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Keller Executive Search is a recruitment agency providing executive recruitment and headhunting services. Our expert headhunters specialize in locating the best executives in the industry. Our goal is to help organisations thrive under competent leadership. We understand exactly how the right leadership team can benefit growing businesses, and we devote our time and energy to selecting and screening candidates so that our clients do not have to.

Keller provides quality, tailored staffing solutions and recruitment services and is committed to delivering them promptly. We also provide continuous support and expert consultancy services. This, combined with our vast network of talented executives from around the globe, is what sets us apart from other recruitment agencies.

Singapore is home to in excess of 4,000 global corporate headquarters, which makes it the gateway to the entire Asia Pacific region. Finding and hiring trusted and effective leadership through executive search in a region as complex as Singapore is a challenge to multinational entities. Regional knowledge and insider understanding is, therefore, key when building leadership teams.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Singapore

Singapore remains one of the most advanced economies in the world and is a major financial hub in Southeast Asia. The country features an extensive import sector and an ever-growing technology and manufacturing export sector. As such, there is plenty of opportunities for executive talent looking for senior leadership and c-suite roles.

Keller offers a global executive search service, but we also understand the importance of country-specific nuances when it comes to finding a candidate for an executive role. Other aspects to consider when sourcing new executives are the company culture and management style within an organisation.

This is why candidates that are presented for consideration must be carefully screened to establish whether or not they will fit into the team that is already in place. Selection and screening take time and resources, so instead of taking those resources away from the human resources department in our client organisations, we implement our tried and trusted solutions for a successful screening and hiring process on behalf of our clients.

Our service can be for permanent employees or contractors, depending on the nature of the organisation requesting the search. Keller promises that this screening process will be specific to individual needs and industry requirements and will take into account the individual nuances of the country our clients are based in.

In short, we are a leading global provider of extended HR services, filling top-level positions for companies ranging from tech startups to multinational corporations with a reputation for success.


Headhunters Singapore

Our consultants are readily available before, during, and after the engagement. We, therefore, ensure that a consultant stays with their client company throughout the entire process, from kick-off to appointment.

Keller also has a partner in almost every major city, which means that our brand of executive search can cater to overseas candidates who cannot meet with recruiters face-to-face. We also believe in an executive recruiter’s impact on an organisation by finding the ideal placement for a role because we value the jobs our customers want filled. Whether in the finance, information technology, or accounting world, or indeed something completely different, there is clear value in hiring executive search firms.

Connecting Talent Across Industries: Your Premier Executive Seach Partner

At Keller, we know that a leader that is a good fit for their team and not just an expert in an industry can be beneficial for an organisation. As a responsible firm, we cannot consider our executive search services successful if the appointed executive leaves before a certain amount of time is up or if they cause unhealthy friction in the business because their work ethic and culture differ from the other executive team members. Thus, recruitment at this level does not end with filling a position; it extends to the successful integration of a new person within an existing role.

Our consultants will assist employers with the identification of the best candidate as well as other aspects of the recruitment process, such as the interview. Our proactive and responsible headhunters will manage these services closely and share their knowledge and understanding of industries ranging from banking to technology, engineering, accounting, finance, human resources, life sciences, and more.


Local Expertise, Global Reach, Paving the Way for Success

Singapore has what is commonly referred to as a “pro-business” environment, which makes it easy for people to be entrepreneurial in the country and for external entrepreneurs to start local businesses in Singapore. This has not changed after COVID-19 and has proven to be a protective factor for the economy.

However, how many of these companies are run has changed. Some businesses have had to work with these changes and adapt to their new environment. This highlights the need for executive recruitment agencies to find senior managers who are willing to take some risks when it comes to their future.

Singapore is also a leader in manufacturing exports in a number of industries, including healthcare and medical technology, clean energy, and aerospace engineering. Other industries that draw a lot of attention in Singapore are property, banking, marketing, technology professionalss, accounting, and life sciences. Wherever an executive job needs to be filled, our headhunters will step in and act on behalf of any organisation as an employer.

So, while other executive search firms may take a more direct approach by basing their services on a specific market, our team offers services in various sectors, with a focus on the main industries of the country in which our clients are based. Thanks to our broad approach, we are able to provide services to businesses from a wide network of industries and thus find ourselves able to extend our services as needed. Our success, therefore, lies in the recruitment of talent that clients in any industry rely on to push their business into a productive and prosperous future.

Keller’s Global Presence

Keller has access to an extensive network of industry professionals and experts, giving us the global reach needed to assist clients from around the globe.

Additionally, we are home to a dedicated group of expert recruiters and consultants, each with an in-depth knowledge of local market challenges and trends. Through this team, Keller has gained a combined experience of nearly two decades recruiting and assisting clients in the industry.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment Company in Singapore

Singapore is a unique location due to its size. The country also has a track record for excellent service and a focus on strong career paths. With this in mind, it would be beneficial to hire an executive search agency that is familiar with these nuances in order to be successful in the search for an ideal candidate for an executive position in Singapore.

At Keller, we support our clients throughout the entire process of recruiting for top management positions, even finding a new partner. Because we are not a traditional recruitment organisation, we can allocate resources to recruiting the best possible candidates based on the individual needs of our client organisation. This can be specific to an industry, a job, or even training and development needs for new appointments. In other words, we deliver a bespoke professional service, whether in the retail, labour, financial, marketing or sales sectors, or any other sector that clients might need a top management position filled for.

We also help companies screen and appoint candidates based not just on skills but on personality as well. We mostly recruit for permanent long-term executive posts, and the employers we work with are usually C-level and board members who are looking for career-driven leaders within an industry. A job alert on a job search website will, therefore, not suffice for this job type.

In fact, it is widely believed that only an executive search partner with a great track record can support and run this kind of job search successfully. This is because an executive search is much more than just filling a vacancy and offering career advice; there are details and nuances that go into filling a C-level post that does not need to be considered when hiring someone at a lower level. This is why hiring an expert executive search firm is beneficial for filling any permanent C-level post on a company’s account.

Our Executive Headhunter Process

As an executive search firm, it is our business to assist our clients in finding top talent for their C-level leadership positions. We do this by establishing recruitment needs, which differ from one organisation to the next. For example, some companies might only be looking for local talent, whereas others might want to take their search global.

Once we have established recruitment needs (for example, job specifications, expected working hours, sales experience, salary expectations, etc.) and what the organisation is looking for in a candidate, we can proceed with our search. The search is conducted based on corporate culture, job requirements, and exactly what the corporation is looking for in a leader.

The first part of the process involves a meeting where we discuss individual needs and what kind of role is vacant. If we are looking for permanent placements for these jobs, then we need to understand the company’s world intricately. For example, is the replacement for a partner or CEO role? Is the vacant position remote or in-office?

Once we have identified a list of potential candidates, we will begin the initial contact phase where we begin preliminary discussions. The executive candidates will then be rigorously assessed to find the best possible fit for the job. Once assessment and screening are complete, the remaining talent is presented to the board within the company to make the final decision on who will join their team. This kind of approach saves our clients plenty of resources.

To summarize, our recruitment agency in Singapore connects people and helps companies find the local and international talent best suited to their skills and requirements for senior management positions. This requires industry knowledge and an understanding of what really matters in such a high-powered career. Our strategies are tried and true.

Contact Keller today to schedule a consultation and start your executive search and recruitment journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an executive search do?

An executive search firm focuses primarily on identifying and recruiting exceptional personnel for top management roles in a firm.

How much do headhunters charge in Singapore?

In Singapore, headhunters collect between 20 and 35% of the annual salary of the hired candidate for the first year in payment; However, the exact amount could depend on factors such as the position level, search complexity, and reputation of the recruiting firm itself.

Which is the best executive search firm?

Determining the best executive search firm depends on various factors such as industry, location, and specific needs.

Keller is recognized as a leading executive search firm in Singapore. Partnering with Keller means saving your company and its hiring managers valuable time, energy, and resources as we streamline the recruiting process.

What is supply chain management recruitment?

Supply chain management recruitment refers to the act of identifying, attracting, and employing professionals to fill roles within an organization’s supply chain wing. This includes positions associated with acquisition work, transport management, stock control and allocation, et cetera.

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