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Keller is a leadership assessment provider with the tools, resources, and methods needed to analyze and identify the leadership capabilities of both internal employees and external candidates. The assessments we provide can be vital for several reasons, including succession planning, leadership development, talent acquisition, and organizational restructuring.

Essentially, we can help you find, train, and prepare your leadership talent to ensure long-term growth and success.


Our Leadership Assessment Services

Keller offers an array of services aimed at strengthening, evaluating, and developing leadership capabilities within a company. Below is a breakdown of what we can do for your business:

  1. Customized assessments
    Keller offers tailored assessments to match the specific roles, challenges, and values of your company.
  2. Executive coaching
    We can provide leaders with one-on-one coaching sessions to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies for personal and professional growth.
  3. Leadership development programs
    We can recommend programs designed to enhance particular leadership skills, such as decision-making or strategic thinking.
  4. Strategic consultation services
    We can offer strategic advice to executives and board members to help align leadership with organizational goals.
  5. Organizational culture assessments
    We can determine whether or not your company’s management style aligns with your organizational culture.
  6. Team assessment and development
    In addition to assessing individual leaders, Keller also has tools to measure the overall performance of your workforce. This might include an evaluation of team dynamics and communication patterns. Based on the outcome of these assessments, we can recommend interventions or team-building activities that address any areas of improvement.
  7. Assessment tools and platforms
    We can give you access to specialized tools that allow you to evaluate cognitive abilities, behavior traits, leadership skills, and other relevant attributes. Examples include pre-employment tests, personality assessments, cognitive ability tests, and 360-degree feedback tools.
  8. Onboarding assessments
    We can help new leaders and external candidates integrate into your organization, ensuring they align with the existing company culture and ethos.
  9. Benchmarking
    We can perform a comparison between your organization’s leaders and external standards, best practices, or industry norms.
  10. Feedback and debriefing sessions
    Once we have concluded our assessments, we can provide detailed reviews of the results to individuals, teams, or the company as a whole and offer advice on the way forward.
  11. Crisis leadership assessments
    We can evaluate how leaders might respond in high-pressure or crisis situations and provide recommendations based on the outcomes.
  12. Succession planning support
    We can help identify and prepare potential future leaders, ensuring continuity for key roles.


Our Approach and Tools For Leadership and Executive Assessment

Keller’s approach to leadership assessment is focused on helping businesses optimize their leadership development and recruitment processes to drive operational success.

We start by administering assessments to evaluate current leadership skills, which help us understand the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s current leaders. This information can be particularly important for senior leadership positions where strategic decision making, goal setting, and effective people management are crucial. Furthermore, it allows us to gauge how well your leaders align with your business culture, core values, and objectives.

Based on the assessment results, we can recommend personalized training and development programs to address gaps and prepare individuals for any future challenges they might face. We may also offer one-on-one coaching and feedback sessions to help leaders gain a deeper understanding of their assessment results.

As experienced assessment providers, we can help pinpoint employees who have the potential to take on leadership roles in the future, ensuring a consistent pipeline of talented candidates and a smooth transition when current leaders move on or retire. Our assessments can also inform the decision-making process when it comes to hiring external candidates or promoting from within.

Ultimately, our approach depends on a comprehensive understanding of our client’s existing leadership capabilities, market dynamics, organizational challenges, and goals. With this information in hand, coupled with our expertise as an assessment provider, we are ideally positioned to help your business succeed.

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The Advantages of Partnering with Keller for Your Leadership Assessment Needs

Hiring a leadership assessment provider like Keller can have a positive impact on many aspects of your business, especially if you are keen to invest in leadership talent. Here are some of the primary benefits of partnering with us:

  1. Cost savings
    Although there is an upfront fee involved in hiring us, the long-term rewards, such as optimized performance, reduced turnover, and effective leadership development, can result in significant cost savings and a high return on investment.
  2. Identification of high potentials
    Our assessments can help identify employees with high leadership potential early on, ensuring a steady pipeline of future candidates for key roles and facilitating succession planning.
  3. Informed decision making
    Leadership assessments like ours can provide objective data and insights about candidates, helping businesses make educated decisions about talent acquisition, succession planning, promotions, and leadership development.
  4. Team optimization
    Team assessments can gather insights into team dynamics, resulting in reduced conflicts, improved collaboration, and optimized team performance.
  5. Increased employee engagement
    Organizations that demonstrate an interest in their employees by investing in their professional growth and development may experience increased employee engagement, loyalty, and performance.
  6. Reduced turnover
    By identifying and addressing leadership gaps and selecting the right candidates to fulfill leadership goals, businesses may experience reduced turnover rates at the senior level, leading to organizational stability and cost savings.
  7. Cultural alignment
    Our leadership assessments can determine whether or not leaders align with your company culture and ethos, helping to foster cohesion and ensure leaders are moving towards the desired culture.
  8. Improved performance
    After administering a leadership assessment, we can recommend steps to help the individual enhance their skills, which can lead to improved performance and better organizational outcomes.
  9. Continuous improvement
    By conducting regular assessments, companies can continuously monitor leadership talent, adapt to changes, and address new challenges as they arise.
  10. Risk mitigation
    An assessment provider like Keller can help recognize potential risks, such as leaders who have trouble coping under pressure or in crisis situations, and recommend preventive measures.

Embracing leadership assessments as part of your business’s talent acquisition and management strategy can result in more informed decisions, better leadership development, and ultimately, a leadership team that is equipped to meet both current and future challenges.

Contact us today and discover how leadership assessments can help fuel your organization’s growth.

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