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Keller provides global recruitment services across a large part of the job market. When looking for suitable candidates, we consider more than just their talents as we understand the importance of a good cultural fit within an existing team. Our screening and assessment systems ensure that the best talent is identified for individual positions and that their work ethic aligns with what is expected in the rest of the company.

Keller headhunters in Tallinn provide clients with high-quality, tailored staffing solutions, ongoing support, and access to the best candidates on the market – all of which distinguish us from other executive search and recruitment firms.

The Human Development Index in Estonia is very high. This is supported by the fact that the economy of Estonia is a high-income developed economy. Estonia performs very well on international rankings in terms of technology companies, public services, and the digitalisation of such, as well as, press freedom, education, and quality of life.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Estonia

Estonia is part of the OECD and the European Union. The World Bank thinks of Estonia as a high-income economy with a strong GDP and a marked position in terms of the International Monetary Fund. The ratio between GDP and government debt in Estonia is the lowest among all EU members. There are many elements that contribute to the strength and stability of the economy of Estonia. These can include the presence of mobile-based services, e-services, commercial banking, the free trade regime, a flat-rate income tax, and the lack of public debt along with a balanced national budget.

Our global network means that we can provide global recruitment. Yet, we still understand the importance of considering local nuances when it comes to top talent acquisition. Furthermore, such a recruitment process can put pressure on a company’s human resources department. Outsourcing your recruiting processes is a great way to alleviate that pressure and ensure that you receive the best possible candidates for your top positions without placing undue strain on your on-site resources. At Keller, we build our service delivery around the needs of our client companies, and can include consulting should your business require it. This often helps to ensure a smooth transition into a specific role within the business, and better integration with other employees.


Our headhunters in Estonia

Keller’s professional approach allows us to step in at any point during the recruitment process. We provide recruitment assistance across various industries and at various levels of management. We identify top talent and then screen candidates to ensure that they are equipped to flourish in their new position and to further help your company thrive.

Keller can help with recruitment in Estonia, wider Europe, or anywhere in the world with the help of our many partners scattered globally across major cities. Organizations have recently been subject to a great deal of change when it comes to recruiting. Global expectations are always shifting and evolving, and it can be challenging to keep up with these changes. Keller recognises this challenge and strives to meet it head-on. We realise that the labour market needs to be flexible in meeting new regulations, but we also see that with challenges in change come new opportunities as well. With Keller as your recruitment partner, we can help you meet changes in a positive and developmental manner.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

As of 2016, the unemployment rate in Estonia has been below the EU average, which has allowed steady GDP growth up to five times the average for euro-zone countries. In 2012, Estonia was the only EU country that maintained a budget surplus. Furthermore, the national debt rate in Estonia was only 6%, which makes it one of the EU countries with the least debt.

When it comes to finding the best talent locally, organizations and recruiters need to ensure that candidates are screened carefully. Leaders have a major impact on the business as a whole, and having the wrong candidate in a leadership position can be detrimental to the existing team and how they perform. The best employees feel supported and work well together, and whomever the business decides to hire needs to have a smooth transition into their team to maintain the team’s momentum. For this purpose, Keller also provides some consulting with the candidates we suggest, and the team they are hired into. Our goal is to ensure that companies benefit from our candidates as completely as possible.

Keller’s Global Presence

With two decades of experience working in the field of recruitment, Keller’s team has the market knowledge and expertise to assist clients from countries around the world, including Estonia. We have access to a broad network of executives in a variety of industries, through which we are able to place top-tier candidates in difficult-to-fill roles.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Estonia

Transparent government policies have been a source of benefit for the economy in Estonia. The main industries in Estonia are chemical products, metals, furniture exports, food products, textiles, wood and paper products, and machinery exports.

Keller offers steady and maintained support while you are recruiting and hiring employees and leaders for your business. Finding the right partner for such a sensitive process can be difficult, but we are up for the challenge. The support that we offer to companies goes beyond the recruiting and hiring stages and can include candidate development and consulting where necessary. Even the best talent sometimes needs time to adjust to a new company, and Keller can help with this process.

Our Executive Search Process

Keller employs an exhaustive executive search and recruitment process to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

We begin this process by identifying our clients’ needs. This includes understanding the demands of the role to be filled, as well as what each client expects from possible new team members.

This understanding gives us valuable insights which is, in turn, used to find and recruit the very best candidates for the available position. Candidates are carefully hand-picked and screened to ensure every professional we recommend is not only suited to the position but will also fit in well with the existing team. We also aim to find candidates with the ambition and abilities needed to boost success in the organization.

Contact Keller today to find out how we can help turn your recruitment process into a resounding success.

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