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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Bangkok

Keller Executive Search is a recruitment agency providing innovative executive recruitment and headhunting services. As one of the leading executive search firms in Thailand, our headhunter search specialists assist organizations in locating leadership talent. Our consultants search and screen candidates on behalf of our clients, so they do not have to allot resources to the executive search process themselves.

What distinguishes Keller from the rest is our unwavering commitment to providing quality recruitment services, prompt turnaround times, expert consultation and support, as well as top candidates from around the globe.

Inflation and economic growth have made Thailand a great location for new or growing businesses, and many recruitment companies in Thailand are noting this surge, particularly in large cities like Bangkok where the government and authorities work closely with manufacturing companies to produce consumer goods that can be exported.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Thailand

At Keller, we recognize the significance of country-specific differences during the executive search and recruitment process. As such, we take this into account when headhunting candidates for our clients. Furthermore, we also consider company culture and management styles when sourcing candidates. These issues are important to us when assessing prospects to try and establish whether they are suitable for our clients. Our success depends on the quality of the candidates we present during the headhunting process. Our headhunters in Thailand follow strict guidelines and standards when searching for all senior-level roles, be it directors’ positions, CEOs and other C-level positions.

Investing in a professional service to utilize tried and tested solutions to screen and hire qualified people on behalf of a client can greatly benefit organizations. This can prevent organizations from taking away time and energy from a human resources department and can prevent issues with loss of focus, operations, and in many cases, confidentiality.

As a leading talent acquisition firm and one of the premier executive search companies in Thailand, we provide top-level leadership employment for companies ranging from tech startups to multinationals. Bearing in mind that we only conduct a recruitment process for executives, our clients and partners can invest in us for excellent search services from within any region.

Keller offers efficient services at a greater hiring speed than an in-house HR department can manage. We can accomplish this due to our extended network and continued contact with both clients and talents. We have access to the very best talent for any client and also provide a source of market intelligence and thought partnership through engagement and development services. Furthermore, we can find talent for a client in areas that are usually difficult to recruit.


Our Headhunter Thailand Solution

Our consultants are accessible before, during, and after an engagement. Our local services in Bangkok, Thailand spans several industries such as manufacturing, consumer markets, lIT & telecommunication, professional services, education and more.

Our executive search recruitment firm recruits for a range of C-level positions and we have consultants in areas where our clients may need search services. We believe that helping clients find the right candidates to fill leadership positions is the source of our success over time.


Poor matches between talent and local teams can undermine the longevity of an executive placement. Thus, all aspects of a candidate’s compatibility must be taken into account, including their management style and cultural fit.

We cannot consider our Executive Recruitment Thailand services successful if the talent leaves before a specified period or if other executives or partners clash due to their different work ethics and cultures. Therefore, recruiting at this level is not just about filling a position; it’s about ensuring that new leaders are fully integrated into their roles, which sometimes involves some development and training in accordance with the requirements that our partners might have.


Local Expertise, Global Reach, Connecting People Worldwide

The events of the past few years have forced the business landscape to change significantly, leading many organizations to entirely reassess their internal structures. This resulted in a complete transformation of numerous markets and a shift in business practices. As an executive search firm, we are well aware of these changes.

The Thai market is drawing more foreign investors as it continues to grow. The Thai government’s continual support for the economy is sustaining this growth. Not only are foreigners investing in existing companies or creating their own businesses in Thailand, but they are also investing in the expansion of their operations. Joint ventures are also encouraged, allowing investors a variety of ways to enter and expand in the country. With the positive economic climate, more leadership roles open up, presenting top talents with more employment opportunities.

Keller’s Global Presence

Keller is home to a team of dedicated recruitment experts with an in-depth understanding of the local market, its trends, and its challenges. Combined with our global reach and expansive network of executives in the industry, we find and recruit talented professionals for difficult-to-fill positions around the globe – including Thailand.
The members of our recruitment and consulting team also have a combined industry experience of over two decades, providing us with the expertise needed to match clients with the right talent.


Getting Started with Headhunting for Executive Recruitment in Thailand

As an executive recruitment firm, we put all of our time and resources into headhunting and assessing the most capable candidates for our clients’ top management positions. Because we are not a conventional employment firm, we can devote all of our time and resources to finding the ideal candidates for top-level positions according to our client’s requirements. This is particularly crucial for new executives.

Our consultants can assist hiring managers in selecting and employing the best applicants not just because of their education but also their personalities and how they might integrate into the existing team of executives.

Our Executive Search Process: How We Connect Clients with Top Candidates

Recruiting requirements vary from business to business. For instance, some companies may seek applicants worldwide, while others may only recruit local employees. Once we have identified what our clients need from a candidate, we begin our executive search. We consider job requirements, corporate culture, and business demands, as well as corporate requirements and market-specific needs. This is the first phase of the process.

Once we have a list of prospects who may fit the bill, the talents will be screened and extensively evaluated to determine whether they meet the client’s requirements. Once the evaluation and assessment phase has been completed, we will present the client with a pool of suitable candidates. The management will then conduct final interviews and assessments and select an individual to join their team.

Industry knowledge and expertise are required to successfully execute executive searches. Our strategies have been tested and proven, and we provide the finest service to our clients and partners regardless of their region or market of operations.

Begin your executive search and recruitment journey with Keller, today, and let us play a role in your success. Contact us to schedule a session with one of our expert consultants.

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