Career Transition and Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services

Empowering your exiting employees with comprehensive support

A career transition and outplacement firm like Keller supports employees who are exiting a company, whether due to layoffs, retirement, corporate restructuring, or other factors. Our services are designed to equip affected employees with the guidance, resources, and tools they need to transition to a new job, career path, or phase in their professional life.

Outplacement Services

Our Career Transition and Outplacement Services

Keller offers a suite of career transition services aimed at helping outgoing employees move from one job or career phase to another, which often happens following corporate restructuring, layoffs, or other changes in employment. Here is a breakdown of a few of our core services:

  1. Job search strategy development
    We can offer job search advice to individuals and help them devise and implement effective job search strategies according to their skills and desired role or industry.
  2. Online job search resources
    We can provide access to private job search platforms, databases, and other online career tools to help outgoing employees find new jobs.
  3. Assessment tools
    We utilize skill assessments, personality tests, and other tools to help individuals determine their preferences and aptitudes.
  4. Resume and cover letter assistance
    Our professional resume writers can help draft compelling, up-to-date resumes and cover letters to match the job seeker’s desired role.
  5. Emotional and psychological support
    Dealing with job loss or a career transition can be emotionally challenging. We can provide support forums and counseling to help individuals in this regard.
  6. Individual career coaching
    We can organize personalized sessions with career coaches to help job seekers discover their strengths, weaknesses, and professional aspirations.
  7. Interview preparation
    We can offer instruction on a range of interview techniques, as well as feedback and mock interviews to prepare job seekers for real job interviews.
  8. Group workshops
    We can arrange for employees to attend seminars focusing on topics such as salary negotiation, personal branding, using social media for job search, and more.
  9. Relocation assistance
    We can offer advice to individuals seeking or needing to relocate for a position, as well as logistical support and insights into new areas and job markets.
  10. Retirement transition support
    We can offer guidance to those thinking about retirement, including advice on financial planning and potential part-time jobs or post-retirement activities.

Outplacement Services

Our Approach to Career Transition and Outplacement For Every Business and Organization

Keller has an outplacement solution for every company, offering bespoke services to meet the unique needs and aims of the organizations we partner with.

Our methodology involves comprehensive one-on-one coaching sessions with outplaced employees to help them pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, evaluate their professional aspirations, and prepare for their next move. Our counsel extends to cover letter and resume writing, interview training, skill development, personal branding, and more. We also leverage our extensive network connections, online resources, and understanding of the job market to help these individuals in the job search process.

Beyond job coaching, our professional services extend to helping your business maintain its employer brand and avoid costly lawsuits from former employees.

Outplacement Services

The Advantages of Partnering with Keller for Your Career Transition and Outplacement Needs

Whether you are an employer or an employee, working with a career transition and outplacement firm like Keller can offer multiple benefits, including:

  1. Cost savings
    Although there is an upfront fee involved in hiring an outplacement firm, companies can save money in the long run by avoiding unemployment insurance costs, legal expenses from potential lawsuits, and potential severance packages.
  2. Customized services
    Keller offers bespoke outplacement services tailored to meet the unique needs of the laid-off individual, thereby improving the efficacy of our support.
  3. Retains talent within the industry
    For industries with high demand but low availability with regard to talent, outplacement services can help steer exiting employees towards other opportunities within the same sector.
  4. Protects employer brand
    Hiring an outplacement service to assist former employees can help maintain or even improve brand reputation. It demonstrates that the business genuinely cares about its workforce, even during challenging times.
  5. Learning and feedback
    Employees can benefit from receiving feedback during mock interviews and resume reviews.
  6. Enhanced skills and preparedness
    We can provide former employees with career transition coaching, training, and resources to help them prepare for their next job.
  7. Fast transition
    With our resources and guidance, laid-off employees can find new jobs faster, meaning fewer unemployment claims and more cost savings.
  8. Reduces legal risks
    Partnering with an outplacement provider may reduce the possibility of lawsuits from disgruntled former employees since they may feel more supported in their transition.
  9. Boosts morale
    Seeing former colleagues being cared for can boost productivity and morale among a company’s remaining employees as it demonstrates that they too would be supported should such a situation arise.
  10. Networking opportunities
    Outplacement firms typically have extensive connections and can introduce employees to potential employers, recruiters, and industry contacts.
  11. Supports diversity and inclusion
    Keller is dedicated to assisting employees from all walks of life, providing guidance and resources to help them overcome the challenges they may face when searching for a new job.
  12. Emotional support
    Losing a job can be emotionally challenging. Outplacement firms offer counseling and psychological support to help minimize the emotional impact of such an event.

Collaborating with a career transition and outplacement firm like Keller can help exiting employees start a new chapter in their professional lives by bridging the gap between their current position and their next job. In so doing, businesses not only ensure the well-being of their departing employees but also demonstrate their commitment to corporate responsibility, protect their brand reputation, and minimize associated risks.

Connect with us today and discover how our personalized services can help your former employees move forward and transition careers with minimal disruption.

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