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Keller Executive Search is an executive search firm dedicated to recruiting the best executives from all over the globe. We strive to match our clients with the best available talent through our expert recruitment services.

In order to achieve this, we go beyond simple recruitment. Each of our candidates is carefully assessed to ensure that they have the skills and expertise required for the role they need to fill, but also that they will be a good fit for the business they are joining. This sets Keller apart from other agencies in the field of recruitment.

Keller’s international network of executive search firms forms a strong foundation from which to build our quality service. We can access insider knowledge from multiple countries anywhere in the world. Although our services specialize in sourcing executives, we are able to provide assistance with any level of recruitment. Keller can help you with any of your employment needs – worldwide, or local.

The Maldives have a mixed market economy with strong foundations in shipping, fishing, and tourism. The Maldives also have a highly strategic geographic position as it lies close to central ocean routes related directly to China’s energy imports and exports. This has resulted in low inflation rates in the Maldives for a number of consecutive years.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Maldives

The tourism industry in the Maldives is the main contributor to the development of infrastructure. Other sectors that contribute to the Maldives economy are the government, construction, real estate, distribution, and transport sectors. The tourist industry is also not heavily taxed, but whatever is made through taxes is put towards infrastructure development. Much of it goes directly to the agriculture and technology sectors that continue to improve in the Maldives.

Keller is an executive search and recruitment agency in Maldives that can provide recruitment services in various industries. We understand the importance of finding the right talent for your organization in your specific industry. All of the talent we source, regardless of their tier within the company, are screened to ensure they are a good fit both culturally and in terms of experience. Being qualified for a role is not enough to ensure success within an existing team. Each organization has its own existing company culture, and hiring someone whose personal work ethic clashes with the existing culture can be harmful to productivity. This is an important element of executive search that Keller explores.

Additionally, we also pay attention to regional nuances in organizational procedures and expectations. Even with international executive search, the local specifications are essential to the success of our clients. The cornerstone of service delivery for executive search firms remains the sourcing of the right people for the right positions within companies.

When an organization is faced with the need for an executive search, it can quickly become apparent that conducting such a search through their internal HR department can strain the department. Such a search is highly resource intensive, and for this reason, many organizations choose to outsource the service to alleviate strain on the in-house department. Keller works closely with our clients to ensure that all their needs are met when they are looking for candidates for an executive job. While some recruitment agencies focus on a specific industry, Keller can provide services across various industries and can source candidates from across the globe. Furthermore, because we value quality service delivery, we endeavor to keep an assigned consultant with your company throughout the search process. This helps us to understand your needs and expectations and how best to fulfill them. It also helps us understand the most important parameters to assess while screening possible candidates.


Our headhunters in Maldives

As we have mentioned earlier, our recruitment services cover multiple industries. Our widespread recruitment provides a solid foundation upon which to conduct a talent search for our customers. When we present candidates to our client companies, they have already been screened. Screening is based on job requirements such as education and expertise, as well as work ethic and suitable personality traits. At Keller, we understand that all these elements must come together for operations to proceed smoothly.

A basic technical understanding of the position we are recruiting for can be beneficial. Access to our Keller network ensures that we have just that. Local experts can keep us updated with internal requirements for employees, profession, and market-related nuances, and job requirements based on laws and regulations as well as company expectations. These international partners also make it possible for us to recruit easily from anywhere in the world.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

The Maldives is high on the list of countries recommended for foreign businesses. The country is so tax-friendly that businesses have the option to forego income taxes if they do not plan to make use of social welfare benefits.

Despite being an international executive search firm, Keller understands the importance of maintaining a domestic understanding even in an international search. Even regions that are geographically close to each other can have significant cultural variations that can have a profound impact on business operations. Hiring any talent for our client companies requires the implementation of screening practices that ensure a good fit with the existing team.

This is part of what we assess for during our recruitment services. Candidates presented to companies have already been screened for employment, regardless of what level we are recruiting at. At executive levels, we know that we set out to hire an employer – someone who will likely be a future business leader. Therefore, we continually strive to give the best recruitment services possible. Consultants are dedicated to the finer details when finding skilled leaders for our clients.

Keller’s Global Presence

We ensure that our clients are matched with the highest quality candidates, who will integrate well into their organization, we leverage our team of dedicated experts, our many years of experience in the field of recruitment, and our vast knowledge of local and international markets.

We use our broad network of executive professionals to place carefully selected talent in difficult-to-fill positions around the globe, including the Maldives.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Maldives

The Maldives is a beautiful and serene place to live. The natural beaches all around the islands inform the local wildlife. Many of the local livelihood comes from the sea, including the tourism sector. Expatriates also find it easy to start a life in the Maldives and can easily access the local resorts and water sports at reduced rates. However, expatriates should be aware that the Muslim culture in the Maldives is strong, making the local culture strict on morality. The island is also densely populated.

We have briefly touched on why outsourcing executive search can alleviate the demand for an internal HR department’s resources. Executive search firms are often ideally equipped to assist with even the most challenging recruitment journeys. Our firm can hire across various industries like marketing and health services. We can, therefore, help our clients find the best talent for their recruitment needs. Part of our services include continued communication with clients during the search process to ensure their employment needs are being met.

Our Executive Search Process

At Keller, we endeavor to find the ideal candidate for your recruitment needs both in terms of a candidate fitting the business environment and the required expertise. Furthermore, we remain ahead of economic changes and local regulations with the help of our local partners. All our partner executive search firms maintain the same high standard of service delivery that Keller prides itself in.

Keller can play a significant role in the success of your company. Reach out today for a consultation.

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