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Keller Executive Search Massachusetts is a headhunting, executive search, and recruitment firm servicing Boston, Worcester, and Springfield. Keller Executive Search Massachusetts puts great value in sourcing highly skilled and experienced professionals for senior leadership and executive-level positions. Our executive recruiters employ this type of recruitment strategy to assist large companies, non-profits, and government institutions in the state that need to fill critical roles in their organizations.

Our executive search services cover every stage of the recruitment process, which usually begins with a consultation with the client to determine the organization’s specific needs and requirements.

Once we have established what the client needs, our search consultants will then create a job description and may use a variety of headhunting methods to identify and attract suitable candidates, such as networking, online job postings, and referrals.

When we have a pool of qualified candidates, we will begin screening each applicant to ensure they are a good fit for the organization and that they have the skill set and experience to lead the company to success. During this stage, we schedule interviews with the candidates as well as conduct background checks.

Applicants who meet the requirements are then shortlisted and presented to the organization for final interviews. Once a selection has been made, the search firm may also provide additional services such as onboarding support.


Our Perspective on Headhunting in Massachusetts

With its excellent education system and highly community-oriented culture, Massachusetts is an attractive place to live and work. Low unemployment rates, high household incomes, and the top industries in finance, commerce, and management make it a great place to excel in senior leadership and executive roles. The state also offers a supportive and welcoming atmosphere for those searching for a new home.

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