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Keller is one of the fastest-growing Executive recruitment brands. Our Ascend program offers executive search firms ways to participate and benefit.

Executive recruitment firms that join Keller through our Ascend program are able to directly benefit in a number of ways.

Joining Ascend is possible at four different levels: Existing NPA Worldwide Members, Regular Members, Partners, and Premium Partners. Each level has its unique benefits and eligibility criteria, which are detailed below.”

To be eligible for a membership partnership, applicants must adhere to a set of standards and pass certain criteria. Prospective firms must operate in different regions or service other industries. Two or more firms are able to join from the same country or state, but only if they do not compete with each other.
Firms need to have a minimum number of consultants and/or turnover.
Preference is always given to NPA Worldwide members, and joining NPA Worldwide is suggested to those who apply.

Membership Levels

At Keller Ascend, we offer four distinct levels of membership to cater to a wide range of executive recruitment firms. Each level comes with unique benefits and requirements, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your firm’s needs and objectives.

Ascend Firms of all levels benefit from leads, and get support from the Keller brand and Keller’s professional services on demand.

NPA Members

As an existing NPA Member, you gain access to leads generated through the Keller website and member-generated leads. Your firm can be listed on one country page and one industry page of the Keller website. You also get to apply as a coach on our Pathways platform for candidate services.

Regular Members

Regular paying members are eligible to get their firm listed on two country pages and two industry pages.


Partners enjoy all the benefits of Members with additional perks. You get priority access to new business opportunities and your firm can be listed on all relevant country and industry pages of the Keller website. Senior partner team-members also get the opportunity to take on leadership roles within Keller Ascend and collaborate on larger-scale projects. Partners are also required to have a minimum of 5 staff at their firm.


Premium Partners enjoy all the benefits of Partners with several key advantages. Firms can be listed on four country pages and four industry pages. You also get a personal Keller Ascend account manager to provide personalized help and support. Premium Partners are required to have a minimum of 10 staff at their firm.

Partnership Fees

Partner firms joining as Ascend partners before the end of 2023 will enjoy a membership ‘free for 1 year’. NPA Members are able to join and retain a free membership as long as they retain their NPA membership.

Firms joining from 1st of January 2024, will incur a monthly fee that varies based on the membership level:
Members pay $189/month
Partners pay $349/month
Premium Partners pay $1249/month.

To become a Keller partner, complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Key Benefits of Joining

As an Ascend member, you can expect significant benefits, including lead generation, increased visibility, access to professional services, eligibility to join the Pathways program for candidate services, and more. The extent of these benefits varies based on your membership level.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Partner firms joining Keller can expect Keller to become a key source of non referral business. With its significant and growing online visibility and global reach, Keller regularly receives enquiries for recruitment needs. All enquiries are first qualified and then passed onto Ascend partners. ‍

Through NPA Keller partner firms can also expect to receive leads and new cross-border business from Keller partners in other countries. Partners are incentivized to collaborate on such projects.

Brand Umbrella

Brand Umbrella

Keller's branding, communication, and outreach methods are consistently designed to enhance the brand presence of our member firms, empowering them to match and even compete with the top executive search brands in the market. Our approach not only offers superior branding and communication support but also fortifies our member' positioning within their local markets. Member firms are free to use all Keller marketing material. You'll be able to co-brand your company with Keller and use our high-quality brand as your own. You will also have access to Keller's library of presentations, material, and brochures.

Significant Increased In Visibility in Your Market

Significant Increased In Visibility in Your Market

Increase the visibility of your firm in your market by becoming a member of Ascend. We feature our members on the Keller website, in our marketing materials, and on our communication channels.

Additional reasons
to join us

Global reach through NPA

Global reach through NPA

Our partners are invited to join NPA Worldwide and connect with other firms to source candidates out of country and work on international projects collaboratively with a split free arrangement. Partner firms are in better positions to offer international roles to candidates. ‍‍

NPA webinars, tele-meetings and conferences are a great opportunity to share and get involved in the NPA network. Our members also share best practices for each industry. These international conferences are the ideal opportunity to meet our other NPA members and build relationships.

Access to local market knowledge all over the world

Access to local market knowledge all over the world

The team at each Keller partner firm possesses specialized operational, business, technical and market knowledge. In becoming part of Keller, you will be introduced, and gain regular access, to others in similar positions. This includes experienced entrepreneurs and business owners, who have overcome operational and business challenges that you might face from time to time. Through regular calls and forums, our partners share their knowledge and understanding with one another.

Admin Support and Research Capabilities

Admin Support and Research Capabilities

Members, Partners, and Premium Partners all enjoy admin and research support capabilities from Keller. This includes job posting, candidate collection, candidate assessment, and other recruitment services. (Fees apply)

Complimentary Design Services

Complimentary Design Services

Ascend members can request design or marketing support as needed. Fees might apply if the outcome cannot be used by all firms. If the requested service can be used by all, it will be provided free of charge.

Professional Services Geared towards Candidate

Professional Services Geared towards Candidate

Keller has developed the Pathways platform for candidates to receive coaching, CV writing, interview training, assessment, and much more. All Ascend members are eligible to become coaches and offer paid candidate services through this platform.


Joining one of the fastest growing online presence in the recruitment space as a partner holds many benefits. But key is elevating your business with an increase in the amount of high quality work you are able to acquire.

NPA Worldwide familiarity

Gain unique access to NPA members and become eligible for a recommendation to join.


Members receive access to our library of presentations, material and brochures.


Co-Brand your company with Keller and use our high quality brand as your own.

Lead generation

Our online reach captures leads which are passed onto members. Member firms also pass on leads to other members.

Global audience

Using our website and social profile, you can share your thought leadership across a wide audience.

Support Services

Benefit from heavily discounted marketing, design, admin and research services

Partner Firm
Acceptance Criteria


Experience: You've been in recruitment business for over five years.


Focus: One of the key focus areas of your business is executive recruitment.


Industry Specialization: Your firm specializes in at least one industry, providing a depth of knowledge and a network of contacts in that industry.


Track Record: Track record of a certain number of successful placements in the past 12 months


Global Reach: Your firm has experience in international recruitment


Collaborative Spirit: Your firm is willing to collaborate with other firms in the network, sharing leads, market knowledge, and best practices.


Network Strength: Ability to bring another firm into Ascend.


Participation: Indicate Ascend Partnership on your website and LinkedIn Profile.

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