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Keller is a retained executive search firm with a widespread global network. Our headhunters in Tbilisi are dedicated to finding the best talent for our clients. We can source anything from a Chief Executive Officer to a mid-level manager anywhere in the world. Due to the importance of the leadership roles we headhunt for, we assess all candidates to make sure that only the best are made available for your open positions.

Our assessment covers more than expertise and education – we also look for work ethic, professionalism, and personality traits that align with the operational culture. People in leadership roles need to work well with the greater workforce in order to contribute to the organization’s well-being.

At Keller Executive Search, our team is committed to providing clients with excellent service, fast results, and access to professionals and executives fit for a wide range of industries. This, combined with our dedication to fostering enduring client relationships through continued support, is what sets Keller apart from all other executive search agencies.

Georgia has an emerging free market economy, which is supported by a transparent and free political and regulatory atmosphere. The country enjoys a strong influx of foreign direct investment, contributing to the growing economy. The liberal and open environment and finance sector in the country make it attractive to potential foreign investors.

Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Georgia


The largest industries in the country are food processing, aerospace engineering, automotive production, and advanced manufacturing. The sectors that are fast-growing at this time are the healthcare sector, along with education, corporate careers, and industries related to social assistance.

We can source top talent from any industry and at any management level. Through our global network, we can also conduct recruiting services all over the world. We assess all candidates who are presented to our client organizations. At Keller, we want to ensure that your business goals are met by the positions we recruit for. Therefore, we assess for more than just skill. We also need to ensure that the right talent has the right kind of personality and work ethic to help our clients achieve their goals. For this reason, we can also include unique requests from employers. While recruiting for regional or international positions, we still need to bear local differences in mind.

Executive-level recruiting is resource intensive, which leads to many organizations outsourcing the service. Both our Georgia recruiters and those filling international positions understand that local understanding is an integral part of filling management jobs. Our partners all over the world understand this too. Although we are a specialized executive search firm, we can also provide recruiting services at other managerial levels where needed. Our executive recruiters have fantastic combined recruiting experience and remain with the companies they are initially assigned to throughout the process. They also work closely with local Georgia recruiters to ensure that local regulations are met. As a staffing agency, we maintain contact with clients to ensure that job seekers meet their requirements and adjust our search parameters if needed.

Our headhunters in Georgia


Due to our international network, we have executive recruiters all over the world. Each of our executive recruiters uses their expert local knowledge to ensure that employers receive the best leaders for their vacancies. Our process starts with initial contact, after which candidates are carefully assessed to establish their suitability before they are considered for hiring. We are dedicated to partnering your organization with the best leadership candidates for your unique requirements.

It is important for recruiters to understand the demands of the jobs they are recruiting for. Healthcare professionals are held to completely different standards than those working in Information Technology. To better understand the focus and vision of your daily operations, our recruiters remain in contact with their clients to adjust parameters where needed. Our effectiveness is measured by your success. Therefore, our executive recruiters are focused on finding the absolute best talent to meet your unique needs and have the ability and potential to exceed your expectations.

Local Expertise, Global Reach


Georgia continues to consistently rank very high on the ease of doing business index since 2007. Businesses from all over the world are drawn to Georgia for its stable and positive economic development. The number of licenses required to do business in Georgia is reduced, there is very little bureaucracy and corruption in the country, administrative procedures are straight forward, and the tax rates are low.

Although we provide global executive search, we remain sensitive to the cultural and regulatory differences between regions – and the impact that such differences can have on corporate operations. Whether we are recruiting a director or lower-level manager, it is important that professionals have the required local expertise to be successful within their new roles. Recruiters, likewise, need to have regional expertise so that they can determine exactly what to look for during an executive search for an employer.

Successful executive search requires consistency in the delivery of candidates into an organization. Our professional assessment is specially designed to identify the best professionals for our client companies. Executive search often involves a search for a future company lead, which calls for a certain level of professional integrity. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding client expectations when we assist in hiring new executives for our client companies.

Keller’s Global Presence

In order to provide companies with top-tier candidates to fill a wide range of roles, Keller’s dedicated group of recruitment experts leverages its vast knowledge of global and local markets. Our large network of executives and our combined 20 years of experience allows Keller to serve companies in many countries, including Georgia.

Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Georgia


When it comes to life in Georgia, the crime rate is extremely low, even in large cities. Furthermore, the quality of life in the country is very high, where the cost of living is extremely low compared to the rest of Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

Our Executive Search Process

Keller is not bound to a single industry and can also help with different management levels, although our main focus is the executive tier. Through our maintained communication, parameters are adjusted where needed, and we are able to source a manager or director according to bespoke specifications. Our international network also serves as an advantage when finding talent for your team in other parts of the world.

We only consider our services successful and complete when a candidate integrates well with the existing team. Failure to integrate suggests that our process was not successful and will require either that we repeat the search service or that we provide support and training to alleviate the problem. Our assessments cover job requirements, educational background, work ethic compared to company culture, and overall professional skills relevant to the mission of companies they are joining and the specific role they need to fill.

Business operations grow and develop through time and it is important every director and manager is capable of growing with their position, especially while progressing in the business. They need to be able to provide support and leadership to employees so that everyone can perform to the best of their abilities. It is important that an organization and its leaders remain ahead of the curve of constant evolution taking place in the economic atmosphere of the world.

At Keller, we understand this and will strive to equip you with the right people for the job. Contact us today.

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