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Keller is a specialist recruitment agency, focused on finding and recruiting capable professionals for a range of roles across Cape Town. We are home to a team of committed recruitment experts and consultants who recognize the importance of finding and recruiting high-quality staff, leaders, and executives that match well with your organisation.

As a result, Keller delivers customised recruitment solutions, an extensive array of additional services beyond recruitment, and top-tier consulting services. What further sets us apart from other South African recruitment agencies are our swift turnaround times and unwavering dedication to providing our clientele with skilled, talented individuals who have what it takes to propel the organisation forward.

Keller is globally acclaimed for its professional recruitment services, and regularly provides staffing for companies on a local and global scale.

Cape Town

Top-Tier Recruiters, Cape Town, South Africa

This dynamic city is known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and gorgeous scenery. It also has a thriving job market, with booming industries such as tourism, technology, hospitality, marketing, travel, and entertainment. Due to its diverse economy and many job opportunities, Cape Town is considered one of the top South African cities and one of the most attractive places to work and live.

With more and more professionals calling this bustling city their home every year, the job market has become saturated and competitive. As a result, it can be difficult to find and recruit the right talent for your job vacancies.

Our leading international recruitment agency matches clientele from around the globe, including South Africa, with their ideal job seekers.

Cape Town

Keller's Services

As one of the best recruitment agencies in South Africa, Keller distinguishes itself by providing a diverse array of recruitment services. Our solutions are designed to cater to the specific staffing requirements of each client we serve.

We pride ourselves on the deep industry knowledge of our dedicated team, and use this insight to find the ideal job seeker for each available position. Furthermore, Keller offers services beyond the recruitment process, providing assistance and support throughout the onboarding and hiring process, as well.

Thanks to Keller’s worldwide network and consistently superior service quality, we are able to provide candidates for a broad range of roles and sectors.

Our Industries

As a premier global recruitment agency, Keller has expertise in both general recruitment and executive search. We offer staffing solutions for permanent and temporary hires across a broad spectrum of industries.

Some of the sectors we serve include:

  • Agri-Business
  • Agriculture & Agro-Processing
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Business Services
  • Creative Industries
  • Digital Technologies
  • Education & Training
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Green Economy & Renewable Energy
  • Health Services
  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing & Construction
  • Project Management
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Tourism

Our Placements

Keller has many years of experience recruiting top-notch talent for local and international companies.

Some of the roles we fill include:

  • Accountant
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Credit Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • e-Commerce Manager
  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Health & Safety Management Roles
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Investment Advisor
  • Lawyer
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Office Administrator
  • Registered Nurse
  • Software Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Supply Chain Manager

Cape Town

Our Approach

Keller recognizes that each client we serve has distinct staff recruitment needs. For this reason, we tailor our strategies to align perfectly with the specific demands of our clientele, which enables our specialist search and recruitment team to deliver only the best and finest candidates for the available jobs.

One of the things that sets Keller apart as a leading global and local recruitment agency is our commitment to staying in touch with developments in both local and global markets. We also aim to stay consistently abreast of emerging technologies.

Our team initiates the hiring process by first ensuring we understand our clients staffing needs and organisational objectives thoroughly. This preparation covers criteria such as expected candidate work experience, qualifications, skill sets, personality traits, culture, and work ethics. This step is crucial for our executive search and recruitment efforts to accurately identify individuals amidst their job search who will exceed in the position and fulfil, or even surpass, client expectations.

Armed with these search parameters, we can begin our hunt for your ideal candidate.

This recruitment approach leads to a roster of potential candidates. Our team then meticulously assesses each match to gauge their job compatibility, as well as their compatibility with the company culture and existing staff of the organisation.

Our comprehensive screening process includes verifying resumes and references, conducting background checks for professional and criminal background, as well as administering personality assessments to determine compatibility.

This allows us to refine the pool of candidates to a shortlist of ideal matches. This shortlist is presented to the client so that their hiring managers can make the final candidate selection.

Cape Town

Local Expertise, Global Reach

It is crucial for businesses to evolve and effectively adapt their strategies according to the constantly evolving market trends. However, adapting to these changes often brings about challenges that require new strategies. Being able to navigate these challenges successfully will not only ensure success, but also provide new opportunities.

Keller also recognizes the importance of staying flexible and keeping in step with ever-changing dynamics in the industry.

Through our wide range of permanent placement and temporary staffing services, we provide our clients with access to a specialised team of consultants and experts in their respective fields. Our team has nearly two decades’ worth of collective experience in various industries, which has given us the extensive knowledge of both local and global markets we are known for today.

This experience has also cemented Keller’s reputation as a leading international recruitment agency.

We are known for our high candidate placement success rates, and we are capable of filling a wide variety of roles. Keller taps into its global candidate network to provide permanent and part-time personnel for companies from various African countries, including South Africa.

We aim to foster strong relationships with clients from around the globe and continuously provide the excellent service we have become renowned for over the years.

Cape Town

Keller's Guarantee

At Keller, we pride ourselves on upholding our commitment to conducting each search and recruitment procedure with the utmost discretion. We value professionalism and have a high regard for the safety and privacy of our clientele. For this reason, we dedicate ourselves to identifying the perfect candidates for your organisation and its available positions, without compromising your security.

Keller is also determined to suggest leading personnel based exclusively on their compatibility with your business and job opportunity, and we actively avoid discrimination based on race, age, gender, beliefs, or orientation. Keller stands proudly and firmly for inclusivity and diversity in employment, and aim to foster it in our recruitment practices.

Unlike other recruitment agencies, Keller goes to extensive effort to ensure an ideal match for your company. We also offer an added peace of mind – a 90-day guarantee to replace any candidate who does not meet your expectations within that period, at no additional cost to you.

Whether you are an eager worker looking for overseas jobs or a company looking for top-tier talent to fill your available positions, Keller can assist. Contact us today for a consultation.

Cape Town

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Keller Identify Potential Hires?

At Keller, we make use of a varied methodology to identify suitable professionals for our clientele. Our process includes a thorough and targeted search process based on the skill set, work experience, and personality type set out in the search parameters provided by the client.

We also leverage our extensive candidate network, thereby ensuring only the highest of quality for our clientele.

What Role Does Company Culture Play in Recruitment?

Company culture forms a crucial part of our recruitment procedure. It is our goal to supply companies with candidates who not only possess the needed skills, knowledge, and experience to perform well in their new role, but who also align well with the work ethic and values of your organisation and its existing team.

In doing so, we ensure lasting placements who are capable of leading your organisation to new success.

However, placing a professional in the wrong environment or position for them will lead to dissatisfaction, both for the professional and their employer, and a decrease in performance.

Why Use Keller?

Keller is one of the best agencies in the field of recruitment. Partnering with us ensures that your business and its leaders can conserve precious resources and time. Our team of season recruiters uses its extensive market knowledge to ensure a streamlined process and reduce time spent on reviewing resumes. Instead, our clients can shift their focus to interviewing employees we have already verified and identified as suitable for the position.

We provide businesses with a simplified recruitment approach and a comprehensive suite of support services throughout.

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