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Insurance Insurance Recruitment

Identifying top-tier insurance professionals to propel your company forward

Leading Insurance Recruiters

Insurance recruiting has become a challenging undertaking in the current market conditions. A worldwide shortage of seasoned leaders has put the insurance industry at risk at a crucial time.

As the middle classes expand and property prices increase across emerging markets, there are chances for growth. However, geopolitical uncertainties pose a risk to the possibility of new investments. For traditional markets in North America and Europe, disruptive technologies, aging demographics, and increasing regulation are jeopardizing profitability.

To navigate these obstacles, insurance companies need to adopt technology and consumer data analysis to stimulate business innovation and attract top-tier executives from a dwindling talent pool.

Our insurance recruiters at Keller Executive Search utilize their industry knowledge and expansive network of contacts to find top candidates for vacant positions within the insurance industry. We focus on sourcing talent for a variety of roles, from underwriters, claims adjusters, and actuarial analysts to insurance brokers, risk managers, and many more. The professionals we recruit have the skill sets and expertise to boost your business’s growth. We also take your company’s unique culture and specific goals into consideration to determine the most fitting candidates.

What We Do

Our passionate insurance recruiters at Keller Executive Search are dedicated to locating talented individuals who align with our client’s corporate culture and functional requirements. We achieve this through a rigorous recruiting process, which involves:

Insurance Insurance Recruitment


We commence the recruiting process by identifying the hiring needs of our client. Armed with this knowledge, we begin the search for the perfect candidate who can meet these needs.

We screen candidates thoroughly to validate their expertise before we introduce them to the client. Following our evaluations, we present the shortlisted candidates to the client, who has the final say on who they want to join their team.

Beyond merely recruiting high-quality professionals and leaders for insurance-based roles, we also offer innovative talent solutions to help clients attract and retain the best people in this highly competitive industry.

Insurance Insurance Recruitment

Talent Acquisition

Our vast network of contacts and profound understanding of the industry allow us to identify the most qualified candidates for all levels of expertise, from Insurance Agents to Chief Insurance Officers.

Insurance Insurance Recruitment

Organization Transformation

In an ever-evolving world, it is critical for your business to employ the most talented insurance professionals. This is particularly important for driving company growth – a concept we fully comprehend and strive to pave the way for when you collaborate with us.


Our Approach to Insurance Recruitment

We only consider our recruitment services successful when a client reaps the rewards of an ideal placement. As such, we spare no effort in finding the best candidate for a role. We aim to pinpoint the most qualified candidates whose skills and expertise match our client’s business needs. Essentially, we tailor our services to each client, with a focus on aiding their business expansion.

We begin the recruitment process with a detailed examination of our client’s business needs and the challenges they face to identify potential areas that could benefit from the right candidate placement. With this knowledge in hand, we suggest innovative staffing solutions aimed at helping our clients attract and retain the best talent.

A crucial aspect of our approach is our unwavering commitment to inclusion and diversity throughout the recruitment process. We acknowledge the benefits that varied perspectives can bring to a company, particularly in a field as expansive as insurance.


Our Specialist Fields

We are an executive search and recruitment firm that identifies top-tier executives and other professionals across numerous fields in the insurance industry, including:

  • Property Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Liability Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Reinsurance
  • Crop Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Title Insurance


Positions We Fill in the Insurance Industry

Our primary aim at Keller Executive Search is to assist companies in need of insurance talent to propel their businesses forward. Some of the positions we source talent for in the insurance industry include:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Insurance Sales Manager
  • Claims Manager
  • Underwriting Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Insurance Claims Adjuster
  • Insurance Broker
  • Insurance Agent
  • Insurance Underwriter
  • Actuary
  • Insurance Claims Clerk
  • Loss Control Consultant
  • Customer Service Representative


Why Choose Keller as your Insurance Recruitment Partner?

Keller is a leading executive search firm with a history of sourcing top executive talent and other professionals with the requisite skills and expertise to elevate your business.

We accredit our success to our vast network of contacts, deep understanding of the insurance industry, and cooperative approach to recruiting. This approach allows us to forge lasting relationships with our clients, which are founded on shared success and understanding.


Our Promise - The Right Hire

At Keller, we ensure absolute confidentiality and professionalism while collaborating with clients. We hold our clients’ privacy in high regard and are devoted to assisting them in finding the right talent to drive their companies to new heights, without sacrificing quality.

As an executive search and staffing firm in the insurance industry, we are focused on finding high-quality candidates who will exceed your executive recruitment expectations.

Contact us today to find out how we can enhance your business’s success.