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Keller DEI Consultants: Leading Organizations Toward a More Equitable FutureLeading

A diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consulting firm like Keller aids companies in fostering more diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environments.

Put simply, we offer guidance and expertise to organizations that seek to create a more inclusive workplace where all employees, irrespective of their background, feel respected and valued, and have equal opportunities for professional development.


Our DEI Consultancy Services

Keller offers a suite of services aimed at helping organizations cultivate more inclusive teams. You can find an overview of some of our core DEI services below. These services can be tailored to meet the unique needs and market dynamics of any organization, offering a holistic approach to establishing a more diverse workforce.

  1. Policy review and development
    We evaluate your existing organizational policies (for example, workplace behaviors, recruitment, and promotion) and recommend improvements to establish a more equitable and inclusive culture in the workplace.
  2. Diversity audits
    We conduct detailed assessments of your organization’s current state of inclusion and diversity through interviews, surveys, data collection and analysis.
  3. Stakeholder engagement
    We facilitate conversations and focus groups with leaders, employees, and other stakeholders to understand DEI challenges and gather feedback.
  4. Benchmarking
    We compare your organization’s DEI practices against industry standards, best practices, and peers to pinpoint gaps and key areas that could be improved.
  5. Strategy development
    We develop bespoke DEI strategies and action plans to match your organization’s mission, vision, and objectives.
  6. Recruitment strategies
    We can guide you in implementing more equitable hiring practices, from attracting diverse talent and inclusive job descriptions to unbiased interview techniques.
  7. Retention and advancement strategies
    We develop solutions to retain diverse talent, reduce turnover among underrepresented groups, and ensure equal opportunities for advancement.
  8. Supplier diversity programs
    We can provide recommendations on how to build relationships with diverse suppliers and vendors.
  9. Inclusive product and service development
    We can advise companies on how to create products and services that are attractive and accessible to a broad range of customers.
  10. Employee resource groups (ERGs)
    We can provide support for ERGs, which are employee-led groups that focus on particular interests or demographics.


Our Approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion For Every Organization

Keller offers DEI strategies that are tailored to the specific needs, objectives, and aspirations of the organizations we partner with.

We begin the DEI journey by performing a thorough assessment of the current state of diversity, equity, and inclusion within your business. This may involve reviewing existing policies and practices, conducting employee surveys, and establishing focus groups. We also compare your company’s current DEI efforts to those of competitors. This allows us to pinpoint key areas of improvement and devise a DEI strategy that will support and promote DEI principles in the workplace.

Once we have completed our initial assessments, we create a strategy that will meet your organization’s requirements. We also communicate with all relevant stakeholders, from business leaders to employees to external communities, to gain insights and cultivate a culture of inclusion.

We offer training sessions, workshops, and seminars to ensure that your workforce is educated on topics such as inclusive leadership, cultural competence, unconscious bias, and allyship. These programs are all aimed at transforming the existing company culture and promoting equity, inclusion, and diversity.

Lastly, we offer advice on recruitment and retention strategies to attract and retain a diverse workforce and establish measurable goals and key performance indicators to track and monitor the progress of DEI initiatives. We also go the extra mile to ensure that the transition is permanent and your business strategy continues to strive toward more inclusive practices even after our primary engagement has ended.

We are dedicated to helping businesses boost their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts by creating strategies that meet their specific needs, goals, and challenges.


The Advantages of Partnering with Keller for Your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Needs

There are many benefits to partnering with a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultancy like Keller. Some of the advantages we can offer your business include:

  1. Cultural change
    We have the tools necessary to guide your organization towards a deeper cultural shift, resulting in long-term, meaningful change rather than temporary fixes.
  2. Improved reputation
    By collaborating with us, your company demonstrates its commitment to DEI, which can improve your employer branding and reputation among partners, customers, clients, and the general public.
  3. Better talent attraction and retention
    Companies known for their inclusion efforts may attract more diverse candidates to join their workforce. Such practices may also reduce turnover rates among underrepresented groups.
  4. Improved financial performance
    According to research, organizations with diverse leadership teams often turn higher profits than their less diverse counterparts.
  5. Enhanced innovation
    A diverse workforce will have more varied perspectives and approaches at its disposal, which can lead to greater creativity and innovation.
  6. Increased employee engagement
    Implementing DEI initiatives can lead to improved employee morale and engagement since they can create a more inclusive environment where employees feel valued and recognized.
  7. Knowledge and expertise
    We have a deep understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion that we can share with our clients so they can benefit from the latest DEI strategies, research, and best practices.
  8. Data-driven insights
    We use data analysis to establish a clear insight into the state of diversity and inclusion within your organization, which allows us to create measurable and actionable goals.
  9. Customized solutions
    We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to transforming organizational cultures. We, therefore, develop a DEI strategy to suit your organization’s specific challenges, needs, and goals.
  10. Continuous learning and ongoing support
    Our DEI services don’t end after our initial engagement. We offer training and workshops to ensure that your organization continues to stay abreast of current DEI matters.

Essentially, collaborating with a diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm like Keller can provide organizations with the resources and strategies necessary to cultivate more inclusive work environments, leading to a positive shift that benefits the broader business landscape and employees alike.

Speak to one of our DEI consultants today and discover how we can help your company contribute toward a more equitable future.

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