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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban

Keller is the ideal firm to employ if a company wants to expand their leadership team. We are one of the leading specialist retained executive search firms in South Africa. As one of the best executive search firms of its kind, we can assist in establishing competent leadership teams. We can screen and recruit leadership teams on behalf of companies, saving them time and trouble. Keller Executive Search recognises the importance of having the right leadership team in growing organisations.

Despite decades of minor economic development, South Africa is on the rise. Any executive search firm seeking senior personnel must have an in-depth market knowledge to maintain an upward trend. Our executive search company is the best in the business thanks to our access to the best technology and industry knowledge to aid recruitment.

South Africa

Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in South Africa

We offer a worldwide executive search, but we recognise that country-specific issues must also be addressed during the recruitment process. Furthermore, we must also consider business culture and management style when sourcing candidates. We take these issues seriously when considering possible managers and executives. The recruitment industry in countries like South Africa faces unique laws related to the economic empowerment of previously disadvantaged groups and youth unemployment, requiring specialist recruitment across multiple industries. Keller has long-standing relationships and extensive experience in major South African cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The correct candidate is carefully evaluated before being recruited in order to guarantee that they will mesh with the firm’s established workforce. Instead of diverting resources away from human resources in a company, they may find it beneficial to employ a reputable recruitment agency that will screen and hire leadership teams on their behalf. Keller guarantees that the screening process will be customised according to country and industry demands, as well as the unique characteristics of an organisation.

We are a global company that provides extended HR services, supplying specialist recruitment to companies of all sizes, from tech startups to multinationals. We also specialise in providing assistance and support to every leader in order to improve productivity, planning, health, wellness, and the production of flexible and well-balanced leadership teams.

At Keller, we do not offer consulting services or assistance to job seekers – although executive job seekers may submit their résumés on our Contact Us page to become part of our database. Our clients are companies looking for executive search candidates to become part of their executive leadership teams. General recruitment agencies are not equipped to offer companies the kind of service required for executive search. Therefore, it is advised that employers rely on a general recruitment agency for lower-level jobs based only on skills and experience requirements, but for recruitment of executives such as non-executive directors, a specialised executive search business is a better option .

An in-house HR department cannot deliver the same level of efficiency and speed as Keller because we have an extensive network of connections and work with partners, clients, and candidates to locate the finest talent in the business and gain market intelligence and collaboration. We can also guarantee access to candidates from industries that have a scarcity of talent and are in high demand.

South Africa

Our Consultants in South Africa

Our network in South Africa includes cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town, as well as smaller areas. Whether before, during, or after the job, our consultants are available. We can assist with executive searches in South Africa.

All candidates or job seekers should match the local team’s culture and add value to their employees’ lives rather than the immediate focus falling only on finding an expert in their industry sectors. Every office should have a supportive and flexible environment that suits the local business culture. To maintain our successful track record as a specialist recruitment agency, we cannot consider our executive recruitment attempts successful if the individual leaves before a set time period, if their work ethic and culture clash with other executive personnel, or if they do not fulfil their role adequately with other executives and exceed market expectations, as well as satisfy employers who rely on our business.

In the face of constant change in various sectors and the emergence of new markets, asset management is essential, and leaders like non-executive directors can assist companies in shifting their core focus to include elements like digital marketing. There is a need for great leaders in South African companies that have the skills and the focus to bring the best possible service to their clients. Keller is not an ordinary recruitment agency that assists job seekers at any level. We specialise in finding great leaders for our client companies in only top level management positions, such as CEOs, executive directors, and non-executive directors.

South Africa

Local Expertise, Global Reach

The COVID-19 pandemic forever altered the international economy. The impact was so deep in some areas that more than one sector had to completely transform their internal structures. Employers sometimes had to make a decision about their culture and whether they would keep overhead costs down by maintaining a remote workforce, since many of those  who were capable of working from home during the pandemic were not expected to return to the office environment. As a result, businesses throughout the world occasionally had to alter their recruitment strategies to ensure that employers were provided with the support they needed to make smart hires in their executive teams.

Prices of commodities are important for South Africa, which is a major net importer of oil and a net exporter of minerals. However, strengthening foreign direct investment will be crucial to stimulating growth and producing jobs.

When it comes to executive employment, businesses will benefit by being able to adapt to alterations and function in a new environment. Many C-level candidates in expanding fields may be reluctant to leave their current positions because of the unstable job market, as well as the possibility of losing their job if their company fails or their department shuts down. Therefore, successful recruitment of senior managers often requires someone who is willing to accept some risks associated with the move. Someone who is able to adjust and thrive under pressure is also essential.

Rather than focusing on growing its economy to become a globally competitive and more attractive investment destination, South Africa has opted for rapid industrialisation and diversity to achieve the same goal. The COVID-19 epidemic has led to an even greater digitalisation in most sectors.

An executive search firm may concentrate on a specific industry in order to gain a more direct approach when finding and serving clients. This approach is effective, but our team provides services in various fields, focusing on the most popular sectors in the countries where our clients reside. Because of our wide range of services, we have been able to serve a wide range of sectors, and so we are able to offer additional services if necessary. It is our belief that supplying our clients with the skills they need to drive their businesses to successful and prosperous futures is critical to our success.

South Africa

Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in South Africa

The fields of finance, business, management, administration, office support, mining, and agriculture are the most sought after in South Africa. Appointing the ideal candidate for leadership in these industries requires in-depth analysis and screening, including elements like reference checks, background checks, credit checks, criminal checks, psychometric assessments, a detailed interview process, and predetermined recruitment requirements that will result in the appointment of great leaders in the right roles.

We invest time and money into recruiting and hiring the ideal candidate for our clients’ labour, accounting, finance, sales, and training and development demands. We can screen and appoint candidates based on their abilities and personalities. We can source employees of this calibre from South Africa, other African countries, and all around the world in accordance with our customers’ requirements.

Our purpose is to assist our customers in talent mapping and the recruitment of top talent for their senior teams. Identifying what individuals a company needs is critical for recruiting the right person for the right job. Finding the right people for certain businesses, particularly those seeking global talent, can be difficult. After we have identified the recruitment needs of our customers’ firms and the kind of individuals they want, we can begin our search. We recruit based on job description, company culture, and the needs of the corporation. We will meet with a client to determine their needs and the type of job they want filled.

Once the talent mapping for a senior position is complete, we will make initial contact with these individuals to present the job to them. Individuals will then be thoroughly screened and evaluated to find the perfect match for the job. We screen and assess applicants not only for their abilities but also for their personality traits. The corporation’s management team will select the most suitable candidate from the remaining pool of candidates after screening and evaluation are completed. This approach saves our customers time and money. It requires knowledge of the industry as well as the ability to identify what is fundamental to such a demanding job. Our strategies are tried and true, and our service is reliable, trustworthy, and a sign of our customer-focused approach.

Our Service Guarantee

We recognise the benefit of having a strong and cohesive executive team at our client organisations and take those needs seriously. Businesses rely on their executives to maintain employee morale and health as well as the success of their companies. Good practices and happy employees are signs of successful business relationships.

We examine potential employees rigorously to see if they would be a good fit for a company’s leadership team. We select the highest-quality candidates to guarantee that the full range of potential is utilised while understanding that excellent knowledge and professional backgrounds are insufficient for executive success. The current workforce’s culture is also critical when we select new workers for our customer companies. We, therefore, look beyond skills when filling new positions because we consider more than just skill sets when it comes to a search for great leaders.

South Africa
It is our promise that none of our clients' C-level personnel will be offered to a different company.

We cherish our business partnerships, and those relations are based on confidence in our practice ethics. If the people we recommend do not fulfil company needs or are unsuccessful in their employment within the first six months, we will select a new set of candidates without charge. Candidates must be thoroughly evaluated to determine their suitability for the job. If the employer is not content with our choice, the selection process will be repeated as necessary.

Recruitment agencies generally do not conduct recruitment for top-level business management. If employers are looking for a top-level recruitment service, it is best to engage with an executive search service.