Roles and Responsibilities of an Intern in HR

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The HR department plays a pivotal role in any organization, and a human resources intern takes a critical is responsible for facilitating all its daily operations under the supervision of department managers and supervisors.

HR Intern duties and responsibilities may vary depending on the settings; but are generally centered around reviewing qualifications and job postings, scheduling interviews, updating employee information in company databases, addressing employee concerns, and recapitulating company policies and procedures, among others. Therefore, a human resources intern is required to be highly detail oriented and possess outstanding communication and organizational skills.

Organizations are highly dependent on the human resources department to ensure a healthy relationship between employers and their employees. Human resources interns must be highly proficient in all matters relating to employee relations and the inner workings of the organization in order to execute administrative tasks in the human resources department to the best of their abilities.

If you are looking to become a human resources intern, exploring various HR intern job descriptions will help you get a firm grasp on what is expected of you and whether or not you possess the necessary skills and qualifications.

Taking a job as an HR intern is a fantastic opportunity to start your journey up the corporate ladder. Sufficient experience in the human resources department of an organization may bring you a step closer to securing a senior position, such as a human resources director, which opens the door to extremely promising career opportunities.

Below is the most commonly encountered Human Resources intern job description so you can thoroughly comprehend the scope of HR intern duties and general responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Intern in HR

HR Intern Roles and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of HR interns vary depending on the organization and its circumstances but generally resemble those of a human resources assistant. Some of the most common HR intern responsibilities are as follows:

  • Helping the HR team create and implement company and HR policies and procedures and employee handbooks
  • Helping the human resources manager(s) create and instate a sound recruitment process to fill company job vacancies
  • Supporting employees by providing answers to their questions and addressing their issues
  • Facilitating the design and delivery of employee training programs on topics associated with their positions
  • Conduct exit interviews with employees to discover more about their reasons for leaving the organization and how the HR department can optimize retention
  • Helping to design and implement the organization’s employee benefits packages, such as retirement savings plans, health insurance, etc.
  • Conduct interviews with job applicants for organizational positions
  • Organizing company events, including workshops, seminars, and employee conferences
  • Filing HR documents and communicating with the HR manager on all matters relating to human resources
  • Conduct performance reviews and appraisals to determine employees’ performance levels and areas of improvement
Roles and Responsibilities of an Intern in HR

HR Intern Job Requirements

The following qualifications are commonly required of human resources interns:


Most organizations require an HR intern to hold a bachelor’s degree in human resources, organizational psychology and leadership, business administration, or other related fields. Some of the most qualified HR interns also possess a master’s degree in human resources or a related field.

Experience and Training:

Human resources interns often gain sufficient training through the course of their job experience. Various classes and workshops are available to gain deeper insight into the industry and department of human resources, and many colleges and universities offer human resources internships to help students grow their experience in the field. Such internships enable students to apply their textbook-learned information in scenarios commonly encountered in the real world.

Licenses and Certifications

A human resources intern isn’t commonly required to possess certifications in the field, but employers might prefer it if they did. Relevant certifications and licenses in the field of human resources may elevate your chances of getting hired for the position as they demonstrate your commitment and proficiency in the field.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Intern in HR

Skills Commonly Required of an HR Intern

The following skills are generally highly sought after by companies looking to fill the position of HR intern:

Communication Skills

Good communication skills allow HR interns to convey important information to other team members and employees clearly. As human resources interns communicate daily with a wide variety of people, such as other interns, HR managers, HR staff, and job applicants, being able to communicate efficiently is highly emphasized.

Organizational Skills

HR interns are often responsible for filing HR documents, maintaining company databases, and organizing employee information. Strong organizational skills will, therefore, make you an outstanding HR intern and help you execute all of your tasks in a timely manner. Excellent organizational skills will also enable you to create a professional workspace for both yourself and other team members.


Attention to detail is a crucial skill required of a human resources intern, as it ensures that they will perform all their daily duties thoroughly and accurately. Duties such as data entry, managing internal databases, and administrative tasks require a high level of detail orientation to be executed efficiently.


A human resources intern who works well in a team is a valuable asset to any organization. Human resources interns can demonstrate their teamwork abilities by being friendly and supportive team members with a genuine interest in others. Another valuable aspect of being a good team player is adapting to evolving team dynamics and taking a flexible approach to daily operations.

Leadership Skills

Well-developed leadership skills will enable you to be the best HR intern you can be. Being a good leader allows you to motivate other team members and facilitate human resources management in creating sound training programs and team-building activities. Leadership skills further make you a better team player as they allow you to collaborate well with others.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Intern in HR

Examples of an HR Intern Job Description

HR Intern Job Description for a Multinational Company

We are looking for a motivated and energetic HR intern to help our HR department with administrative activities and various HR-related tasks.

The primary duties of the HR intern involve data entry, updating internal databases, filing HR documents, initiating background checks on potential candidates, screening resumes, and improving and implementing HR policies and procedures. The HR intern is required to have excellent interpersonal skills, be proficient in MS Office, and work independently.

An outstanding HR intern must ultimately demonstrate excellent organizational and communication skills and be up-to-date on the latest company policies.

HR Intern Responsibilities

  • Review application forms and screen resumes to identify potential candidates to fill company job vacancies
  • Update company databases and process new employee data
  • Schedule interviews with potential job applicants
  • Continuously post job advertisements on social media platforms and job boards
  • Facilitate gathering market salary information and filing employment forms
  • Provide candidates with rejection letters or job offers
  • Optimize recruitment processes
  • Assist HR staff in organizing company events
  • Respond to all matters relating to human resources, including employee benefits and HR team queries

HR Intern Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management or in the process of obtaining a degree in Human Resources
  • 1+ years of experience working in an office environment
  • A fundamental comprehension of the relevant labor laws
  • Proficiency in Human Resources Information System software is preferred
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Must be a good team player
  • Must demonstrate strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Must possess well-developed organizational and communication skills
Roles and Responsibilities of an Intern in HR

HR Intern Job Description for a Non-Governmental Organization

We are looking for a Human Resources Intern to assist with employee benefits, recruitment processes, and hiring processes. The responsibilities of the HR intern primarily include keeping contact details updated, completing payroll, documenting employee performance, and filing HR documents.

The HR intern must ensure compliance with the relevant labor laws and employee actions and provide the HR staff with logistical support for the recruitment processes.

HR Intern Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage recruitment by providing candidates with acceptance or rejection letters
  • Schedule meetings for designated staff and update calendar activities
  • Provide the human resources department with clerical support, compose letters, and draw up other HR-related documents
  • Organize documents, including new employee files
  • Review approved leave forms and update employee absence records
  • Maintain employee records and process personnel forms to ensure time-efficient evaluations
  • Maintain company databases for employee benefits, including Accident Insurance and Health Insurance plans
  • Support the company’s recruitment processes by processing and filing applications and coordinating mailboxes

HR Intern Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or other related fields
  • 0-1 year of experience in human resources
  • Ability to compose job descriptions, maintain job boards, and maintain employee records
  • Ability to update payroll details, schedule interviews, and manage employment forms
  • Obtain bank accounts and payroll details from new hires
  • Ability to understand company policies and handle confidential issues
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Well-developed computer skills and the ability to complete administrative tasks efficiently
  • The ability to analyze, interpret, and configure internal databases
Roles and Responsibilities of an Intern in HR

HR Intern Job Description for Accounting Firm

Our firm’s HR department serves as the link between our employees and upper management. Therefore, our HR intern must be patient, considerate, and well-versed in the policies and procedures of our company.

The human resources intern must support other HR staff members in delivering customer-centered, top-quality service. The HR intern’s responsibilities vary but primarily revolve around providing time-efficient and helpful support to HR staff members and executing administrative tasks in a flexible and responsive manner.

Our company is highly concerned about mental health, and the HR intern will, therefore, be responsible for providing adequate support and kindness to all employees. The HR intern job description is focused on interpersonal and communication skills.

Responsibilities of the HR Intern:

  • Keep internal databases updated with new employee data
  • Obtain information on bank accounts, payroll, and finances
  • Facilitate the update of job boards, applicant resume screening, and form reviews
  • Schedule interviews and coordinate with potential candidates
  • Post details of vacancies on social media platforms
  • Compose reports related to HR processes
  • Address employee issues and queries
  • Assess and distribute company strategies via brochures and notice boards or posts on social media platforms
  • Assist in organizing company events
  • Manage and collaborate with other HR interns
  • Book training courses for employees
  • Update and maintain a central storage system containing employee files

HR Intern Job Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or other related fields
  • Experience as an HR intern or other human resources management position
  • Skilled at working in a fast-paced environment with the ability to multi-task and adhere to deadlines
  • Must be proficient in working with human resources software, database systems, MS Office, etc.
  • A thorough understanding of the workings of job boards to update job descriptions, employee contact details, etc.
  • Must possess a lot of determination and drive
  • A thorough understanding of anti-discrimination laws, health and safety in the office environment, and the National Labor Relations Act labor legislation
  • Must be able to demonstrate integrity when dealing with confidential data
  • A thorough understanding of equal opportunities
Roles and Responsibilities of an Intern in HR

HR Intern Job Description for a Technological Company

Our company is looking for a driven HR intern skilled at handling multiple duties and responsibilities. The HR intern must be well-versed in labor legislation, organize special events, and provide high-quality administrative support.

Our HR intern must be innovative and present new ideas willingly. The individual must be adaptable and collaborate with employees across various departments.

Responsibilities of the HR Intern Job

  • Handle employee relations and project management within the HR department
  • Work in close collaboration with the HR manager
  • Collaborate with various department managers and set expectations
  • Compose and distribute offers for internships and job postings
  • Provide prospective employees with an overview of the position
  • Be involved in employee development
  • Schedule interviews with job applicants
  • Conduct exit interviews
  • Assist in organizing employee information, personnel administration, and employment forms
  • Assist in the recruitment process
  • Assist in office management duties, such as payroll and organizing employee files
  • Import employee records into the official HR system to display leaves and absences

HR Intern Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources (Master’s degree is preferred)
  • Experience in an apprenticeship in human resources
  • Must have excellent oral and written English communication skills
  • Must be able to commit to office hours
  • Enthusiastic and motivated to take initiative