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If you are looking for expert executive search services in Slovakia, look no further than Keller Executive Search. Our search professionals are experts in recruitment across all industries.

Keller’s global network is fully equipped to fill any position in any business anywhere in the world. Our extensive network operates at different management levels and can provide management consulting assistance where needed. Although we can provide some support in other sectors, our main focus remains recruitment.

Apart from our global network, Keller is also distinguished from other recruiters for our personalized search services, of high-quality hires, and our commitment to going above and beyond to fill client needs.

Slovakia’s economy is a developed high-income system. It draws strongly from its members to OECD, free education, universal healthcare, and a comprehensive social security system. The market economy combined with these elements provides a solid foundation of local development and a foothold for international companies.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Slovakia

Slovakia faces major challenges when it comes to the employment and wealth imbalances in the country. However, the economy itself is strong. Large parts are entirely privatized, including much of the banking sector. The local economy is in the top three fastest-growing economies in Europe. Slovakia’s government debt is far below the average in the OECD. Furthermore, the unemployment rate is at an all-time low.

At Keller, we can find suitable candidates for any position our client needs filled. We are ideally equipped to recruit for local and international businesses. Local knowledge is an essential part of hiring. Furthermore, along with the importance of local understanding, we also screen candidates for suitability in other aspects. Their expertise and work ethic are equally important if they are to smoothly transition into a company. If a new candidate creates friction among other employees, it can be detrimental to companies.

At Keller, we also understand how involved and difficult the executive search process can be for a local human resource department. It can be exceedingly challenging for a business to handle the demands of such a search. Hiring an external partner to alleviate the pressure means a better chance of success. Our executive search service includes sustained access to a consultant throughout the entire process. At times, our process might need to include consulting services to ensure that new managers integrate successfully with a client organization. Industry professionals at Keller provide support to facilitate corporate success for each and every client.


Our headhunters in Slovakia

Keller’s expert headhunters do much more than simply hire executives. Assessment and screening are central to matching the best candidates with their ideal positions. Headhunters at Keller understand the importance of company culture and how a new managing partner or other executive can influence the intricate inner workings of a business. We conduct both local and international executive search. This means that we need to rely on our domestic partners to continue to understand the continually changing corporate landscapes. The future holds much in terms of technology and corporate systems, and the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to trust in the proficiency of a local partner.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

Slovakia officially became part of the Eurozone when it adopted the Euro in 2009. Foreign investment is one of the major contributors to the Slovakian economy. The favorable geographical location, along with the well-educated labor force, low tax rates, and low wages, are all attractive to foreign investors. Furthermore, it rates high on the ease of doing business scale.

At Keller, we understand how important proper screening of candidates is. Keller has extensive screening processes in place to help provide assistance to our client organizations however they may need it. When we present possible candidates to companies, they have already been carefully screened. Candidates who are not a good fit in the existing team or with the wider company culture can be detrimental to the overall success of the organization. Should it be necessary, we can also provide some consulting and leadership development. However, our main focus remains on executive search.

Keller’s Global Presence

One of the things Keller is known for is our extensive network of executives and professionals. This database stretches across the globe, giving us the reach needed to successfully serve international clients.
The Keller team is also knowns for our vast experience and deep understanding of both global and local markets.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Slovakia

When it comes to life in Slovakia, it is an attractive proposition for expats. The natural beauty and plenty of outdoor activities are also a great draw. Public transport is easily accessible, and general life is quite safe in Slovakia. The standard of living is also high, and the future of the country looks bright.

Our Executive Search Process

The executive search process is resource intensive, which can put your local human resource department under strain. Our headhunters can tackle any industry and provide support to in-house HR departments. We can find the best candidates for your individual requirements. We are dedicated to providing support to our clients so that they can thrive in the ever-changing corporate world.

Assessments help us to identify better candidates in terms of work ethic and skills so that they can smoothly transition into existing businesses. Managers at any level are essential to the survival and welfare of an organization. Productivity can be deeply hampered when a manager is not a good cultural fit. Keller provides support throughout this process to better your chances of reaching your full potential.

Let us help you become a leader in your industry. Connect with Keller today.

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