. This includes senior and mid-level employees, as well as C-suite executives, such as:

  • Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
  • Chief Administration Officer (CAO)
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
  • Banking Specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Graphic Designer
  • Insurance Agent
  • Logistics Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Retail Store Manager
  • Sales Associate

Why Choose Keller for Executive Hunting in Columbus, Ohio?


Keller is a reputable executive search firm and staffing agency with a track record of delivering outstanding talent to companies of all sizes in the Columbus area within the shortest amount of time. We have achieved this due to our insights and expertise in the latest trends within particular industries and functions and our vast pipeline of industry professionals, which allows us to source talent on an international scale.

As one of the top executive search firms in Columbus, OH, we are conscious of the value the perfect hire can add to your company. Because of this, we diligently ensure that the candidates we provide align precisely with your both employment needs and organizational culture. Furthermore, our consultants are professional and discreet, providing services rooted in honesty, transparency, and the quest for excellence.

Finally, we know the advantages of employing a diverse team of individuals to run your business. Based on this knowledge, we have adopted an inclusive approach to hiring that maintains the unbiased and equal treatment of all the job seekers we meet, irrespective of their age, gender, beliefs, or ethnic background.

Frequently Asked Questions


In this section we address common questions regarding the world of recruitment and executive search.

What is Executive Search and Recruitment?

Different from typical recruitment methods, executive recruitment is designed with senior-level professionals in mind and focuses on placing executives and top management positions.

At Keller, we pride ourselves on our executive recruitment process. We conduct each search with the highest level of privacy for our clients, and our search yields consistently excellent results.

What Locations Does Keller Recruit For?

Keller’s team is distinguished by its broad expertise in recruitment. Each of our experts has a deep understanding of market dynamics and is equipped to provide top-notch services. We find exceptional candidates across a range of industries and serve companies from all over the world – including Columbus.

What Roles Does Keller Fill?

Keller finds top talent for a wide range of executive roles, such as

  • CEO
  • CTO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • Directors
  • Managing Directors
  • General Managers

What Happens if Keller Cannot Fill the Role?

At Keller, we are celebrated for our high candidate placement success ratios. We are committed to providing clients with candidates capable of thriving in their new positions. Moreover, Keller goes to great lengths to assist companies in retaining their newly hired staff.

However, should the placed candidate fail to meet expectations and perform in their new role within 90 days of hiring, Keller can provide a replacement.

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