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Keller is a premier staffing and recruitment agency in New York City. Our team of expert recruiters searches for highly skilled professionals for companies across New York and we are committed to finding only the most qualified candidates. Through our detailed process, we ensure suitable talent for your organization.

Our team works closely with hiring managers and HR teams in various organizations, from large corporations to non-profit organizations and SMEs. We help established and emerging businesses find the perfect match for their continued success.

We focus on finding highly skilled candidates searching for their next job. Beyond helping you hire the best staff, we offer various professional services. Consider our team a one-stop shop for recruitment. Keller’s experts offer staff training, succession planning, onboarding assistance, leadership training, and more.

Top-Tier Recruiters, NYC


New York is home to the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ, making it the financial capital of the world. It is also a popular tourism destination, with millions of travelers visiting the New York area to see attractions such as Times Square and Central Park.

The job market in NYC is competitive, with a high demand for skilled workers. While the demand for remote and gig work has increased, industries such as healthcare, technology, and professional services have experienced strong job growth. Besides finance and tourism, other well-developed sectors in New York include insurance, healthcare, cybersecurity, retail, and real estate. Innovative companies in the tech industry, particularly in electronics and fintech, are helping develop this emerging sector.

As a renowned recruiting agency in New York City, Keller aims to hire talent that suits your company’s needs. Additionally, Keller is considered one of the best staffing agencies in the world, and we match talented job seekers with top companies from around the globe

Keller's Services


At our recruiting agency, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of staffing services. We can act as a temp agency to hire talent to fill open contract jobs and temp-to-hire positions. Our NYC recruiters also assist organizations with direct hire recruitment.

We find the best candidates by leveraging our expansive network of professionals for referrals and recommendations. Our recruitment experts combine their years of experience and our global experience with their in-depth knowledge of local job markets to find the best talent in New York.

Our Industries

Keller recruiters help your business find the best talent for various industries in New York, including:

  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Fintech
  • Electronics
  • Tourism
  • Real Estate
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality

Our Placements

Keller’s New York staffing agency helps the best candidates find their dream job in NYC, from marketing specialists and accountants to graphic designers and healthcare professionals. We fill a wide range of open positions, including:

  • Lawyers
  • Analysts
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Data Scientist
  • Lawyers
  • Judges
  • CEOs
  • Social Workers
  • Financial Advisors
  • CFOs
  • Technicians
  • Retail Workers
  • Hospitality Workers
  • Marketing Specialists

Our Approach


What sets Keller apart from other NYC recruiters is how we approach recruiting. We dedicate significant time to the process, tailoring our approach to your specific hiring needs as a company.

Our recruiters will meet with hiring managers, team leaders, human resources, and other stakeholders to understand what type of employee you are looking for. We then build a detailed job description that includes everything from the position’s core responsibilities and your company culture to the employee’s required skills and experience.

Once we have an extensive understanding of your needs, we can reach out to our large network of professionals to find a potential match. We also advertise the position on various career sites to reach new talent who are on a job search looking for exciting new career paths.

After we have a pool of candidates to choose from, we take the time to vet each and every applicant thoroughly. This step allows us to get to know every person who applied and determine whether they would be a good match for your organization. Our vetting process includes personality testing, following up with professional references, reviewing their resume, and a background check. In this way, we ensure that we not only provide our clientele with candidates ideally qualified for the role, but who will also fit in well with the existing company culture.

Candidates who pass our vetting process are placed on a shortlist. We then send this shortlist to your team for the final hiring decision to be made.

Local Expertise, Global Reach


The NYC job market is highly competitive, and most companies don’t have the time or means to sift through many applicants. The high number of applicants and the ever-changing economic landscape can be tricky to navigate. At Keller, we help simplify recruitment and give you access to top talent for the jobs you have available.

Keller’s expert recruiters leverage their global networks and understanding of the local market landscape to help you hire world-class staff. Our NYC staffing agency searches the globe for premier candidates for any NY jobs.

Keller's Guarantee


Our NYC staffing agency understands how employees impact your company’s success and growth. Our team is handpicked for their experience, skill set, and commitment. They then carry these values over to our recruiting.

Additionally, we do not discriminate. We focus on finding the best match for your business, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. Instead, Keller’s experts search for employees based on their experience, skills, education, and cultural fit.

Companies from around the world trust Keller to help them with their recruiting needs. As a result, we take great care in protecting our clients’ privacy. From using the latest technology to NDAs, we ensure our clients can be confident their information will be protected.

Our team knows that every placement reflects Keller’s abilities. We are confident in our skills, but we also understand that situations can change suddenly. So, we have implemented a 90-day guarantee. If an employee resigns or doesn’t meet your expectations within the first three months of employment, Keller will find another candidate at no extra cost.

Contact Keller today and partner with a top-tier recruitment agency for all your staffing needs.

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Keller is a premier recruitment agency that is dedicated to streamlining recruiting. Our recruiters spend the time sourcing top-tier staff for your organization. With our tailored approach to recruiting, you can spend more time getting to know potential employees and less time sourcing and verifying candidates.

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