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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Paris, Marsielle and Toulouse

The right talent in the right position can have a significant impact on business success. Keller is the best in the executive search industry when it comes to international search firms, although we are also able to centralize our searches to individual locations like Paris, France. It is our mission to recruit the best leadership candidates on the market for our clients. The personality traits and leadership styles of top managers can have a major impact on an organization, so we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients get the best talent for their senior positions.

France has a market-oriented and highly-developed economy which places 7th in the world.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in France

The economy in France is diversified, and the largest industry is the services sector, followed by the industrial sector. Paris, France is one of the leading cities in the world with many agricultural resources, including fruit, forestry, and wine. Energy resources are far lower in comparison.

The services that Keller provides can be localized to the Paris branch, extended to the rest of France or the entire world depending on the needs of our clients. Understanding exactly what our clients need and expect before starting our search enables us to successfully complete mandates.

Before we can present potential candidates to a client, we have to conduct thorough assessments so that only the best talent can be presented when the time comes. This process takes up a lot of resources and time, especially in small- or medium-sized companies, so it is best to partner with an executive search firm with an excellent track record to conduct such a search on the company’s behalf. At Keller Executive Search, the entire process can be adjusted to suit client requirements – from a broad focus to the individual professional characteristics they are looking for in a director or CEO.


Our Consultants in France

Since our partner executive search opened, we have understood the importance of maintaining communication channels so our consultants are available at any point in the executive search. Our global network is extensive and allows us to source candidates from anywhere in the world through our various partners’ executive search offices.

Because executive search only caters to executive positions, we understand that a strong candidate needs more than experience and job-related skills; personality traits and management styles are also important. Where a strong team is already in place or needs to be built, it is essential that people can work together in harmony and respect. Executive search firms are ultimately responsible for finding executives that will integrate well with an existing team or providing assistance when integration with the existing team is not as smooth as expected. Failure to integrate well with an existing team can create tension and can be harmful to the company. This delicate balance means that consultants need to be available for clients throughout the process, as their future depends on what the consultants are doing.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

The structure and functioning of some companies have changed after the pandemic. A more flexible and remote workforce has become the norm, which can save overhead costs and tends to be more environmentally friendly as fewer people communicate. Productivity has also been shown to increase when a work environment is flexible. This environment has also managed to achieve a more international platform for some businesses. When remote work is possible, candidates can be sourced from anywhere in the world without the need for visas and relocation costs. This is a substantial benefit and greatly increases the diversity of an enterprise. However, the change is not without its challenges. A director is now in charge of people who are spread out and not as easily approachable as a team that works in the same office space. Commitment to this change is, therefore, important, especially from the head of an affected department. Sensitivity to these matters is also necessary when we identify a potential candidate for a client.

In France, professional culture is highly formal, to the extent that introductions are always made with full names and colleagues are rarely addressed by their first names. Appearance and attire are also essential in France; quality clothing is a must-have for corporate purposes. Corporate attire is almost never casual, no matter what day it is or the size of the company. People in France also tend to be quite direct, and interruptions are commonplace and not considered rude. Asking many questions is perceived as a show of interest. Long-term professional relationships are important to French executives, and decision-making is slow. It is not uncommon for a director to initially say ‘no’ to something straight away so they can think about it more and maybe change their minds later on. Patience is key, and aggressive sales techniques will not result in a positive outcome. Punctuality is also important.

Keller Executive Search provides services in more than one industry, but we often focus on the high-demand industries in our client’s country. So, in France, the service sector (including finance services) is a major focus for our recruitment agency. Keller wants to help clients find the best talent for executive positions, as our success depends on this responsibility.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in France

As an executive search agency, Keller does not provide general recruitment at any level. We are also unable to assist job seekers, although we receive résumés that become part of our database. Our services are specialized in helping clients find executives for top-level positions. Before we can identify suitable professionals, we need to understand the expectations and requirements of our clients exactly. Evaluations are done according to several elements, including temperament, performance, skills, etc. Our track record in Paris, France and beyond relies on recruiting the best talent for the needs of our partners regardless of what sector they operate in – anything from construction to international finance. This is why we differentiate between executive search and general recruitment – recruitment on a large scale does not allow the agency to assess applicants properly. Executive search focuses explicitly on high-level roles for a senior management team, like partners or board members.

The first step that Keller takes in an executive search is to establish the expectations of our client, including what expertise and values they need in a candidate. This will have a major impact on the suitability of the candidate for the existing team. Keller Executive Search has access to the best technology and resources through our global network and in Paris, France. We maintain communication and engagement with our partners regularly to ease delivery of services and better support companies on our client list.

Our Service Guarantee

Our business relationships are essential to us and the impact that we can have on a company through our services. Industry knowledge and practical talent are valued traits in candidates, as are other traits like resilience and insight.

The Keller executive search service guarantee is an essential part of how we maintain our business relationships and ensure excellent service delivery.

Our guarantee is built on three overarching notions. Firstly, we cannot source candidates from our client companies. Second, candidates whose performance is below the expected standard are either subject to replacement or development services depending on the preferences of our client. Lastly, an executive search will be repeated if our client is not happy with our final candidate pool.