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Keller is an international executive search firm. We understand the importance of local knowledge when hiring top-level managers. A leader who does not fit in with the existing team can be detrimental to the company. Our screening processes, therefore, account for local nuances.

To ensure that we provide clients with the right candidates for their needs, the Keller team leverages that which sets us apart from other agencies – our large pool of quality professionals, our thorough executive search process, and our dedication to top-tier, tailored solutions.

The per capita GDP of Slovenia places it as the richest Slavic country with a strong developed economy. When considering human capital then, Slovenia is one of the top global economies. The country is one of the strongest and best-developed transition countries and has a stable service industry, chemical industry, and a long-surviving mining-industrial tradition.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Slovenia

Slovenia has suffered some setbacks in its economic growth over the years: a significant drop in 2009, then followed by recovery, and another drop during the recent pandemic. However, these instances have proven that the economy is resilient as it tends to recover well from these setbacks. Perhaps the biggest burden for the Slovenian economy now and for the foreseeable future will be the aging population.

The services we offer are global, which means that extra attention needs to be invested in ensuring that the candidates we source possess the necessary work culture to integrate with a company successfully. At Keller, we also understand that executive recruitment often involves high levels of resources. Outsourcing this kind of service inevitably relieves the pressure on human resources in local companies. The professional services that we offer are informed by our client companies. That sometimes means that we add consultation services to our packages to ensure that employment contracts signed by our candidates are beneficial to the company and the candidate, and that integration happens smoothly.


Our headhunters in Slovenia

Like many other executive search firms, Keller can step in at any point throughout the recruitment process. We are equipped to recruit for many different industries like private equity, technology, marketing, or retail. We can also recruit at different levels, although our selection process focuses on top levels. Keller has partners in many different cities across the world.

We pride ourselves in providing holistic services addressing more than just skills and expertise. Our screening processes highlight potential challenges with integration, and consultation services aim to address these at a ground roots level.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

While recent economic development and growth in Slovenia have been moderate, it is a promising sign following the pandemic. The open market has been a great help in this department and the resilience shown by the economy is a promising element going forward.

As technology and corporate climates continue to change, there is a lot that businesses need to adapt to. It is important for recruiters to keep up with these changes as well. At Keller, we are dedicated to ensuring that any of the candidates that you hire are ideally suited to your company needs. Where there are challenges, there are also opportunities and Keller endeavors to harness these opportunities for the development of your business.

Keller’s Global Presence

At Keller, our specialized team is recognized for its proficiency in the dynamics of local and global markets. We aid companies on an international scale, including those in Slovenia, and use our many years of experience to connect them with skilled professionals.
In doing so, we play a vital role in enhancing the achievements of our clients.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Slovenia

The manufacturing industry in Slovenia is the biggest contributor to the local economy and makes up about 25% of the country’s GDP. Slovenia has a strong manufacturing sector, especially in the electrical engineering and automotive industries. The services sector is also a major contributor to the GDP, along with fishing, forestry, and agriculture.

Keller provides continued support for clients across the entire search process. It is often difficult for a local human resources department to handle the demands of a C-level search. Sometimes, outsourcing can relieve that pressure. Keller has the resources to recruit candidates worldwide.

At times, we can also provide our clients with support services to ensure that their position on the market remains strong while they are in transition. Part of the support services we offer to our clients during an executive search is to help identify talent that is also a good work ethic fit. We understand how important a good mix of talent and work culture is for business success.

Our Executive Search Process

Our search process begins by comprehending the recruitment needs and preferences of our clients. Once we have defined these, our specialized team can initiate the search for skilled candidates. It is our aim to supply clients with talent that only meets requirements, but also align well with the culture of the organization.

The selected candidates will undergo thorough assessments and screening for criminal history. The most suitable professionals are compiled into a shortlist which can be submitted to the client.

Keller is ready to assist. Make the call today.

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