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Keller is a leading staffing agency connecting job seekers with various organizations and vacancies in and around Raleigh, NC. Our team consists of expert, dedicated recruitment consultants who understand that the key to a successful business is hiring the perfect candidates to form your company’s leadership team.

Because we understand this importance, Keller offers an extensive suite of staffing solutions tailored to suit the needs of the client’s business, in addition to providing premier advisory and consulting services.

Our efforts have established Keller as one of the foremost employment agencies in Raleigh, NC, and worldwide.

Top-Tier Recruiters, Raleigh, NC


Known as the City of Oaks, Raleigh has a vibrant job market that has experienced impressive development in recent years. Renowned for its museums specializing in history, art, and natural sciences, Raleigh is a cosmopolitan city with much to offer. Increasingly, the city distinguishes itself as a mecca of innovation through its continued expansion of the technology and research sectors. Although these are largely considered the city’s main industries, everything from finance to the arts continues to go from strength to strength.

The job market growth has enabled industries across Raleigh to undergo significant expansion and evolution. With new avenues being explored constantly, the city has seen an influx of highly qualified job seekers eager to make their perfect professional match.

And yet, as attractive as the evolution of the labor market is, it is not without drawbacks. Given the high volume of new job opportunities being added, the market can quickly become saturated, making it difficult for employers to identify the right applicants for their business.

Our staffing agency helps simplify this process by sourcing and identifying qualified candidates from various sectors in Raleigh and across the globe.

Keller's Services


At Keller, our recruiters collaborate with our clients to create solutions that exactly suit their needs and requirements. Each of our experts has decades worth of experience and knows precisely what goes into connecting businesses with top talent. Keller’s services are extensive and designed to provide as much support as possible. In addition to covering recruitment, our services focus on helping organizations complete the hiring and onboarding processes efficiently to ensure long-term success.

Our Industries

Our Raleigh staffing firm has filled vacancies for a range of organizations and sectors, some of which include:

  • Accounting
  • Administrative
  • The Arts
  • Biotechnology
  • Commerce
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Finance Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Life Sciences
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Natural Sciences
  • Research
  • Retail Trade

Our Placements

Keller has made many successful placements, providing permanent, temporary, direct hire, temp-to-hire, and contract-to-hire staffing solutions. Some of the positions we have placed include:

  • Account Executive
  • Business Development Executive
  • Executive Coordinator
  • Executive Director
  • Human Resources Director
  • Lead Engineer
  • Market Executive
  • Marketing Data Manager
  • Senior Sales Executive

Our Approach


As one of the top-ranking employment agencies in Raleigh, NC, Keller understands that each business is unique with its own particular needs and requirements. To ensure that our clients see their needs fulfilled, our recruitment experts adapt their techniques and processes to fit the requirements identified by the client. This type of tailoring further enables employers to find prospective employees who fit their company.

To find these candidates, we begin our search process by establishing and understanding the client’s professional needs, as well as the goals they have for their business. This includes constructing search parameters that cover client expectations for candidate work experience, skills, qualifications, work ethic, and personality traits.

With these requirements in mind, our recruiters aim to identify potential new hires who not only meet the criteria but also have the potential to exceed the client’s expectations. To do this, we access our broad network of talent.

Our search results in a list of qualified candidates who meet the general criteria. Our team of consultants then reviews this list to assess each candidate and determine whether they are suited to the position, the company’s work culture, and existing team. The assessment process is thorough, comprising reference checks, verification of resumes, personal and criminal background checks, and personality tests.

When these evaluations are completed, unsuitable and undesirable individuals are removed from the list. The revised shortlist is submitted to the client, after which the organization’s hiring manager can proceed with the interview process and final selection.

Local Expertise, Global Reach


The modern job market constantly shifts and evolves, requiring businesses to remain flexible and adaptable. As a staffing agency, meeting new demands head-on, with an eye on progress and development, is just as important. One way Keller retains its keen edge is by ensuring that our consultants stay up to date with each new shift in the labor market (both locally and internationally) and remain apprised of new technological innovations in various industries.

Generally, the near-constant changes in the professional landscape lead to innovation and positive change. However, this level of fluctuation can also create difficulties that businesses must overcome, necessitating new approaches and techniques to secure sustained success. Conquering these obstacles may be daunting, but it can unlock many new opportunities for you and your business.

At Keller, we offer employment services that make these opportunities more easily accessible. We simplify the hiring process and connect employers directly with highly qualified professionals in the Raleigh area.

Each recruiter at our employment agency boasts many years of experience and has provided staffing solutions across many different sectors. This experience has enabled our recruiters to build a valuable understanding and develop keen insights into various local and international job markets. It has firmly established Keller as a leader in providing premier employment solutions.

A global network of resources improves the efficacy of our services, enabling us to serve companies in Raleigh, NC, and beyond.

Keller's Guarantee


With a reputation for excellence, Keller is determined to provide high-quality services with the utmost professionalism, discretion, and respect for our clients’ privacy. Your security is important to us, and we endeavor to protect it while helping you fulfill your hiring and recruitment needs.

Additionally, each of our recruitment specialists is committed to making hiring recommendations based on candidates’ experience, qualifications, and skills alone, showing no bias toward age, gender, or race. In doing so, Keller commits itself to upholding diversity and inclusion standards.

At Keller, we are invested in cultivating lasting professional relationships. We know that your success is ours, too. As such, we go to great lengths to match top talent with the organizations where they will contribute positively and thrive. For your protection and assurance, each of Keller’s placements comes with a 90-day guarantee. Should the appointed candidate fail to meet your expectations, a replacement will be provided at no extra cost.

Contact Keller today to make the most of all our staffing agency has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Keller Identify Potential Hires?

Keller’s recommendations are made using a combination of methods and resources, including comprehensive search processes, a global talent pool, and targeted research based on the position’s required skills and experience.

Why Choose Keller for Recruitment in Raleigh, NC?

As one of the leading employment agencies in Raleigh, Keller endeavors to help your organization save valuable time and resources by using our services. Our recruiters have extensive knowledge of the Raleigh labor market, which they leverage along with a global network of resources. This allows us to shorten the process of reviewing resumes and instead focus evaluating and interviewing potential hires.

Our recruiters distinguish themselves through their quick turnaround times, expertise, and dedication to providing our clients with the perfect solutions for all their staffing needs.

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