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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Helsinki

As a leading executive search firm in Helsinki, Keller Finland takes advantage of its extensive network of contacts to assist growing businesses and organizations gain access to candidates with the skills and experience needed to lead the business to success.

Our team of professional recruiters aims to find only the most qualified talents to join the company’s senior management and C-level team and lead the organization’s workforce.

What distinguishes Keller and our team from other staffing firms is our attention to detail, commitment to quality, and our global connections – allowing us to place candidates in difficult-to-fill positions around the world.

Our services cover all major industries in Finland, including electronics, machinery, vehicles and other engineered metal products, the forest industry, and chemicals. That being said, we are well-equipped to help companies find talents for niche roles or those in industries with high demand but low availability.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Finland

Our services are highly customizable to fit the needs of the client. For instance, we can limit our search to local talents or expand it to include global candidates, per the client’s preference.

In addition to customizing our recruitment solutions, we also offer extensive assessments and evaluations, which involve background checks, credit checks, and reference checks. This ensures that all the candidates we present to our clients are fit to hold high-level positions.

The type of executive search we perform can be time-consuming and may require resources that HR departments in small- to medium-sized businesses do not have. Partnering with Keller ensures that the company’s HR department does not need to focus its resources on headhunting executives and can instead turn their attention to other business projects.


Our headhunters in Finland

One of our core values is being available to clients throughout the executive search for consultation and feedback. Our team is readily accessible for clients to raise issues that may arise during the engagement, giving us the chance to address problems before they result in delays.

In addition to fostering open communication, our consultants also value discretion. We will not share any personal or confidential information other than what is necessary. This helps us prevent the unnecessary leakage of sensitive information about the client, the company, and the candidates.

Lastly, we place great importance on helping a company succeed. One way for us to accomplish this is by assisting the client in finding the most qualified candidate. Should the client fail to find a suitable candidate from our talent pool, if the talent fails to integrate into the company, or if the prospect clashes with other executives due to differences in leadership style, we will offer to redo the search at no cost to the client. This is, however, provided that the search follows the same hiring parameters as before.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

The business environment in Finland is considered to be one of the most attractive in the world, with a strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. It is a country known for its highly educated population, excellent infrastructure, and strong legal system.

Finland’s government has created a friendly environment for businesses. It has relatively low taxes, and a flexible labor market that allows companies to quickly adapt to changing conditions. In addition, the country offers a wide range of incentives and programs to help businesses succeed.

The workforce environment in Finland is one of the most progressive and attractive in the world. The country has a long history of providing excellent working conditions for its citizens, and its social welfare system is one of the most comprehensive in the world.

In Finland, the government takes a strong role in protecting the rights of workers and ensuring that they are treated fairly. This includes enforcing laws such as the Working Hours Act and the Right to Recruitment Act, which set out the rights and obligations of employers and employees. The government also provides generous benefits for employees, such as paid holidays, maternity leave, and sick days.

Finland is also known for having one of the highest levels of gender equality in the world. Women are well-represented in the workforce and are provided with equal opportunities to advance their careers. Furthermore, the country has a well-developed system of collective bargaining and unions, which help protect workers’ rights and ensure they receive fair wages.

Overall, the workforce environment in Finland is one of the most advanced and supportive in the world. With its strong commitment to protecting workers’ rights and providing generous benefits, Finland is an excellent place to work.

Keller’s Global Presence

At Keller, our team prides itself on its experience, deep knowledge of market trends and challenges, and broad network of talented executives. We leverage this to identify and recruit the best talent on the market, providing clients from around the world with a hand-picked, tailored list of candidates to choose from.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Finland

Keller can help organizations find the right person to become part of their leadership team. To do so, we need to have an understanding of what the company expects in a candidate for their team.

Our Executive Search Process

In the initial phase of the executive search, we, the client, and relevant stakeholders meet up to discuss the job requirements and the kind of person they are looking to hire. The client must also disclose whether they want the search to be limited to candidates living locally or expanded to include global talents.

Once the hiring parameters have been agreed upon, we will begin searching for candidates through both traditional and non-traditional recruitment channels. We will also utilize our extensive network of contacts for candidate referrals.

Talents who show interest in the position will go through extensive assessments which involve background checks, credit checks, reference checks, and a confirmation of past performances and skills. Candidates who pass the assessments are then shortlisted.

During the final phase of the engagement, we will present the clients with the shortlisted candidates. The organization then has the option to perform its own evaluations and interviews before hiring an executive.

Take the first step to starting your recruitment journey and reach out to Keller today.

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