Healthcare & Life Sciences

Laboratory & Pathology

The healthcare industry is still recovering from the effects of the global pandemic. Personelle shortages are common and many professionals in this industry are recovering from burnout. Leadership in the healthcare industry, therefore, require higher levels of sensitivity and resilience than before. Our healthcare and life sciences consultants work with organisations to recruit the best leadership candidates for this industry.

Consumer markets have been subject to large-scale digitalisation during the pandemic and much of this persists beyond lockdown periods. Digitalisation has meant faster transactions and a demand for a more dynamic process. Keller consultants can assist with the sourcing and appointment of world-class leadership candidates who can meet the demands of new consumer markets efficiently.


Financial Services

Investment Management
Global Markets
Consumer & Commercial Financial Services

Financial services have also faced changes in this regard with an increased remote workforce and greater digitalisation of processes, it is essential to find a leader who can navigate the new demands of the industry successfully. Keller’s highly qualified consultants can assist in finding ideal candidates for financial services leadership.


Industrial & Engineering

Energy & Natural Resources
Chemicals & Materials

The Industrial industry has largely been impacted by the Fourth Industrial Revolution which calls for constant innovation and greater speed of delivery. Disruptive change is becoming the norm, and organisations need leaders who can meet these challenges and overcome them efficiently. Keller can help find these leaders in the Industrial Industry.


Business & Professional Services

Business and professional services sectors have also been impacted by the growing remote workforce. This is relevant because professional and business services are largely dependent on human capital. Appointing the ideal experienced leader within this sector is challenging but Keller can help businesses assess, develop, and recruit long-term candidates through collaboration between client companies and experienced consultants.


Private Equity

Limited Partners
Venture Capital
Infrastructure Funds

Private equity markets have been less affected by digitalisation and more impacted by trade restrictions as it is reliant on large amounts of capital. High-caliber leaders in this sector are necessary to manage rapid capital inflow and growth in this industry as the world markets recover from COVID-19 restrictions. Keller has grown its expertise in a variety of financial services, and our consultants continue to excel at the placement of strong executive teams in financial sectors.


Government & Public Sectors

Government & Regulatory
Interest Representations

The public and private sectors play significant societal roles in a complex corporate landscape. Many organisations in these sectors require development to meet growing societal needs. Leaders in these sectors must be suitable to meet these demands and deliver results. Keller promises to provide such leaders through the stringent practices of highly qualified and experienced consultants.


Technology & Disruptive Innovation

High Technology & Semiconductors
Disruptive Innovation
Big Data

Technology and disruptive innovation are both fast-paced industries that rely on highly specialised skills and resilient leadership. The digital transformation that was bought on by the global pandemic has lead to rapid growth in both sectors and that has meant there is an increasing need for resilience and innovation in executive leadership in this industry. Keller understands these needs and challenges and can ensure that our consultants are ideally positioned to find the best candidates for businesses in this sector.


IT & Telecommunications

Software & Platforms

Sectors of telecommunication and information technology are reliant on constant change and a need for continued innovation to keep up with the demand for new and better products. In order to overcome difficulties and keep up the pace technology companies might benefit from leadership teams that can cope with these demands and support their staff to navigate challenges efficiently. Keller can assist companies in finding suitable candidates for these roles.


Natural Resources & Energy

Power Generation
Sustainable Energy Sources
Migration to EV Mods of Transport

Energy and natural resources are in a state of evolution as the demand for sustainability increases with the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Leadership must be able to keep up with these demands in order to maintain growth and stability in companies. Keller can help find the ideal candidate for this leadership role.