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Keller Executive Search is a headhunting agency dedicated to matching the right person with the right jobs all over the world. We find suitable candidates to meet all your hiring needs.

In order to maintain the best possible hiring standards, we go beyond the usual headhunting services. The professionals that we source are screened diligently to ensure that they have the ability to excel as managers in your company. This is what sets Keller apart from other executive recruitment firms.

A candidate must also have the right work ethic to fit in with the team they will become a part of. A clash of work ethic and work culture can damage a company’s productivity. Through access to an extensive international network, Keller has access to domestic knowledge and understanding of different countries and industries. We specialize in executive headhunting, but are able to help at any management level.

Kazakhstan is one of the dominant markets in Central Asia. It is the source of around 60% of the GDP accumulated by the region. Within the Central Asia regions, the country has the highest Human Development Index and has been economically stable despite global uncertainty in recent years.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Kazakhstan

The leading industries in the Kazakhstan economy are gas and oil. The economy is strongly export-oriented, and other industries in the country include construction materials, agricultural machinery, iron, steel, uranium, sulfur, gold, lead, manganese, iron ore, and coal.

Keller is not bound to a single specific sector. We know how important it is to find the right talent for the right job. Relying on experience alone when hiring executives is insufficient to ensure corporate success. Each person we present to a company as potential talent is carefully assessed so that we are sure they are a good fit in various ways. Education and experience are only one element, we also look at their work ethic and personality traits that an individual company might value. A poor cultural fit almost always results in financial losses and is something we actively work against at Keller.

Another element we consider when conducting a headhunting search is the individual regional nuances that organizations are subject to. Regardless of whether an executive search is international or not, there will invariably be local regulations and social aspects that impact businesses. This only adds to the importance and complexity of finding the right people for your organization.

Executive search projects can be highly resource-intensive and will likely place too much pressure on a local HR department. It is not uncommon for businesses to outsource these services to ensure the best possible results. At Keller, we work closely with your in-house HR department so that we can ensure we are sourcing the ideal candidates for our clients.

Some agencies only take on projects in a specific industry, but Keller can provide widespread assistance in many different industries. We also try to ensure that the consultant assigned to your organization initially will remain with you throughout the search process. This provides deeper insight so that we can accurately and swiftly respond to your needs and your expectations related to candidates.


Our headhunters in Kazakhstan

Due to our large international network, Keller is equipped to provide assistance with headhunting in various countries. By the time we bring candidates to our clients, the assessment is already complete. Our assessment process is based on more than just the expertise required to do the job that is advertised. We also want to ensure that personality traits and work ethic will align with company culture. Our success depends on a smooth transition.

Keller consultants believe that a basic understanding of the technicalities of the position they are recruiting for is beneficial to their search. Access to our international network provides a platform to develop such an understanding along with an understanding of local nuances related to the job requirements and the market. Even individual regions can have major variations in regulations and laws that can have an impact on the company. Additionally, having access to an international network makes international headhunting simpler and more cost-effective.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

The ease of doing business in the general Central Asian region tends towards the average, and Kazakhstan is no different. There are many legal entities through which a company can be started in Kazakhstan. Social relationships are very important in corporate settings. You will likely experience many long discussions over a cup of tea while doing business in Kazakhstan and will find tough negotiators, with some being firm but others being patient.

While we are able to conduct international executive search quite easily, we are still in touch with the local nuances related to individual regions where our clients might be situated. Even in regions that are close geographically, there can be significant differences in regulations that can have serious impacts on corporate functions. This is yet another reason that assessment practices are important when we are hiring for a client. Talent that is a good fit for the team also needs to understand the local nuances as part of the deal.

Our assessment takes place regardless of the level of employment we are headhunting for. Once candidates are brought to client companies, the assessment process is complete, and their suitability has been confirmed. When headhunting for executives, we understand that we are looking for a potential leader for your business. This motivates us to continually strive for the best headhunting services. Our consultants understand the importance of the finer details when providing services to their clients.

Keller’s Global Presence

Keller and its team of passionate recruiters and consultants specialize in helping companies from around the globe, including Kazakhstan, to find the ideal employees for their executive and leadership positions. To do this, we leverage our many years of experience, our knowledge of market trends and challenges, and our network of experienced professionals.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is seen as a safe place for expats. One of the biggest sources of tension is between the poor and rich communities. Crime can be quite high in the cities. The country scores high on the quality of life scale, but in the income-adjusted benchmark.

Our Executive Search Process

We have mentioned that outsourcing executive search services is a good way to relieve the pressure that C-level recruitment places on a Human Resources Department. Keller Executive Search agency specializes in executive recruitment, but we can assist with any level of headhunting that a company requires. We can provide assistance with finding talent across many different industries. During our search process, we maintain communication with our clients so that we can adapt our parameters if needed.

Our foundations are built on finding the best candidate in terms of required expertise and how they fit in with the existing business culture. We are aware that the economic atmosphere is forever evolving, and our international partners ensure that we remain on top of any changing local regulations and ahead of the trend curve.

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