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Keller Executive Search is a leading recruitment agency with an extensive global network. We match the best candidates with job opportunities for our client businesses. Our main focus as a recruitment agency is sourcing executive-level candidates from all over the world. For this purpose, we also screen all candidates carefully to ensure that only the right candidate is recommended to a client.

Keller has an unyielding commitment to quality that makes us stand out from other agencies in the field. We provide top-tier services, quick turnarounds, and exceptional results. We also provide our clients from around the world with ongoing support, even after the executive search process has concluded.

When assessing, we look for more than just education and experience. We also look at personality traits, the sense of professionalism, and whether their work ethic will suit the existing culture within the business. The dynamic between the workforce and top management is essential to the organization’s success.

Bali has a very small economy, with most jobs isolated to the farming and tourism industries. Despite that, the economy has been steadily growing over the past few years. Most Bali locals work in agriculture, with the main export being rice, coffee, pork, and coconuts. There are not many large corporations, and most local businesses are run from people’s homes.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Bali

The largest single sector in Bali is tourism, and it is so popular that Bali is one of the richest regions in Indonesia. Migrant labor, food exports, silver, furniture, and crafts are popular sectors on the island and add to the growth of the local tourism market.

At Keller, we can assist with basically any industry you operate in. We can also provide global services with the help of our international network. In order to ensure our high standard for excellent service, we screen all candidates before recommending them to our customers. In addition to screening for professional competencies, we also want to establish work ethic and personality traits to ensure resilience and possible challenges related to working with the existing team. We can also screen for unique requirements should our client have special requests. As headhunters, it is important that we have a deep understanding of regional differences in compliance requirements and career expectations.

Outsourcing executive recruitment services is quite popular due to the amount of strain such an endeavor tends to place on a Human Resources department. Furthermore, outsourcing to an international agency provides widespread access to global professional solutions. We have partners in almost every major city in the world. Our consultants can help with various industries and several different management levels – although we specialize in recruiting executives. The consultant that is assigned to a client will remain with them throughout the recruitment process. We believe that in order to find the best talent for clients, the consultant needs to maintain contact with the client to ensure understanding and alignment of goals.


Our headhunters in Bali

With the help of our global network, we are able to provide international services in addition to Bali staff solutions. We have partners in several different cities worldwide, which provides excellent local understanding. When hiring talent, we make initial contact with potential employees and then conduct our early screenings before approaching a client with the shortlist of candidates. Our screenings cover more than professional skills so that we can choose the best candidate for your team. A good fit means a better chance of success for your organization.

This means that consultants need to fully understand the demands of the jobs they recruit for. The duties of a country manager might be different in the hospitality industry than in the business sector. Our communication with our clients is consistent as we need to know that our parameters are accurate throughout – if needed, they can be adjusted. Our proven track record and high success rate depend on the success of each client company. To achieve this, we must ensure that the professionals we recommend for employment are the perfect fit and capable of the growth required to take your business into the future.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

Business operation costs in Bali tend to be low overall, and this is quite a draw for corporations that are just starting out. However, corporate taxes in Bali are quite high and it is difficult to conduct business on the island.

While we are able to support customers on an international level, it is still essential for us to maintain compliance and cultural differences at a local level as well. Any professionals hired must have some insight into what is required of them in terms of regional expertise and understanding. Therefore, recruiters also need to understand these nuances so that they can match the right candidate with the right employer. The great service that we provide calls for consistency in how we deliver our candidates into the job market. Companies expect a certain level of professional assessment with each candidate we recommend.

Our level of recruitment might mean that we are looking for the future lead of your company. Therefore, it is crucial that your expectations are met and that the quality of the talent we recommend to companies for hiring is excellent.

Keller’s Global Presence

Home to expert recruiters and consultants alike, Keller is a top-tier executive recruitment agency that leverages its in-depth knowledge of local markets and trends to provide clients with the very best candidates available. Due to our vast database of professionals, many years of experience, and our global reach, Keller is able to provide innovative staffing solutions for clients from around the world, including Bali.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Bali

Bali is extremely affordable for expats looking for beaches, friendly locals, and a warm climate. However, much of your budget is devoted to income taxes levied for income derived in Indonesia. Many people also find that island living is lonely out of season, with extremely busy and cramped tourist seasons. Furthermore, there is very little public transport, and job opportunities are extremely limited.

We can source talent across industries and provide recruitment assistance at various management levels. As mentioned earlier, our communication with clients remains consistent so that we can adjust parameters where needed. Our services are entirely bespoke and can cover unique requirements that our client businesses need to include in the recruitment range. Our global partners are a great advantage when looking for quality talent to match with your team.

Our Executive Search Process

At Keller, we are committed to providing top-quality service and advice, which means that we only consider our services complete when a candidate has successfully integrated with the team. If our recommended professional fails to integrate with the team, our process is not successful, and we need to prepare to repeat the service or provide development advice and training to mitigate things. We measure successful integration by professional skills, company culture, and fulfillment of job requirements.

We ensure that a candidate can deliver on the commitments they made to the business. Your future operations will develop and grow; it is important that the person you choose to fill an executive position will grow and develop with the business.

Employees seeking guidance within the market require a range of capabilities in a leader. Leaders must be equipped to provide such guidance throughout their career and ensure that suitable training and development can take place for an organization to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to economic and local changes.

Reach out to Keller Bali today, so that we may help you find the perfect executive candidate for your organization.

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