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Military Transitions

Unlocking the power of military talent to enhance your business

A veteran recruiting agency specializes in helping military veterans transition to civilian careers. Keller is one such company. We hire veteran talent to bridge the gap between the unique skills and experiences of transitioning service members and the requirements of civilian jobs.

Our veteran talent recruiters work closely with both client companies and job seekers to identify, assess, and hire the most qualified veterans for open positions in a broad range of industries.

Military Transitions

Veteran Recruiters: Our Veteran Recruiting Services

Veteran recruiting involves assisting military veterans in reintegrating into civilian life by using their unique skills and expertise to both their advantage and the advantage of prospective employers.

Our expert team of veteran recruiters has a proven track record of finding the right veteran talent to fill open roles within diverse organizations, ensuring a smooth transition and a successful future at your business.

Here is a more comprehensive breakdown of the services we offer:

  1. Understanding military experience
    Our veteran recruiters have a keen understanding of the skills and terminologies associated with the armed forces, as well as the various military roles and ranks. This knowledge allows us to effectively translate a veteran’s experience into terms that civilian employers can understand and appreciate.
  2. Training and education
    We can guide military talent towards additional education, certifications, or training that could promote their employability in the civilian sector.
  3. Networking opportunities
    We have extensive connections to networking events, career fairs, and workshops that are designed to assist veterans seeking civilian employment.
  4. Career counseling
    We offer career advice to veterans based on their military training, experience, and interests. We also help discern transferable skills and suggest the best way of presenting these skills in resumes and interviews.
  5. Liaising with employers
    Our veteran recruiters work alongside civilian employers to teach them about the advantages of hiring candidates with a military background.
  6. Interview preparation
    Our veteran recruiters offer coaching to veterans to prepare them for civilian job interviews, emphasizing communication skills and cultural nuances.
  7. Resume assistance
    We can assist veterans in adapting their resumes to highlight their skills and expertise in a way civilian employers can relate to.
  8. Ongoing support
    Transitioning from military to civilian life can be difficult. In addition to job placement, we provide continued support to help veterans adjust to their new careers and address any challenges that may arise.

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Jobs For Veterans: Our Approach to Veteran Recruiting

Keller recognizes the potential value that veterans bring to companies in a broad range of industries. As such, we specialize in recruiting military talent, including senior officers, junior military officers, enlisted technicians, and non-commissioned officers (NCOs), for vacant positions in civilian jobs.

Before identifying potential job candidates, we prioritize honest, open, and collaborative conversations with client companies seeking to engage transitioning veterans. This ensures that we understand the kind of talent they are looking for. Each veteran candidate we consider undergoes a rigorous evaluation to verify their suitability for the designated role.

Our veteran recruiters base their search not only on a candidate’s background and experience in the armed forces but also on their character and leadership qualities, ensuring a harmonious fit with your existing company culture. We also provide onboarding support to ensure that your chosen veteran integrates effortlessly into their new career while emphasizing inclusion and diversity throughout the recruiting process.

Our comprehensive recruitment strategy is rooted in a profound understanding of the challenges of military transition, as well as our client’s business dynamics, aspirations, and industry nuances. Armed with this insight and bolstered by our extensive global network, we can help those in the military community connect with businesses that seek to utilize their unique skills and experience.

Military Transitions

The Advantages of Partnering with Keller for Your Veteran Recruiting Needs

Engaging with a veteran recruiting firm like Keller can offer many benefits to both veterans and employers. Here are some of the advantages:

For Veterans:

  1. Personalized approach
    Our recruiters recognize the challenges of those facing military transition, offering a personalized approach that includes emotional and psychological support.
  2. Career counseling
    We can provide guidance on possible career paths post-military service.
  3. Transition support
    We can offer support in terms of reintegrating into civilian work culture, resume writing, interview preparation, and more.
  4. Networking
    Thanks to our global connections with veteran-friendly employers, we can provide networking opportunities that can lead to placement.
  5. Customized opportunities
    We recognize the specific skills and expertise that veterans bring to the workforce, making it easier to align them with suitable civilian jobs.
  6. Continuous growth
    We can offer guidance and resources for further education and training to assist veterans in achieving continuous growth in their civilian careers.

For Employers:

  1. Enhanced employer brand
    Employing veterans can promote your company’s image since it demonstrates a commitment to supporting those who served.
  2. Tax incentives
    Companies that hire veterans may qualify for tax credits or other financial incentives, depending on the region.
  3. Access to qualified talent
    Military veterans are often highly-skilled individuals, offering a wealth of expertise. A veteran recruiting firm like ours can provide employers with a pipeline of highly-trained, disciplined candidates who are ready to contribute to the workforce.
  4. Reduced training costs
    The rigorous training veterans receive in the military can mean reduced training expenses for employers.
  5. Skill translation
    We specialize in translating military expertise into civilian job qualifications, making it easier for employers to understand and appreciate a veteran’s background.
  6. Leadership abilities
    Veterans who held leadership roles during their military service can contribute strong management and leadership skills to civilian job roles.
  7. Cultural fit
    Veterans are instilled with morals such as teamwork, integrity, and respect. These values can be a major benefit to any organization.
  8. Diverse perspectives
    Veterans come from varied backgrounds and have faced unique challenges, offering a different outlook on problem-solving and other work-related challenges.

Partnering with a veteran recruiting agency like Keller provides companies with access to a vast pool of talent and the many unique benefits that veterans have to offer. It also helps streamline the hiring process for both veterans and employers, offering valuable support and resources to veterans to ease their transition into the civilian workforce.

Contact us today and learn how our expertise in veteran recruiting can benefit your business.

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