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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Canada

Keller Executive Search is a trusted headhunting and recruitment firm. Our headhunter teams in Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver provide innovative recruitment solutions for all industries. Keller is able to provide an international service while still maintaining a firm grasp on practices in local regions. For integration into an executive role to be smooth, we consider elements such as individual temperament, business culture, and leadership style when conducting our search.

The global reach of our network is extensive and enables us to assist clients in different ways depending on their individual needs. This network is just one of many distinguishing features Keller has to offer.

It is important for us to continuously communicate within our network so that channels may be kept open and cooperation be encouraged when recruiting leadership talent. Our networks further grant us access to top-of-the-line technology that enables us to extend our reach internationally and include candidates who might not be able to attend face-to-face interviews or meetings for senior-level recruitment.

All of these elements make it simpler for us to ensure our valued clients receive the best service possible. Placing the right candidates in the right positions can make a great difference in a company, so it is essential that we have access to a large pool from which to source exceptional candidates for our clients.


Our Consultants for Placement Services

Keller’s leadership consultants have years of experience and are experts in executive search and consulting within their respective fields. While our networks ensure that we have the resources to provide face-to-face consulting opportunities for all our clients in major cities, all of our consultants are available throughout the search process to keep clients informed regarding developments.


Placement Services Methodology 

Our Executive Search Process

Our initial executive search consultation with the client is geared towards coming to a consensus about their expectations and requirements for recruiting leadership talent. Only once a consensus has been reached, and all parties are on board with the search parameters, can the initial search for exceptional candidates begin.

Initial searches result in a large talent pool with a broad range of candidates. These candidates need to be approached to establish if they are open to new opportunities. Candidates who show interest and meet the requirements at face value will move on to the assessment phase. Experienced executive search consultants understand what a toll such an executive search can have on a Human Resources department, so it is best to engage with a recruitment firm that offers a collaborative approach to finding the perfect match for their clients.

Assessment is extensive and spans different traits and types of assessments that are included depending on the client’s needs. We are equipped to perform assessments on several levels, including credit and background checks, leadership assessments and personality tests. We also need to establish things like the candidate’s aspirations and their true expertise so that we may judge the possibility of a successful integration into our client offices. This detailed assessment process will eliminate candidates who do not meet requirements to our satisfaction or who simply will not be a good fit for our partner. We always strive to find the perfect fit between a candidate’s aspirations, expertise, and the demands of the position they are being considered for.

We present the shortlisted candidate pool to employers so that they may make the final appointment for their company. Should the client not find this candidate pool to their liking, we repeat the process within the same parameters. All of our search parameters can be customized according to the needs of our client, but these are decided on in advance to the search so that any delays during the process may be avoided. We are committed to delivering the best possible service that we can. Our professional reputation is based on supporting our clients through the executive search process and finding the ideal candidates to suit their needs, so we can deliver only the best executive search services.

Executive Search Firm

Our Guarantee as an Executive Search Firm

The majority of our service guarantee involves the search process itself and the first six months following the appointment of a candidate. Should one of our candidates be appointed by a client and subsequently fail to meet expectations, we offer either development services or a repeat of the search – whichever best suits the client. Candidates rarely struggle to perform to such a degree, but it is essential for Keller, as one of Canada’s trusted, experienced executive search firms, to ensure that when it does happen, our client receives support and employers are assisted in ensuring that a suitable intervention strategy is followed.

In order to ensure that the repeated management search is free of charge, we stick to the same parameters that were initially agreed upon. Development services will depend on the specific need of the client and the challenges faced by the candidates. Examples of challenges we can address include performance issues, work culture differences, or integration issues.

Another element of our guarantee is our safeguard against sourcing candidates from our clients. As an executive recruitment firm, we hold our business relationships in high regard, and we cannot maintain these relationships effectively without trust, so we include these safeguards in our service guarantee so that our clients can be assured of our dedication. Our success as one of Canada’s trusted executive search agencies is deeply rooted in a collaborative approach where our candidates rarely fail to measure up, but when it does happen, our team partners receive support from us to rectify the matter. Furthermore, as a true partner to our clients, we cannot source leaders and management personnel without our own client offices as a matter of principle and ethical practice that is in line with our professional reputation.

Lastly, we also protect our clients’ and candidates’ personal information in accordance with local and international standards – whichever is higher. In recent years, corporate operations have focused on private information that is not adequately protected. Our clients can rest assured that Keller is committed to ensuring that all private information we work with is protected and stored according to appropriate legislation in all our locations. Our responsibility to our clients, therefore, involves more than simply finding the right fit for a position that is vacant in their companies.

When conducting an executive search, there are always some unique elements that we need to consider based on the location of the client and the candidate. Even in places like Canada, there are some important differences between regions (even the larger cities like Vancouver and Toronto will have cultural differences). It is essential to find the ideal balance so that smooth integration and excellent performance can prevail. This is all part of finding the right fit between leaders and businesses.

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