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Keller provides professional staffing services to various organizations in and around the Los Angeles area. We have a track record of finding world-class talent by leveraging our extensive, global connections to reach top candidates. Our team of expert recruiters helps various organizations, including SMEs and large corporations, find the most suitable talent for their businesses.

As a leading staffing agency in Los Angeles, we focus on securing staff eager to advance their careers and help drive your company forward. We ensure you have access to individuals who are the best in their respective fields. Beyond connecting you with job seekers, our expert staffing agency in Los Angeles can also assist you with onboarding services, staff training, succession planning, and much more.

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Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States and is located on the West Coast. It encompasses five counties in Southern California. This diverse and multicultural metropolis is a global hub for entertainment, trade, and tech. Los Angeles is well known for its entertainment sector, hosting the Oscars every year. Many films, television series, and music albums are produced in Los Angeles. The Port of LA is also one of the busiest ports in the Americas and is a critical point of international trade.

The economic landscape of Los Angeles is rather unique. It has a mix of innovative startups in the biotech, ocean, and space sectors, as well as well-established companies in the trade, aerospace and entertainment sectors. As a result, Los Angeles has a competitive and varied job market.

The largest industries in Los Angeles include trade, bioscience, food manufacturing, entertainment and tourism to name a few. Within these industries, some of the fastest-growing occupations include healthcare support, community and social services, management positions, and financial operations.

This diverse economy requires a range of candidates with unique skills. As one of the best staffing agencies in Los Angeles, our focus is to ensure we advertise job opportunities to the right people and connect them with our clients.

Keller's Services


As a premier Los Angeles staffing agency, Keller’s recruiting professionals are experts in staffing solutions. We provide a wide range of customized recruiting services. As an experienced staffing agency, we aim to find the best talent for businesses, regardless of your hiring needs.

Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term contracts, Keller’s experts will ensure your organization has access to top talent for your workforce from candidates around the world.

Our expert recruiters also have access to a large database of professionals we can leverage for referrals and recommendations, allowing us to reach a perfect match for your team faster. Paired with Keller’s extensive knowledge of the local job market and industry trends, we can help you fill any position in your company quickly and efficiently.

Our Industries

We help companies hire staff for a range of industries, including:

  • Information Technology
  • Biotech
  • Trade
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Social Services
  • Healthcare
  • Media
  • Real Estate
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Aerospace
  • Hospitality

Our Placements

We use our expertise at Keller to offer direct hire recruitment for various positions, from office managers and accountants to chefs and healthcare providers. We pair employers with the right employees who can continue to help make your business successful.

Some of the most common positions we fill include the following:

  • Financial Analysts
  • Graphic Designers
  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Construction Managers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Product Managers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Nurses
  • Teachers
  • Technicians
  • Software Engineers
  • Sales Executives
  • CEOs
  • COOs

Our Approach


Keller stands out from other recruiting firms in Los Angeles due to our hands-on approach to recruiting. We also believe in tailoring our approaches. Every job search is different and employers have unique requirements. We spend a lot of time understanding exactly what type of employee you are looking for.

Our team will meet with your human resources department, business leaders, team management and other shareholders to create detailed criteria for the job description. We then pair you with a skilled recruiter who will help you with all your staffing needs.

Our recruiting experts use these criteria to find talent that matches everything from employer brand to company culture. A detailed job description enables us to attract the right people who are searching for new career paths and exciting career opportunities. Our staffing team also contacts our existing network of professionals who may be a good match for your business.

From there, our recruiter will take the time to vet all the potential employees. Our thorough vetting process includes:

  • A criminal record check
  • Analyzing their CV/resume
  • Contacting professional references
  • Personality testing
  • A call to determine culture fit

Only candidates who succeed in passing our vetting process will be added to a shortlist and put into contact with your hiring team.

Local Expertise, Global Reach


As a leading staffing agency, we understand how the diversity of the Los Angeles job market can be challenging to navigate. There are a large number of candidates searching for a new job or a different career. Paired with a constantly evolving business landscape, it can be time-consuming and tedious for companies to find the best person to hire.

This is where Keller’s experienced recruiting professionals step in to help. Our commitment is to success. We are a recruitment agency with a global presence leveraging technology to find talent from around the world for various offices. Combined with our local knowledge, we aim to fill every open position with top staff.

Whether you need to find staff for temporary, short-term contracts, or permanent positions, our recruiting team can help you fulfil your staffing needs.

Keller's Guarantee


Keller is built on quality. All our staff are hand-picked for their experience, skills, and passion. We do the same with our recruiting. Our focus is on finding only the top candidates for our clients.

Our approach to the hiring process is thorough and unbiased. Every applicant is treated the same throughout our process. We focus on finding staff based on their education, skillset, and how well they would fit into your team.

As an expert staffing agency in Los Angeles, we are also dedicated to confidentiality. We take great care in making sure we safeguard our client’s privacy.

In addition, we are aware that every placement reflects our talent as a recruiting firm. Having the ideal match for your business is vital to its success. As part of our guarantee, if a candidate leaves their position or does not meet your standards within the first three months or 90 days, we will find a replacement at no additional cost.

Reach out to Keller to partner with a world-class staffing agency for your recruitment needs.

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Keller is a leading staffing agency. By partnering with us you have access to recruiting professionals who can save you time and resources by identifying top talent for your company. We streamline the recruitment process so you can spend more time getting to know potential staff and less time on everything else.

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