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Executive Search and Headhunters Minnesota


Executive Search and Recruitment Services in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Rochester

Keller Executive Search Minnesota is a trusted headhunting and recruitment firm servicing Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Rochester. Our team provides recruitment solutions for all industries. Keller Executive Search Minnesota offers a specialized service that is used to find high-level executives and managers for organizations. We follow a two-step process that involves researching and evaluating potential candidates, as well as interviewing and shortlisting the best-suited individuals for the job.

We take great pride in providing excellent headhunting services to local organizations looking to fill executive and managerial roles with the most qualified candidates. Keller offers a wide range of search services, such as providing a comprehensive search process that includes creating job profiles, researching potential candidates, and interviewing candidates.

In addition to the services mentioned above, our executive recruiters also help organizations develop recruitment plans, create job descriptions, review resumes, and negotiate offers.

Our Perspective on Headhunting in Minnesota


Minnesota offers a variety of work and entrepreneurial opportunities for professionals across the state. With competitive taxes, a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, and relatively low property rates, the state provides an attractive environment for business.

Additionally, Minnesota’s talent pool is strong and the professionals hailing from the state are often known for their hard work and dedication. They bring with them an understanding of international business, especially those with experience in the Fortune 500 market.

Contact our Minnesota headhunter today for personalized recruiting services and discover your next top talent.

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